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HGH,Human Growth Hormone and training

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New Member
Sep 24, 2002
Living on a small island in Fiji (tough, I know) anyway, without any gyms or people training for freediving, I'm hoping to get some personal info on using HGH and training. From my net surfing and a book on the subject of HGH, it sounds good-- Too
Good! If there is anyone out there using HGH please let me know if it works or if it is all HYPE? Also, please give a product name and a source on the net if possible. I'm an old sea dog (over 40)
but always ready to learn new tricks!

Are we talking the new hgh herbal suplements or the real deal medical grade HGH? If HGH is the case read on

HGH is very expensive and dangerous...it is what causes todays bodybuilders to be so massive yet still have a 42 inch waistline and still somehow have a shredded midsection! This is b/c it causes your internal organs to grow as well(i.e. your intestines,ect causing that distention). I know several people who have used it, all top bodybuilders, and even these guys do so under a doctors supervision. The doctor checks bloodwork often while these guys are on HGH. First off all I am not familiar with the lagalities in your nation but here it is a black market drug unless you are a top guy who can get a doctor to put you on it. As with anything black market, you must becareful in what you get. In steroids for example about 95% of everything out there is fake! Dealers are not even sure of what they actually have. HGH has even more concern however b/c it must be stored properly(cooled) if not it will become useless, so even if you have a good source an unproperly transported vial is worthless. In the end it will be a personal decision but let me tell you mine...I do have access HGH and I choose to say no for several reasons...
1. It is not worth federal prison
2. No long term benefits
3. I am not a competitive bodybuilder therefore I workout for my
health and enjoyment and HGH would be contrary to my health
4. Think of all the spearguns I could buy with that money!
5. I believe you would be damaging your freediving ability this
way...how many top freedivers are as big as bodybuilders?
(excluding Sven of course!:cool: )
Dont get me wrong, this stuff WILL make you huge, but at what costs? If you have done as much research as you say surely none of this is news to you...if it is and you are thinking of doing HGH please research further.
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Originally posted by rigdvr
(excluding Sven of course!:cool: )

Hey mannn! ! ! Don't forget me plz......


I am body builder.I am not pro or competitive but i know much more things that you can imagine.I talked with our local body builders,reads thousands of pages,bought several books.
I am natural bodybuilder.I even don't use protein shake or anything like that but i have good body.How? INTENSE WEIGHT TRANING, STRICT EATING HABBITS.Thats all you need to make your ideal body.For HGH, ýts took to much to explain you through this forum but i have an excellent source that you can find plenty of info about it. www.bodybuilding.com

NO PAIN! ! ! NO GAIN! ! !...Its that simple..

By the time you will enjoy with the pain.Don't worry! ! !

How do Americans says? Thats my 2 cent..

Back when I was your age, 'they' taught me a bunch about HGH. The only estimate that a doctor ever made was, it had taken over 5 years. My blood levels of HGH got to three thousand percent of normal at age 50. Only my cartilage (hands, feet and face) got bigger. During those years I rode my bike about 15,000 km per, sometimes in very fast company. No noticeable muscle increase.
Since you asked for an opinion. Don't waste your time, money and possibly your health.
P.S. They called it Acromegaly and a neurosurgeon took care of it with a minor brain operation. "The operation wasn't minor, the brain was", he enjoyed saying that.

Among the many problems with hGH, there is one which people have overlooked; it is banned on the IOC list of banned substances. The IOC only bans products which are harmful to your health.

If you want to increase your growth hormone NATURALLY, then read 'Natural Hormonal Enhancement' by Rob Faigin (http://www.extique.com).

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
I personally know someone who has taken it for over 2 years. This person takes it as anti-aging medicine. Apparently there is a big difference between the dosages that body builders take and those who take it for health. If I remember right anti-aging dosages are in the 1 to 3 I.U’s per day range where body builders take 8 to 15 I.U.’s a day. Of course adverse side effects are in direct correlation with the amount a person takes.

This guy follows a newsgroup about rHGH in Yahoo. He said that several doctors post to it. I think its called Rejuvenation or something like that.

He told me, and I have read, that it is a miracle drug in all the things it can help with, but the amount of help is much less than what most people expect, and it is very expensive. The newest research, which is mostly from HIV positive studies, suggests that without anabolic steroids, it does almost nothing for lean muscle mass. Like rig and bill mentioned, it mostly grows cartridge, organ, and bone (especially in children).

rHGH stands for recombinant human growth hormone which is man made. They used to get HGH from cadavers, but quit when it was found that a few people were getting a rare and completely fatal disease.

I think the newsgroup in Yahoo, will be a better avenue than this newsgroup for your question. You have to realize that everyone in the U.S. has undergone years of anti-drug advertising and especially performance boosting drugs. You can expect some negative feedback for even thinking about drugs for athletic performance or anti-aging.

Get very informed, both about the health risks and the laws in your country before taking this or any other drug, or for that matter any health food store acquired supplement.
as you stated you wanted to use HGH for freedive training, i would strongly discredit that idea (no offence)

first off, HGH is made naturally by the body, and at ~25 years old, you body stops producing it in huge quantities (like when you were a teen, growth spurts are related to HGH) HGH is also responsible for helping make tissue bones and muscles

if you take HGH supplements, not just you muscles will increase size but all of your body, cartilage, bones ect.

i know some people who race mountain bikes and take HGH and steriods and that kind of stuff, the thing is, they dont train as hard as they would if they didnt take that stuff, so me and buddies beat them anyways because we know we have trained hard enough to win (like last weekend :D ) and those other guys know in their minds that they have cheated and that mental side effect cancels all of the strenghtening that HGH had for them

the best thing to do, eat right, work out, sleep well (your allowed to go to work/school in there to)
work outs should be very strenuous, by the end your arms and legs tremble, and your muscles burn, and in a few weeks, you will learn to love that feeling

for me, today i did 130+ squats (in sets of 10 or 15) with all of them over 190lbs, by the end my legs were trembling, and i still had calves, leg extentions and leg curls to do, but i like that feeling, and i know that im doing it on my own, no supplements, no drugs, just training and a proper diet

and at the end of they day, if you are confident about yourself, your apnea will benefit more (in my opinion) because you will have a clearer mind, and since apnea is 90% mental...
Thanks Guys for the info. I don't feel so isolated now from the

people in training,etc. I guess I should clarify my position. I know

that pure HGH is injected under doctor's supervison. I'm more

interested in herbal supliments or whatever to promote the

hormone production. Mainly, I hope to have some anti-aging

benefits and more energy. I stopped natural training when I

started taking vitamins,antibiotics,etc. I did stop eating meat

30 yrs. ago. I prefer fresh fish and try to dive almost every day....


Again, referring to Rob Faigin's book, there are several natural ways to enhance growth hormone. For example, eating carbs before, during or after a workout drastically lowers your hGH level, impairing your body's ability to produce training adaptations. Similarly, you can increase your hGH by increasing your intensity/volume ratio in your workouts. All the details are in the book. You will know when you are successful at natural growth hormone enhancement because your libido parallels your natural hGH level.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
Darn, I was just looking into rHGH. As far as that goes, it does not build mega-muscle when used at 1cc per day which is the recommended amount. It builds lean muscle, helps your body burn fat, helps your arteries to "clean" themselves,(but then again habaneros will also) increases sex drive, induces deep sleep, which is when your body will release HGH naturally and a list of other things that are just so good. I spoke to many people and one fella claimed that after 5 years, he has no side effects.

I probably wont take any, although I believe that we are wasting our lives. When we are old, usage of rHGH will be commonplace. Remember it is sold as an anti-aging or pituitary disorder medicine. I know a doctor here in my town who will legally give you rHGH. I mean, Im 29 and my pituitary is not producing much HGH, so its a disorder. So for only $490.00 per month, office visits included, I can get rHGH.

Either way, You dont have to do it the rest of your life. You can, but who has that much money, besides the editors of this forum? :t
Don' forget only thing that you will need in gym is your brain. I mean concentration mentally to the weight.You must belive to not to afraid from the weights.If you eat enough carbs and proteins per day you will have enough energy and fuel for muscle.The rest is in your brain.In my first 3 month in gym i will able to do 220 pound bench press.How? I have the goals to do, i belived myself, and prepared for the pain.That all the way to go....
Reporting from Sin City...

Hey all...

My two cents worth on my research for this topic has indicated that HGH should only be considered if you are over the age of 40. I discovered that, men in particular, begin to show measurable declines in growth hormone levels and they continue to dcrease as we get older. Off the top of my head, I believe some stats I found indicated that by the age of 70(?), men produce 10% of the levels of growth hormone they were producing when they were 20! Hence the appearence of sagging skin, loss of sex drive, loss of lean muscle tissue, etc.

I am still considering some of the over the counter sources, but after some discussion with those whom I have discussed this issue with, I decided to first go on a regimen of the following:
  • L-Arginine/L-Ornothine
  • L-Glutamine
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Maca
  • A mens multivitamin, which includes Saw Palmetto, Etc...
  • An Anti-Oxident
  • Creatine supplimentation when weightlifting
Take note that the L-Arginine/L-Ornothine & L-Glutamine should be taken on a completely empty stomach - I take mine at night before going to bed with a glass of water. The absobtion of these amino acids is complete when done this way. The increased levels of insulin will inhibit the body from utilizing these amino acids if taken with food, such as carbs or any sweetened juices. The tribulus is a plant based testosterone suppliment that not so much adds the substance to the body, but instead is a lutenizng (sp?) catalyst for telling the body to create more that naturally occurs in the male body.

Sorry I can't give more details, I don't have my various notes on location with me here in Vegas.

Glad everyone clued me in...I guess that as a young guy I was assuming he meant dosages similar to bodybuilders...I( had totally forgot about the anti-aging movement going on with HGH treatments:eek:
I did notice that several of the members here seem very anti supplement...may I be so bold as to ask why without being offensive. As for me there are some supplements I believe in whole heartedly i.e. there is no way with my schedule that i could meet protien requirements without supplements. Just curious as to others reasons, thats all.:confused:
Whats up rig? Doing any spearing lately? I have brought your name up several times to my spearo guy. He is actually going spearfishing this weekend. I cannot go, because I am on call. Ah well, they are trying to schedule a trip for the beginning of November. I have a few questions for you I will mail you again, if I can find you address. If not, touch base with me at


Longevity - a bit off topic.

Cliff Etzel:
I believe some stats I found indicated that by the age of 70(?), men produce 10% of the levels of growth hormone they were producing when they were 20! Hence the appearence of sagging skin, loss of sex drive, loss of lean muscle tissue, etc.
Other hormone levels are also a cause for that, testosterone for example also affects muscle tissues, bone/cartilage structure, and even skin as seen on women that started taking testosterone as a part of a "sex change" new way of living.

Free radicals is also a reason for cellular detirioration. (I guess that and clogged arteries are the main reasons for the anti-oxdents in your list)

But, unfortunately, the main 2 top mortality limits in my opinion, are brain cell deterioration (which also affects the quality of long life, therefore is VERY important), and the seem-to-built-in mechanisms of cellular mortality - the multiplation limit of our cells, which some experts claim to limit down to 50 times per cell, because of the Telomer(sp?) problem.

For what I know (whatever it's worth), I can't imagine a man living up to 160 without solving these problems, which will probably be solved only by genetic matters (or maybe nanotechnology?), and then will probably not be available for the majority of people.

But take comfort, by statistics (that prove nothing), in the year 2050, the average life span in western countries will be a 100 years.

Just my 2 cents, that with a 100 year's interest, might worth something.

Just to mention, I don't think that a bodybuilder's body is needed for freediving, I even think that the ideal body for freediving is NOT a bodybuilder's.

All this muscle mass require much energey, burn much oxygen, produce much lactic acid and require a much much stronger vasoconstriction. A bodybuilder with twice the muscle mass of another normally fit person, will not move as twice as fast under water, and to my guess, not even a 115% more, but will require much much more energy to do so.

Another strange opinion of mine is, that a bodybuilder's body isn't the defenition of fitter, nor healthier, but I can't supoprt it with hardcore numbers.
I dont think anyone will diagree with you about that!

Tim- I have been able to do some hunting but not as much as I would like...how has your training been going? Definately get in touch
I have your address and I will mail you later today concerning the questions I mentioned. Otherwise, the training is going great. Marcel and I are definitely improving with our one day a week schedule. I cheat a bit, I dive 3 other days during the week. I have gone from a 45sec dynamic, when I began, to just about 2:30 if I wanna get crazy. I recently did a 2:17 dynamic, but I could have held on longer, or so I believe. My dry static is about 3:30, which is phenomenal to me. I bet that I will be able to push it to 4 minutes by the end of this year with the help of my new-used powerlung and some HGH...(just kidding...maybe). I am wanting to do some fishing soon and I want to hook you up with Marcel.

Is Marcel a Stikmen? If so I believe he is friends with Bill Crawford?

I don't know how to start but the whole thread is funny.



2. Indeed I am drug-free (and I have bever taken drugs -even caffeine- when I was a competitive cyclist six years ago).

3. I partly believe that having too much muscle-mass is counterproductive in terms of optimal endurance performance (as freediving partly is).

4. I also think we know very little about the complexity of human biology and biochemistry, therefore I wouldn't be able to dive down to 30 m. with 92 Kg at a height of 1.80 cm (around 5.10 ft) and 13% body fat -which is pretty much a lean physique).

5. It has been said by someone that we need supplements as a good aid. My response is we need none if proper nutrition and rest are provided. Supplements are just anoter system to make certain humans very, very rich. Think for example of Joe Weider (Muscle & Fitness) or Bill Phillips (EAS & Muscle and Media magazine).
Actualy you don't even need vitamins or minerals if you eat the right produce (organically grown vegies and fruits in a rich non-depleted soil) and you live in the right environment: away from stress and pollution. As this hypothetical lifestyle is only achieved by few, I'd recommend a vitamin & mineral intake. The rest is crap and a waste of money.

Creatine will help you to get the extr rep or two in resistance training (nothing has been proven in endurance, and I think it does not offer anything positive in this area).

Tribulus terrestris is a waste of money, the same of the other concoctions I've read.

BTW the only stuff that works are the banned substances by the IOC (including HGH), which indeed are very popular amongst pro-athletes and which I do not favour since their use shows low-self esteem and/or excessive ambition regardless any ethical and health considerations.

On the other hand, the best way to keep your natural testosterone levels high is by regular practice of resistance training (weight training), a good diet, the right training (check http://www.hardgainer.com/, http://www.cyberpump.com/index.shtml, and http://www.ageless-athletes.com)

There are bodybuilders and strength trainees out there, who don't use any drugs, are well in their 50s, 60s, and 70s, and have better health and bodies that many teenagers.

I repeat regular weight training maintains your testosterone levels high, UNLESS YOU HAVE A THYROID DYSFUNCTION and which you need to check with your physican, then and only then the right medical treatment should be undertaken. So fijianfreediver think a little bit before doing something you might regret later on.

BTW I am authorised to give you all this information since I have been involved in sports since the age of five (I am currently 35 years old), I am an accredited personal trainer and strength conditioning coach, and currently study teaching and sports science in an Australian university.

I hope this information is useful for some of you guys.

Regards, gerard.
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