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Hows Your Buddy?

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How's Your Buddy?

  • My buddy calls me names and won't let me up until I samba

    Votes: 5 41.7%
  • My buddy spends more showing the lifeguard his moves thatn training

    Votes: 1 8.3%
  • My buddy reads this, and hence I am refrained from commenting

    Votes: 6 50.0%

  • Total voters


Deeper Blue Hypoxyphiliac
Oct 24, 2002
Question - Shadow's got a thin one, Wal can't keep his out of the spotlight and Iya's is undoubtably foreign and exotic... what am I talking about? That's right, it's a dive buddy!!

Dive buddies are like underwear - they hang around and don't do much, but if you don't have one, you'll end up in s**t.
So what's your opinion of your dive buddy? Is your buddy more like a Russian ballet techer or a Aussie council worker? Will they risk the freezing cold to drag you out of the pool, or just giggle hysterically as you float away after a samba?

My buddy doesnt even know how a Samba or blackout happens despite me trying to teach him. When you say buddy I guess you mean the guy that swims next to you. We consider ourselves buddies when were diving in the same ocean from the same boat :naughty

Hey Loopy i didnt know Council workers were bludgers in your parts as well. Up here its a joke you drive past where the council are supposedly doing labour work and there will be one guy with a shovel working and the rest standing around bludging it just cracks us up at how useless they are.

Seriously though If I put a poor shot on and my mates around he will generally shoot it again for me despite me yelling at him for the last 3mins to go and shoot the damn thing again :D

My buddy is a pretty good diver when it comes to depth and bottom time by our standards anyway he usually makes dives for 2mins with stuff all surface time. Its funny this guy is pretty good where as another guy who comes out with us can only dive to 30ft and never makes dives over 1min so if were in trouble in deeper water he cant do much. Thats why I like to dive with my other mate cos if my fish holes up in deeper water and im buggered he can retrive it for me. And ill do the same for him. He is EXTREMELY competitve though when it comes to depth and bottom time he will push himself just to prove that he can stay down longer than me but thats okay a bit of competition between mates is good fun it would be boring diving when you do the same depths and bottom time all the time with nothing different.

As for fish well I can usually beat him for catch cos Ive been diving for a lot longer, a good trick I use is him for a lure. On our last trip he has a camo suit and we were diving in 15ft vis he would dive down and wait for his 2min dive whilst he is down on 3 dives in a row a mackeral would cruise above his head whilst hes still searcing the bottom for fish I was on the surface so I would casually drop down and nail the fish he would surface and start swearing about how come he never sees the mackeral whilst I quietly laughed in my snorkel. One mackeral actually came so close to him that I had to wait till and swam away from his fins to get a clear shot otherwise I would have stringed the fish as well as his fins which would have been interesting. Overall he is awsome to dive with and is always keen to try anything and try any location.

My buddy complains that I don't try hard enough when doing statics. So he tells me, I want you to do 6 minutes or blackout trying!
So I goes and does what he says, pull of a 6.07, didn't recover long enough, stood up too quick and got the wobbly legs.

So there is my buddy with a huge grin on his stupid face :D

Anyone want to swap buddies ? ;)

Loopy wants you to do a 6min static or blackout trying :duh

Hey loopy I want you to chum up and jump in with that Tiger and see if you can stay under the coral for 5mins till he swims away :D :D


Nah, I think what we've agreed on is Wal does 2 mins more than me on a static in the pool, and I do 1 min less than him on tables :)

You do you dry statics on a table :duh I prefer to lay on something soft like a matress or bed what if you had a samba and fell off the table :D

Hahahaha rofl

Nah mate, a table is a CO2 tolerance table... like say you do a 4 min table (like Wal normally does), then you do

4 mins static
2 min rest
4 mins static
1 min rest
4 mins static
30 sec rest
4 mins static
15 secs rest
4 min static

We do tables dry, but max statics wet. Oh, and by dry I mean on a bed :D

Oh those tables :duh Wal was telling me about them thats a bit to technical for me I just like to do max attempts keep it simple :cool:

my buddy is (boringly for you dear readers...) a star....
he always insists on going first,
we always do what he wants to do and not what I want to do
he always does longer/deeper/further than me BUT
he really knows his stuff
he has taught me everything I know (almost)
he is the most encouraging person I have met
he knows when I am in a rubbish mood and usually why
he has helped me add to my static, depth and most importantly ENJOYMENT of freediving enormously
and last night

we both fancied dinner more than a pool session.. so pizza it was.

I'd marry him if we didn't already have a rather disastrous attempt at a relationship behind us... he knows who he is, hopefully not too many others of you do!!!

my other buddy is deepest bear

he never shares his honey
he ALWAYS goes deeper longer further and does not empathise with why I cannot
whenever I do static he just joins in rather than watch me and does about 20 mins longer than me
(and then he shows off on the internet about it)
and at the drop of a hat he dumps me to go and buddy someone more famous!!

Don't worry Wal, Loopy goes real quiet when you spear twice as many fish as he does...:D

My main buddy, Nebbian:
Dives deeper,
Equalises by humming, no air required.
Dives with about half the weight I need.

And the reason I love him: I hardly ever see him once we are in the water...:hmm
Originally posted by Shadowkiller
I hardly ever see him once we are in the water...:hmm

Maybe he's trying to tell you something :D

Shadow is Nebbian on the Oz freedive site ive never heard of him.

Nope, hes got accounts here and on Adrenaline, but prefers to read rather than post. Fair enough I reckon.:)
My Buddies, well untill Mr. RA Carbon shows up in a couple months....

No buddy up here :( Only Spearo in Prince George.....

Last edited:

Only spearo in prince george eh well thats :( Lucky you got Db to talk with other spearos eh :D
If It wasn't for DB I think I would curl up in the corner with my fins and die!

Hopefully working in KSA this summer, lots of shooting potential!

Willer :D
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