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improved Sporasub H. Dessault footpockets (/elite)

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Deeper Blue Dude
Sep 15, 2004
i am about to buy a pair of sporasub footpockets from scubastore but on their site ive seen this review "The footpockets seem to be of a lesser quality than the ones sold directly by sporasub" and on 20fathoms site ive seen this in the text on matrix fins "We exclusively use the improved Sporasub H. Dessault foot pockets"
scubastore explains that there is no such thing as a new and improved sporasub footpocket. so what shall i believe from this, does anyone have the facts in this matter..?:confused:
The footpockets have changed over the years - but I think they vary more batch-to-batch than by 'design'. I have several pairs in highly variable rubber stiffnesses. The 'sporasub' logo on the end of the toe-ocket varies also.
Ben's response has shed a little light on what has been (for me) an uncertain "topic" for awhile. I've even e-mailed Sporasub off their website (no response). I'd like to buy my second pair. My buddies H Dessault footpockets (w/matrix blades in them) have stiffer rubber than mine (in the heel). His, I know are "older" than mine. It would be nice if someone at the source (Sporasub) could clear this up.
Just got a pair a few weeks ago

From scubastore. I haven't had other sporas but I can say these pockets are quite stiff relative to, say - cressi gara2000s - and seem pretty stiff to me overall - though quite comfy with 3mm socks. I've had not trouble getting alot of power out of them, and don't feel the pockets are in anyway problematic when kicking as hard as I can slowed down by a buoy with it's line fully extended depth wise providing alot of resistance. Be happy to provide a photo of the foot pockets if that would help.
Howbout a test instead?
Grab the heel of the footpocket with your fingers inside letting it's weight lean with the lower tip of the heel against your palm (holding the fin horizontal).
I heard some sporasubs give in and the bottom part flexes.
I bought Sporasub footpockets from Scubastore. When you are able to compare these footpockets to others you will notice a huge difference. Especially in the test DeepThought describes. As far as I could see the appearance also differs a bit when you look closely in the way that the good quality Sporasub footpockets look better.

You can notice this difference when swimming. I would advice against buying Sporasub footpockets from Scubastore. If you pick another brand your choice is personal, different brands tend to have a different fit or sizing.
i called up sporasub to get an answer to the question, and they told me that that there is no new footpocket from them and that i shouldnt hesitate to buy it from scubastore.

it wasnt like it was the engineer i was talking to or anything, but that was the message..

well i bought the footpocket from scubastore, didnt know what else to do
Is dis da problem?

Compared to my 2 year old OMER's, that's a flex.
Not sure how bad it is though, I thought that some fins just 'bend' more than flex.
We need more sporasub pictures to compare. :)
That's one of my new sporas from scubastore. Basically the back of the heel dents in against the palm - but that's it. The bottom of the foot pocket is very stiff. I figured you were probably talking about the situation where the foot pock actually sort of bends in half or collapses - which would effect the transmission of power to the fin blade - there is definitely no way that would happen with these. I tried to get them to do that by flopping the blade and beding it with my hand.
Just the very back of the heel which, in my opinion, makes them easier to put on and a little less likely to chaff. Just tell me what pictures you'd like and I'll put them up - I can do it right now :)
Maybe it's the far rib of the foot pocket showing there that made me thing it flexes that much, the picture is not very clear.
The small dent in the heel is normal. :)
I have that small dent, but no flext at all (not to mention bending) in my footpockets.
I think that the worst part in bending is not the lost power, but the pain in the lower part of the foot you might get.
mine are six or so months old, through DB, (scubastore?) and seem to be just like Chris's.

Let us flog the demons of ambiguity then!



I experience only a glorious sense of power and grace in these splendid aquatic power enhancers - and no foot problems :)
Aye! and Har! Carp sneakage improves daily as I master 'stealth supercruise'.

Just to be clear: I bought these from scubastore a few weeks ago.
Last edited:
ive just got my subs in the mail today from scubastore, and they are very stiff all over xept for the outermost heel (just after the last ripple) and looks and feel like really good quality

i havent got a digicam so no picture of the test im sorry, but it looks just like the pictures fondueset has posted
There definitely is a difference between old H Dessault pockets and the later Sporasub pockets. Most sources, including 20Fathoms, sell the new pockets, but there is the chance that you might find the old design somewhere. The older pockets say H Dessault on them and they are stiffer than the later design.

Paul V.
Hey -- anyone know the difference between the two H.Dessault fins listed on the scubastore? They look identical in terms of description and photo image...and only about $4 US different in price. One is "H.Dessault" and the other is "H.Dessault OPEN".

The latter is NOT an open-heel design, if the image is correct. So, I don't know what the word "open" refers top, and there's nothing in the descriptions to address the difference between these two product oferings. Appreciate any thoughts y'all may have...
I got a pair of the "Open" H. Dessaults for my son because he has big feet and wasn't comfortable in any freedive footpocket I had. They were indeed open heeled with a strap. E-mail scubastore before you buy! Shipping for returns is a beast.
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