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Is my time good?

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New Member
May 6, 2002
Hello,its me again

First yet me say im 13 years old.I love freediving and everything that has to do with it(even thow I never did it before).Well I was wondering if 1:45 is good? I think it is above average for my age.I always try to hold my breath longer and longer every day but I dont push my limit.My reconds is 2:13min.This is what I do be for,I lay on my back on the bed.I then try to comdown and relacse.I then breath for 5-15 min . I breath in though my nose deeply...... and slowly exhale though my mouth.Then after a few minutes I exhale as much as I can then inhale as much as possable.Well I deeply want to hold it longer (partly since holding my breath is sort of peacefull not to mention fun) so is there any advise you can give me or pionters ?I have read some of the articals from this site and it has somewhat helped me.Thanks you very much for "expanding" my love for freediving.

P.s This form and site is very helpfull and you guys are very nice and funney:D
Hey Kevin88,
Wether your times are good or not is not what I'm going to answer but I'll tell you this... you're young... just starting this freediving stuff... what an opportunity to really advance over time. I'm an old timer that hasn't been doing this too long and my times and comfort have increased substantially. I only wish that I had the serious interest in freediving that I do now when I was 13. I'd have been doing lung stretches like you wouldn't believe and by now my lungs maybe could hold more air than the goodyear blimp.

The following is only my advice and a person should only take the advice of 1 in a 1000. So.. take it or don't.

Don't be so concerned about times... go for comfort.. (er..discomfort) sure - watch the clock sometimes but don't get wrapped up in that. Now.. on the occassion I do use the watch.. I'm generally surprised by the times. You have got to be carefull - especially in the water, you know that from reading the posts here I'm sure. Nothing wrong with practicing on dry land.

Thanks for the advise i'll take it.What your saying is true I am young and all.

-Kevin Pereira

Hey Kevin,

Way to go. You stick to what you are doing for a little while. Keep reading the post on this site also check out this site on free diving physiology, it will help you understand whats happening to your body.


I started spear fishing at about the same age as you, but didn't have the resources that you have to learn before you get in the water. I didn't start doing this deep diving stuff until last year and my best static time wasn't much longer than yours. After flooding my brain with info off the internet and training at the local pool (with other free divers) I was able to achieve some pretty good times.

Fred was right, don't be concerned with time. I never use a watch when I'm doing statics. Find your happy place :D and go there. Force the thoughts out of your brain. I make a humming noise (in my mind only) that helps wash out the thoughts. Keep up the good work.

You need to find someone else with your interest be it older or same age and find some safety tips off some sites. DON'T TRY ANY STATICS IN A POOL OR THE TUB WITHOUT SOMEONE TRAINED IN FREEDIVING SAFETY! Stick with lying on your bed so you don't fall over. ;)

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Hi Kevin

I'm a newbie at freediving myself (but middle aged - I have a daughter your age), and I also wondered if my times were good. Well, well, one thing I learned on this list is that comparing yourself to others isn't very satisfying. Some people here have breatholds in the realm of seven minutes - others will be just like you, and some will be less. I discovered that many people who I thought were a bunch of bums were actually very accomplished, while some whom I had thought were much more advanced than I actually had shorter breatholds! Ultimately, all that matters is if you're comfortable with that, and that you keep trying your best to improve and to STAY SAFE (double stress on the SAFE issue here -you've got many years ahead of you, unlike old foggies like me).


Randy Quimpo
Looking for Nirvana

Hi Kevin,
I started freediving at 12, I didn't progress very fast and my learning was a very slow trip. After all this years I'm happy that my learning was in that way. I enjoyed my trip.
Freediving is just pleasure, forget the clock and depth meter.
Find your self. Freedive and freedive until you feel comfortable.
One important thing is to find a partner. If you find a trained one much better. Freediving is better with some one you trust and you can learn from.
The Internet is a good way to learn, but nothing replaces the advice from an expert or a serious course.
I took my first freediving course at 13 and it was very useful for me, open my mind.
So, finally, my advice is learn from a serious source, find a partner and get as more as possible into the blue, to find your Nirvana.

I don't find the Nirvana yet. But you can't imagine how I have enjoyed the trip
I agree with Fred, of the great and windy landlocked North- being able to hold your breath and not enjoy it, blows. Spend some real, quality time just checking out how you feel and go from there. There will be days that it all works for you and then there are those other days that you'll wish you stayed in bed, kinda like being 13-angst...

Just relax and let your mind let you go longer as you progress. I started a bit before you, but got into it deep, ouch, at 13 and now, it's my Higher Power. You and I are lucky types.

Give Erik here a ring and ask for his takes on it- the guy's nuts about time/depth and has the mental thing down pretty nicely.

hello kevin88,
when i was just starting out i was also wondering if my times were good, (jee, that wasnt even a year ago, oh well time sure goes by fast when your having fun:D )
anyway, im only 15, and i use to only be able to hold my breath for 1:15, that was my record, and then i came upon a great resourse (deeperblue, this forum...) and i learn from many that were much wiser then me, i learned exactly what they are telling you, that you must not worry about the watch (time) just try to get comfortable. i only use a timer once a week, to see if my new methods are working, to see if i should get to the pool more just to get a sense of what i am doing...

the key is to have fun (dont worry, its not hard :D ) and get comfortable, every time i hold my breath, wether(how do you spell that word?) it be during english class(dont ask) or at the pool, i always feel good afterwards (really helpful during boring classes at school) makes me feel alive.

anyway, just keep at it and get to your own little world (mine has lots of fish and .... other stuff in it)

disclaimer: i am in no way saying you should hold your breath during school
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