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Hey! A new place !!

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icarus pacific

Nov 7, 2001
Along with the new Beginning Freediving site, the masterminds at DB Central have deigned me worthy to do Mentor-type stuff here and keep you clowns safe from yourselves. :king

Seriously though :hmm this is a place dedicated for anybody new or not to come and hang out, ask a few questions and maybe learn something new. And hopefully share their stuff to the betterment of everybody in the massive DB populace. :cool: If it has to do with starting your career as a responsible and safe spearo, dis is da place.

All I ask is that you give everyone their room and contribute to the overall cause. Wannabes, posers and general idiocy will be be smoothly removed and a little love note sent to you telling you to get your kit together. No probs.

I sure as kit don't have all the answers but I have a few as do the rest of the major players here and I have a few others I can call in to help so fear not, you're hooked up.

Game on!!

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God help us........ the smoothone is going to be a mentor. now we'll have a whole slew of people sticking shafts up their nose to clean out sinus infections!


just kiddin sven! glad to hear you'll be leading the way in sharing some know-how.


Hunting/Conservation Question....

Okay, Here's a bit of news/controversy posted in the SDCD news:

"One of the better areas for underwater hunters in kayaks, surfboards, or equivalent, or small inflatables is via the boat launching area at the foot of Avenida de la Playa at La Jolla Shores. However, state law prohibits being in the La Jolla Ecological Reserve with a speargun, whether or not the spear gun is in use or is stowed away. Local freedivers would like to change the law so that they may transit the reserve with a spear gun on the way to hunt in the kelp outside the reserve. They are NOT requesting the right ot use the spear guns in the reserve or to otherwise diminish the protection for marine life. They seek the support of the San Diego Council of Divers.
The presence of spear guns in the reserve raises safety issues, such as accidental discharge and resulting bystander injury. It may also make it somewhat harder to enforce the laws against poachers. Whether these justify barring spear guns is debatable. The trend with new state marine reserves is to permit transit with fishing tackle (including spear guns) provided the equipment is securely stowed away while in the reserve.
At it's July 8th meeting the Council of Divers will consider whether to take a position in favor of, neutral on, or opposed to permitting transit of the La Jolla Ecological Reserve with spear guns. If you have an opinion, you may speak with Rich Burns (the San Diego Dive Club's representative) e-mail the Council directly (president@sddivers.com) or attend the July meeting."

(Sorry for the long item!):eek:

--any thoughts from the experienced spearos?

I know many in this forum are actively involved in conservation efforts and have some valuable perspective.
I'd like to hear what you have to say.

Many thanks for the heads up Cynthia.

This is actually a very big bone of contention up here where there are still abalone left. It's not legal to have or transport abalone in a boat, kayak or float if there are tanks anywhere near you.

While I can applaud the DFG for wanting to lessen the opprtunitie for unscrupulous sorts to gather the abs with SCUBA, it just plain sux for the law abiding types as myself ;) The usual drill is to go out with one or two tanks and do your thing and stop off on the way in and sack up your mollusk meal. One trip across the beach/over the rocks, it's all smooth. Nope. :head Now you have to go do your SCUBA stuff, paddle/kick back in, drop your gear, and paddle/kick back out and do the deed. But it's OK to be walking back to the rig with tanks and abs and to transport the whole shootin' match in the trunk :confused:

Where the SD types have it is with the representative voices of concerned and aafected divers gathering for a common voice rather than the inflamed rabble that so often breaks out with a group(s) conflicting agenda(a). Much luck on this becoming a case of recognizing the idiocy of denying a group of money wielding voters. :cool:
....learning to swim B4 learning to hunt...

Thanks for the perspective, Sven. Hopefully when freedivers find grounds for agreement, progress can be made that benefits everyone. I'll keep you posted. BTW, --is that firewall disabled/ got mail?
This is a little bit of a story, but bear w/me, there's a point!

I attended my first Freedivers Club meeting :
I learnt from the VP the current membership for SDFD stands at about 75. There are a few of the original ‘Bottom Bunch’ members still attending and active…it was great to meet Bil Wagner, who in fact holds the SDFD All Time Club Record of Barracuda (9.10 lbs.) caught 5/02
And Bonito (10.3lbs) also caught 5/02
Bil got a fair share of good-natured teasing about his ‘dive partner’. Bil says, his 'buddy wears such effective camo that he’s impossible to see'…[Bil likes to go solo]
[Sven, you will appreciate that the BB is going to have their 70th-year celebration this summer.]
These members are pretty active and aggressive spearos! In January and February of ’03, Kevin S. caught an 85.8lb Wahoo and 131lb Yellow Tuna, respectively…
The information flew during the meeting about locations, conditions, visibility, and (because we are near the Mexican Border) ---Customs Regulations and concerns. I was made to feel very welcome. More than a couple of members asked if I hunt, and I told them I need to get good at freediving technique first...:eek:….but not to rule it out. I’m well aware a few World Records are held by women and I would love to learn.
Many had just returned from the Club trip to the Cortez Banks (attempt to get to the Banks is more accurate) Too much wind and swell…but the group made San Clemente Island and did some spearing; the big catch was a ‘white’?(sorry guys I'm still learning!) at about 43 lbs….depth of 60ft. Multiple reports of other excursions…the Wahoo are running in Mexico, two spearos were there and seemed very happy/content w/the outing. They camped, and I didn’t catch the name of the location…don’t worry Jay; I will find out!!!
I’ll get to dive w/ the club VP this weekend.
I was told there’s one other woman in the entire club. Is this possible?

Okay, the reason I posted this here is to share w/other newbies that organizations are out there, the folks are happy to include new members, and a mentor-teacher always seems ready to step forward and lend a lot of help.
As challenging as it is to learn a new sport, especially one as daunting as this- it is encouraging to find the knowledge and support a phone call away....but this site got me fired up first!
Many thanks to the Mentors here for encouraging me to pursue a dream. The journey is just beginning :p
Originally posted by icarus pacific
the masterminds at DB Central have deigned me worthy to keep you clowns safe from yourselves. :king


Originally posted by icarus pacific "By the way, I just finished my latest titanium pipe gun, a 43" piece of hand rubbed love. So I just loaded that bad thang up with some fresh 9/16 bands, put the tip to the floor and went to unload it. Bad mistake.

It lifted me off the floor, put the Riffe butt through the ceiling drywall, put my knuckle print next to the hole, and took a brand new 9/32 Riffe shaft and put a 90 into it."
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always one in a crowd

see?, now you'll know not to do the same thing.

wiseass... :hmm

Way to go OS. Sounds like you've found a home.;) Just keep your ears open. You're really fortunate to have so much experience there to draw from. Too bad there aren't more serious clubs in other areas of the country. Learn all you can and keep it fun.
Hi there,
I new here - I not sure how much kgs I must put on my weight belt. Can somebody give me some criteria


The last post to this thread was in 2003. You might want to ask your question in one of the free diving , scuba diving, or spearfishing forums as appropriate.

And you could help by saying whether or not you wear a wet suit and if so, how thick.
Bill is absolutely correct, but since I'm diving through the murky recesses of Deeper Blue, I thought I would go ahead and answer...first, Bill, who's a lot smarter than me, is right...the thickness of your wetsuit makes a huge difference. So...I figure that with my 3 mm, open-cell wetsuit, in saltwater, as a 220 pound (99 kilos), to be neutrally buoyant at 30 feet, I need about 12 pounds (5.4 k) of weight. The trick is to start in a controlled environment and, with the help of your buddy, determine the minimal amount of lead necessary to get you neutrally buoyant at 15 feet...I know I test at 30, but that's how I was taught years ago, seems to make sense if you are new and not trying to go too deep, to start at around 15 or 20 feet 5-6 meters). You want enough weight to assist you in getting under the surface, but not too much interference on mobility, comfort and ascent. So, lung capacity, salt or fresh water, weight, thickness and type of wetsuit (if worn), all contribute to the formula. Good luck and safe diving!
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