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Is is true that Tresher Shark is good ?

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Mr. Long Post
Apr 22, 2002
One time I saw a thresher shark in 100 feet of water, scarry black big eye, not too big , maybe 100lbs. A friend of mine said that it taste good....is this true ? I thought shark has lots of Mercury in them ?

Is it Ok to shoot this in the US ? In my place there is no restriction.

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sharks on banned to spearing seasonally here, and VERY restricted when open. Shark meat can be very good if prepared correctly and NOT overcooked...mako is one of my favorites:D
Hello guys!

Shark meat in general is very tasty if prepared right!

The way that most arabs prepare it here is they cut it into steaks, cover it in tumerick, salt and pepper and then it is dipped in flour on both sides and deep fryed! delicacy!

on the side we put salad with finely chopped tomatoes, unions, green hot pepper, olive oil and coriander!


I'm starting to drule!

The smae recipe is used on fish which look similar to sting rays which I dont know how they are called in english! In arabic they are called Salfouh!

oh, be careful! In some areas shark meat can be poisonous because they contain ciguatera -- a toxin that can make a person sick if consumed!!!!

bon apetit!! or in arabic SAHA!!
most arabs dont eat shark meant, they believe that sharks, along with other fish that do not have scales, are haram (sin). ;)
I am disinclined to eat either sharks or billfish. Being top predators, their rate of reproduction is very low and the international fishery is too intense. That being said, they certainly are good tasting. Here in Calif, the cognoscenti are fully aware of the culinary delights of both the shovelnose and the leopard sharks. Neither of these figures into any particular commercial fishery to a large extent and so I would eat either of them with a reasonably clear concience. Thresher I will continue to avoid until more is known of the sustainability of the fishery.
hello mishu!

I disagree with you!!

I think you are mistaking us with jews ( for them its non kosher!)

I'm religious muslim and I can tell you for 100% that everything in the sea is permitted to eat!!!!!!

ask your local cleric!!!!

Jews arent allowed to eat any fish without scales!

Muslims can eat everything except pig and alcohol!!!

Oh and Mishu please dont confuse between Mish mahboob and haram!

In my country arabs living on the coast eat regularly shark meat!
sharks DO have scales anyway...of the types of fish scales sharks have placoid scales (the other two major classes being ctenoid and cycloid). This is why they feel like sandpaper. If they had no scales they'd feel like a catfish;)
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Thanks for all the reply guys.

I probably will not see any more thresher shark, it is so uncommon here. White tip is easy to find.

Freediver81: whatever you say dude. im here to talk about spearfishing not religion.

Rig: i know they have scales, but in the time of the writting of the quran they didnt know that.

back to the subject at hand:

I totally agree with you Oldsarge. fish stocks are being overfished
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Hello Mishu!

the matter of my reply was not religion but to correct your incorect statement!

If you do not understand in a certain subject dont make any statements concerning it!!!

According to the Holy Kuran Everything!!!!! in the sea is permitted to be eaten!

If you are so caring about the marine environment why don't you volunteer at a local marine conservation ogranisation like I DO!!
I've organised beach cleaning days and even attended several demonstration against pollution of the sea!
If you'd like I'll be more then glad to send you a letter of recomendation from the marine conservation organisation that I'm part of!

I shoot only what I eat and not a pound more, and if it was an endangered species I wouldn't get near it!

I do not appreciate you sending me HATE private messages and negative Karma just because you do not agree with me!!

And I've heard you've done it to several others!!

you can achieve a lot more by talking to a person than cursing and dissing him!!!!!

so back off!

:duh :naughty :naughty
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freediver: i am in no mood for your rhetoric. if you feel the need to discuss matters that are not related to spearfishing wiht me, please feel free to send me a PM.
as for my association to environment conservation, i am affiliated with many organisations based in Kuwait, primarily with marine turtle conservation, reef cleenups, and dead fish clean ups. More so, my father owns a marine contracting company and does pro-bono work for marine conservation. feel free to checkout our company website www.mubarakia.com
Okay guys, enough comparing who's more philanthropic...

Mishu, he was just explaining what the differences were - something that this board embraces, the cultural differences of its members. If you make generalizations about a race/country/etc., then be prepared to be corrected if you're wrong. If you think you're right, then explain in an appropriate & respectful manner.

You have to give respect to receive it.

Now drop it & get back to sharks ;)
but fuzz...
I am a member of PETA(people eating tasty animals), I watched some guys clean the beach one time, found nemo when he was lost(then ate him), and even read about a save the rainforrest protest in the paper:king Oh yeah...why do you use those big words...phil...philan..uh..Dr. Phil? You know some of us are from the south!

As for sharks, the stocks of many species are in jepardy. They indeed are slow growing, produce few offspring, and will never invoke the same warm fuzzies a panda will thereby earning its right as a species to be saved. For the most part I try not to harvest shark except when on a hook and line charter but then we are only allowed 3 per boat(large coastals-usually blacktips) and its hard to convince someone paying 1,000 for a fishing trip to throw back a 100# good tasting fish:D Just being aware of what species are in your area and their status will make a difference.
Thank you guys for your feedback!

everybody is entitled to give their opinion BUT it should be done in a respectful manner and not by sending hate male and bad karma like Mishu did!

I have nothing agains you mishu! but if you talk to people in a respectful manner you'll persuade them much better than by cursing and dissing them!!! :D
dont worry bout the karma thing...I have recieved my fair share of positive and negative and at the end of the day all it is is a little square on a web page.
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I'm new to this forum and i have to say one thing is great about this. And there's one thing we all have to remember. We may all be from different countries and backgrounds.... but we're here because we have one thing that makes us all the same, sorta family if you will. We love to dive underwater on a single breath of air, and catch our own food the challenging way. And no matter our political or religous opinions....... I would gladly do that with anyone in here...

Were all just humans. (who love to spear fish underwater)
just what we needed...another Californian speading the love:D How can Sven be from Cali and be so grumpy:confused: Welcome to the board.:eek: