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How to start Freediving

Discussion in 'Beginner Freediving Q&A' started by Akoni, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. Evita

    Evita Serviced by Argentina

    Local Time:
    5:04 AM

    Sorry, I know it is off topic, but I am curious too - is this t-shirt for sale somewhere? It is brilliant sentence, I laughed so much when I first saw one of your posts, Oferdegi. Probably one of the best signatures on DB... Should we do a poll about this? ...Okay maybe not, too personal, people take pride in their signature and could be offended :waterwork... Just thinking out loud. (Easy enough for someone who hasn't picked a motto yet, right? :D)

    Cheers! :blackeye
  2. oferdegi

    oferdegi Process Oriented

    Local Time:
    6:04 AM
    Glad you like it, Evita!
    The shop where island_sands found this link,
    actually sells these shirts, but I could never figure out their entire ordering scheme. You are welcome to try your luck at www.spreadshirt.com or just make your own. Wish I knew who first came up with this ingenious sentence, I just got it from a friend one day when I was really feeling blue, and it sure did the job for me!
    Stay wet,
    :) Ofer
  3. Remington

    Remington New Member

    Local Time:
    8:04 PM
    <-- newbie.

    I'm still a bit baffled by the CO2 and O2 tables.

    When it says, for example, "Ventilate 1:30", does that mean exhale slowly over a minute and a half, or does it mean exhale completely and then hold your lungs deflated for 1:30, or does it mean breathe normally for 1:30? It says resting period, and I guess the third one seems most restful. Right?

    I assume the hold time is measured from when you stop inhaling to when you start exhaling. I assume also that one takes as deep a breath as possible without actually packing. Right?

    Very helpful thread, I'm loving it!
  4. Remington

    Remington New Member

    Local Time:
    8:04 PM
    Ah. I found some software and tried it, and now those sound like foolish questions. :duh
  5. Vic Spearo

    Vic Spearo Active Member

    Local Time:
    1:04 PM
    Hi Remington wer did u find this software would u be able to provied a link to where you got it from sounds gd if it ansa'd those qwestions for ya
  6. SanderP

    SanderP Dive bum

    Local Time:
    4:04 AM
    Maybe he meant this program.
    It's quite good, I use it myself sometimes. The only problem is that I can't put two identical hold/vent cycles for the last ones.
  7. matrixed82

    matrixed82 Well-Known Member

    Local Time:
    11:04 PM
    To get around this I use this online table.
  8. lungfish

    lungfish Go and do it

    Local Time:
    4:04 AM
    Those last two sets are always the challenge.... I try to use the last set of the 02 tables as a prep for the next set by holding the last static for 15secs longer, just to show myself that I can do set7-8 of the next Phase...
  9. depthseeker

    depthseeker New Member

    Local Time:
    10:04 PM
    thanks that help me alot i have been looking for that info for weeks now.
  10. livefree

    livefree New Member

    Local Time:
    9:04 PM
    I am new to freediving and am looking for some suggestions for breath-hold training while doing things like sitting down at work. etc. Can anyone help?
  11. SanderP

    SanderP Dive bum

    Local Time:
    4:04 AM
    Read through the first post of this thread ([ame="http://forums.deeperblue.net/showpost.php?p=582365&postcount=1"]link[/ame]) where it talks about training tables.

    Hope it helps.
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2006
  12. paddythefrog

    paddythefrog Well-Known Member

    Local Time:
    4:04 AM
    Many, many thanks for those O2 and CO2 tables, I'm astounded at the improvement in results over such a short space of time :thankyou
    naiad likes this.
  13. drin

    drin New Member

    Local Time:
    4:04 AM
    Great thread! I have one question:

    As an absolute newbie to freediving, how many cycles of the CO2 and O2 tables should I go through when training? For example, the sample CO2 table lists a total of 25:15. Should I do this just once a day? Twice? Every three hours? Thirty-seven times? :)

    Also, I saw a post earlier in this thread where someone asked how to shorten the breath hold time since their maximum was shorter than that in the sample table. At the moment my max hold time is about 1:00, giving me a table hold time (50% max) of 30 seconds. Should I shorten the ventilate times as well, or should they stay the same?

    Thanks in advance!
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2006
  14. welshmikey

    welshmikey New Member

    Local Time:
    4:04 AM
    i have been doign the co2 and 02 tables one after teh other am i supposed to d ojust one a day? i heard somone on here say never do he two in the same day
  15. tecdave

    tecdave Supporter Supporter

    Local Time:
    4:04 AM
    Hi, I only tend to do one of them per day. But when I go for a max attempt my warm up is a bit of both tables!!!.........works for me!!
  16. Sommerlund

    Sommerlund New Member

    Local Time:
    5:04 AM
    Hi there one more newbee joining the club :)

    I just starte freediving too and I too would like some help on how often i shold do my O2 and CO2 tables? do i train more co2 tables or visa versa??
    How about apnea walks can someone give me an example on how they use that in their training.
    And what about warmups to di static?? i have been trying to read for hours but there is so much jageron on this place, thus, until i lear the jageron i hope some of you can help me :)
  17. Buckshot

    Buckshot New Member

    Local Time:
    8:04 PM
  18. aakashshah123

    aakashshah123 New Member

    Local Time:
    4:04 AM
    Thankyoui very Much for the cool advice


    Local Time:
    4:04 AM

    One more newbie here. This thread is great, thank you all very much for your contributions.

    I live in Singapore and cant seem to find any freediving courses in SE Asia. Anyone knows anything? My only info access then is through websites like this, and i just bought "Manual of Freediving".

    Would be great if someone could direct me to a course somewhere in Asia.
    island_sands likes this.
  20. Sergiu

    Sergiu No gravity

    Local Time:
    5:04 AM
    Hi Adelene,

    welcome on this forum, relatively small but very helpful community! Take your time to read as
    many threads as your time allows, it will give you a wealth of information and sometimes different perspectives on the same issue, so you can choose what suits you best. I refer here to the Manual of Freediving, which i own as well, a great (and only) manual as such for the time being. Some of the techniques presented there may differ from other "schools of thoughts" you may find here.

    About courses in SE Asia, i know of only one. Check out
    http://www.freedivecentral.com/course-freedive-in-thailand-25freedive training available one is in Thailand - a short (and cheap) AsiaAir flight for you :)

    no affiliation with them, also i did not take the course but if they are on freedivecentral, it should be good. Good luck and let us know if you got what you wanted.