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Ice Cap

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Mermaid, Musician and Marketer
Nov 12, 2002
Hello everyone
I have recently bought a Henderson Ice Cap - this is like a neoprene balaclava that goes under your hood to keep you warm in the winter. We have our first really chilly meet on Saturday at saltFree and I'd like to wear it but have a couple of questions for anyone that has used one
1) where do you put your mask???? does it seal on the ice cap or do you need to tuck it in under somehow?

2) slightly concerned that should I black out wearing the ice cap, it would be very hard to dry my face which is usually a key trigger to waking up again... any thoughts on that one? not that i am planning to but you never know...

thanks in advance


I'm looking to borrow/buy an ice cap for the winter as well as I plan to ice dive this winter. Let me know how it goes!

In answer to question 1, a friend who has a henderson ice cap told me that the mask seals to the ice cap itself. He also mentioned that it may be necessary to modify the snorkel hole slightly, especially if you plan to remove your snorkel when you dive.

I can't help you with the blackout resucitation concerns tho. Thats a good thought tho. As I plan to use one this winter too, I'll be watching this thread to see what others have to say.

Have a great time at the dive!

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I wear mine under my normal wetsuit hood and Ted wears his over his hood. We ordered ours from an Alaskan mining supply company, but any local Henderson dealer can get them for you.

As long as you spit your snorkel, I am not sure that you would be at any greater risk of blacking out.

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thanks guys - don't use a snorkel so that's not a problem

blackouts - I didn't mean that it would make black out more likely but that if I did, and was wearing it, it make take longer to come around as the face won't dry... I reckon if someone was safetying you and you blacked out wearing it, they should rip it off as quickly as possible - which might not be that quick as its fairly fiddly

BUT it is a fabulous piece of kit! and great for parties!

Sam ;)
I've used my cap over and under my hood, and now use it exclusively under. Over the hood created too much head-squeeze, and created equalizing problems. Unless your hood is a bit large, I wouldn't try this.

You'll notice that the hood has a plush side and a smooth-skin side. The plush side should be on the outside. When I got my hood, I assumed that the mask would seal better on the smooth side, but this is not the case. I honestly don't know which way the mask was designed to be worn....I just know that I was clearing my mask after every dive when I had it on 'wrong'.

For me, the only issue with the snorkel hole is getting the snorkle back into my mouth. When I spit it, it exits the mask every time. You'll probably be a bit frustrated with the hole for the first few dives, but eventually you'll get the hang of it. It helped me to stick my mouthpiece through it at an angle. Unless the snorkle does NOT come out when you spit it, I would hold off on modifying the size of the hole, as the mask does a fine job of keeping your lips warm (when you have your snorkle in your mouth), and I would not want to give up any extra heat.

Used correctly, the only water that will be in direct contact with your body will be on your lips (after you spit the snorkle). Your mask should be worn on top of the ice-hood. It may take a bit of finaggling, but it will seal well. I would suspect that this may create a bit more volume in the mask. I honestly don't think that there would be a significant increase, but if you're pushing your limits, you may notice.

Also, bear in mind that if you like to kick in your dive reflex with a splash of cold water to the mug, you'll need to do that before you put the mask on ;).


On a side note to the fellas... If you're like me, and find that your mask seals much better after a fresh shave... you'll be able to sleep an extra 5 min that morning because you won't need to cut the scruff [if you'll be using this hood].
BUT it is a fabulous piece of kit! and great for parties!

So Sam, just what kind of parties do you go to?;) :chatup

If you wear your ice cap over your normal hood, like Ted does, it will come off fairly quickly. It is a short hood, barely reaches your neck, and could be pulled off with the mask without too much practice in the event of a B.O. or samba.

thanks Jon

Apparently it looks even better if you stick an orange in your mouth!
Blow on your eyes.


Ask your would be rescuer to take off your mask.. normal operation .. in the event of blackout and then to blow on your eyes.

This should wake you up nicely.

Midwest lovin'

Originally posted by samdive
Apparently it looks even better if you stick an orange in your mouth!

As do both Jon and the Ted, though you oughta see 'em with a kielbasa! :inlove

Just a little advice to help you on the wake-up call:
Being a dive med and been there kinda guy, I carry a pair of snips with me. They make very quick and safe work of any piece of material- ice mask, strap or hose that's gonna get in the way of a oralnasal resuscitation mask.

Buy one for your spotter for Christmas and dive in such a way that he doesn't have to use it.
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Just keep your sheers away from my Kilebasa there doc.;)


great idea - would be good for lanyard tangles too I guess....
The ice cap rocks! My hair didn't even get wet and I was warm as toast.... here's a photo, thanks for the advice guys. The mask didn't leak either!


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where to buy an Ice Cap

Can anyone recommend an online retailer for the Ice Cap?

ROFL laughing...................

Sam I am really glad that your new cap keeps you warm and cozy there at Saltfree. I know that you are dedicated to dive in that cold water!!!! But................

.......every time I see that picture I can't help but chuckle and hear a line from a Tarantino film.

:mute "Bring out the Gimp":mute

Although if you are wearing that to parties that you attend, then maybe I should get one too and tag along. Because, obviously, your life is much, much, much more interesting than my own. ;)
WOW! That ice cap is something I should get right away! I have been looking for something like this for a while. Winter diving is great, but it´s vey uncomfortable when your face freezes :(. Does anybody here know any retailers in Scandinavia or Europe?
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