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Informal Wisconsin Contest

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tropical wuss
Sep 16, 2002
OK you warm weather schmucks. Florida and Texas, you there? Medmen? Aussies, Kiwis, SA's, enjoying your summer? Good, good.

Here's a live link to Lake Mendota (the view out my window at work ;)), our last bastion of open water. When this baby goes solid, Jon and I will be stuck diving in 10 feet by the power plant.

You name the date. The closest will win the grand prize.... A nice, juicy carp, sent to your front door step :D.

All BS aside, just thought you'd like to see what us midwest boys get by with. Check it as much as you want. We will be running it through January for some inquisitive NASA fellas.



*You may be prompted to install some software. Dont' worry, it's all approved and virus free - it's a university site.
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I salute your good sense in going to Coz and in ladies, but otherwise, you and Jon are both NUTS. Sane people don't dive in winter, even in Florida. Have to pass on the carp, don't want to encourage any further insanity.

A happy warm water Florida schmuck.

if it'd a been a bit closer to here.. where it was a balmy -20+ F. (-30 C.)this a.m. I'd say it would have ice over it tomorrow.... but since you're so far south.. I'm not sure what to guess. Have to check the forecasts.

I knew I'd hear from you on this one.

BTW, the camera is turned to face the inside of the building at night, so there won't be much to see when the sun goes down (unless the grad students get frisky ;)).
-20 is coming our way tomorrow. I just got back from Underwater Hockey, which Ted bailed on again, and saw lots of cars in the ditch. Yesterday we had a 61 car pile up in the snow that we got. It happened about a mile away from Ted's house.:blackeye

Hey Ted do you work at the University there in Madison?
I was just wondering because my aunt works there....I think.heh:D I know she works at "a" university. Is there just the one in Madison? Anyway you might know each other. I think she's a counserlor of some sort there....I think:confused: As you can tell I don't keep up much with the fam.:eek:
If any of this even has a remote possibility of making sense, let me know and I'll shoot you a pm with her name....just in case she doesn't want her name broadcast all over the internet.:hmm
Later, Stitch
Hmmm......I will guess it will freeze January 11th. There has been a cold snap so maybe I will get lucky. However, if I win a hearty "congratulations" would be enough for me. I don't think I want to hear my lady say something like "Honey, who sent you a dead fish in the mail!?

Who says you can't dive in the winter Connor? Just last weekend I dove in Crystal Springs with the manatees and then over in West Palm the next day. There is plenty o' diving to be found around here. Now, I don't think I would dive in the gulf....brrrrrr! 65 degrees!? That may be a bit crazy, even for me. I would be willing to bet though that the Wisconsin crew would dive it happily in winter in nothing but thier skivvies.....although that particular image is rather painful on the optic nerve.

Diving in a vent in -20 weather? THAT is crazy. The shrinkage alone would scare the hell outta me.

When I was outside, I could hear the commotion from that pile-up. I didn't know what it was until I watched the news that night. I couldn't believe how eager the "victims" were to talk on TV. Through their stories, they were outright admitting to driving like @$$holes....too close...not slowing down...riding in a pack. I expect that from the Texans when they get some powder, but we should know better. Shameful :naughty.


Yep, the UW is where I be. However there are 3 universities in town. Since I work on the ass-end of campus, I don't get to know just a whole lot of people. Nevertheless, if your aunt does work here, she and I may have both slept through a union meeting at the same time ;). Other than that, I haven't been in need of counseling ;) (yet?), so we probably wouldn't have crossed paths.


65? That's above the yearly average. Anything over 50 is quite comfortable to me (and probably anyone else over 45 lat). 40's aren't too bad. But I gotta admit, the 30's are a bit much.

Well that had to be the shortest contest in DB history :D. She was solid this morning (except for a few, small warm holes). We're expecting some balmy 30 degree (-1 C) days ahead, so if the wind can find a piece of open water, it should chew it up again. That would be too bad for the iceskaters because this first freeze was pretty smooth.

That was quick... I never would have guessed it was going to freeze over that fast. When it's cold (and it has been!) That's what happens. We're solid up here in the north country for sure!
One thing... it sure keeps the riff raff out, eh? :)
Roger that.
Most of our water got hard yesterday. But we don't have to worry about cutting holes to dive. Last year we had four inches of ice on the small lakes here and that was unusual. We have quick cold snaps and then we'll have a fifty to seventy degree day. The freezing usually doesn't last more than a couple of weeks before you get a thaw. Man I'm ready for spring.
But I hope to dive this weekend. It's supposed to be 45 sunday. Woohoo!
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They say it will get up to 34 degrees here on Sunday and I am planning on getting out to do a little spearfishing again.

Still waiting for Ted to answer me back on if he can make it or not. I think I have a back-up buddy in case he bails on me.;)

Toss in an 8 foot swell, and I'm there, but I don't know what I'd do with all that visibility.
Toss in an 8 foot swell, and I'm there, but I don't know what I'd do with all that visibility.

We'll do some cannon-balls for ya off the ice shelf to make the swell and I am sure that we can kick-up the bottom enough to give you that back-home vis your longing for.;)

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Originally posted by Jon
Still waiting for Ted to answer me back on if he can make it or not. I think I have a back-up buddy in case he bails on me.;)

My good man, the Packers are in the playoffs. You are the most diehard SOB I've ever met. You don't have to be a fan to watch the game....merely a citizen. Or, are you a communist :D! There will be lots of times for us to prove how freaking stupid we are to the rest of DB. For now, I gotta support the team (and the brewery industry).


PS. Mike[pez]....Jim[glynn]....? Eat it! :D
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I think I got at least two other guys to join me, ok one guy is a Chicago bears fan.;) We plan on getting out there early, spearing for a couple of hours, and by time we turn into rubber-coated popcicles you'll be back home to watch the kick-off.

I haven't actually seen you in the water in over a month and can't remember if you still know how to swim.:D

Sven's right:yack

You should have come diving with me instead.


I honestly haven't been this upset about any pro game since the Brewers lost the 1982 World Series (I was in 2nd grade - and I cried long after Stormin' Gorman struck out). The way that Packer game ended made me (literally) sick to my stomach. And I've already had 2 dreams about it. What the heck is wrong with me :duh . I had no idea I was such a fan[atic].
??? eat it ??? -- oh, the game !!!

Yeah, that was pretty exciting. I watched and I don't even like football.

For a second, I thought that you were giving Jim a hard time about being in Coz while you were freezing your butt off in Wisconsin. Since I am freezing my butt off in Philly here, I wondered how I ended up in there ...
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