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IS it shallow water safe for the first timer?

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New Member
May 6, 2002
Hello In new to freediving and I am very fascinated with it.Well in about 7 months we willl be moving and that area will give me a bigger opportunity to spear fishing.The beachs' water is very shallow usually less than 10 feet that is if you go far out.Well since I dont have a budy my question is if it is safe to go spear fishing with just a barbed spear, propobly. I wont go very far out and my family will be on the beach .

Thanks you very much!
hey buddy
welcome to the sport. I believe you will have lots of fun. Where are you moving too exactly? since its only about 10 feet all the way out it will probably be safe but since you have to ask the question you should go with someone else. diving alone is never safe.
you should also get a dive float with a flag on it so your family can monitor where you are at. you should get this whether or not someone goes with you.
in hawaii it is mandatory that you have one or you can get fined.
try to find someone near you or in the community to go diving wiht once you get there( preferebly someone who knows how) atleast then he can tell you and show you how to do things.
I think you will be comfortable in the water with someone also.

well happy diving
you chose the right place to ask questions.
Well im moving to Tulare, california.Which is 4 hours from where I live now.It is about 2 hours driving to the beach but the beach area is very beautiful (morro bay).I'll look into the dive float.Do you know where (web site)and how much it would be.Thanks again!:)
well you can get the float from many different places. it all depends if you want an inflatable or a hard float. Most floats are around $115. You can get it from Hanapaa at www.hanapaahawaii.com or you can go to www.blueh20.com or www.bluewaterhunter.com.
Id go for the ones that look like the lifeguard rescue can. its alot safer incase you get tired out there. besides you never know when you might spear that big fish.
shallow water safe??

I have been e-mailing with few people who just told me that there has been few deaths a year in Finalnd when "freediving" and when asked further I got to know that the poeple had been diving "dynamic" in very shallow water... so..it really is not safe and specially with speargun...when the fish is just around that rock...ar you actually havesen it swim just out of you reach..well...
Just my thoughts... I dive alone at the moment and try my best to remember not to push my self at all when diving.....
Safe diving!:eek:

A dive float? is this the bright orange thingy with the tiny red dive flag on it? I see this all the time in SCUBA shops and have ignored them untill you brought this up. Pardon my ignorance, but how do you dive with one of this?


Hi Randy,

Dive float is a actually.............a FLOAT !!! Which has a diver identification flag, all red with white diagonal stripe. It tells others, especially boaters that there is a diver either scuba or freediver within so amny meters radius of the float. By international law, there is a minimum distance ( I forgot ) which any boat can come close to your float so that you don't get over run and become fish bait. At the same time you being the diver has a maximum distance radius on how far you can be away from your flag/float so that you can ascent/appear from the water within a said safe radius. Some boaters are just dumb & blind, ehhhhhmmm, I am not one of them............u need to use ur ear too cause propellers on boat can be heard from far away, so stay alert.

The float can also be used for surface resting just in case you need to hold on to something. Some float can hold drinks and light snack, I have yet to see one with a barbecue pit. The same float can be attached to your speargun shoooting line with line release attachment so that when a big fish is shot ............the float handle the load, you get to keep your gun. If the fish is big enough you probably can use it as water ski puller........... he he he.

If you feel sleepy on the beach the same float can be used as pillow..........


if you're going to get into spearfishing, i'd recommend the floats by rob allen . they have an 11L and a 7L that have flags. they slip through the water with ease and are foam filled. pretty durable, too. the best thing about these is that they're easily tandemed if you need more floatation.

jay styron actually clips a float and thin line to his weight belt so he can have his hands free to do whatever; usually waving at passing fish. :D

another thing i do is to setup a float and line with a little 2lb weight at the end so i can anchor the bouy in a spot i want to swim around. obviously, just make sure your line's deep enough to reach the bottom.

safe diving,
Originally posted by Kevin88
... go spear fishing with just a barbed spear, propobly ...

Now WHY, OH WHY does this sound familiar ... and WHY, OH WHY didn't I stick to the cheap way of doing this ....

[go spear fishing with just a barbed spear, propobly]
ya, thats just when the trouble begins, your hooked... and that one 25 dolar sling turns into a 500 gun, then into the 2 grand bluewater gun (i havent got there yet, but gimme a couple years). err, its so addicting its terrible.
oh no looks like im in trouble :head o well looks like college is going to have to wait. :t
Hee haaaa

That's the spirit! Screw school! Become a professional freediving bum .... uhm ... just find someone to give you free internet access to keep us updated!!
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