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is this a good time for a beginner

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is 1:22 good for a beginner being his 1st time

  • this time sucks for a beginner

    Votes: 4 9.5%
  • average for a beginner

    Votes: 17 40.5%
  • good for a beginner

    Votes: 21 50.0%

  • Total voters
45 sec

when i first begin, i was doing 45 sec. Learn to relax your body and keep your mind focus, forget about the time, instead of using a watch, count your heartbeats, it's more relaxing.
When I first started I could only get 0:40-0:50 seconds, now I am up to 1:40 in the water and 3:00 dry.... Does anyone know why my dry static time is so much longer than my wet times?
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Hi, mostly it is to do with the fact that water (even relatively warm water) is colder than your body, and will absorb heat 20 times faster than air. So, your body starts to cool immediately, using precious O2 in an attempt to sustain body temperature.
So, for serious attempts, wear some amount of neoprene, depending on the pool temp.
Stay warm!
Erik Y.

Then explain to me why is my wet static (4:20) is more than my dry (4:05).
Maybe it`s because I'm farly more able to relax in water.
Please correct if I'm wrong.

Sorry about my english it has been a time since I used it last time, so please correct also my English cause I don't want to forgett everything.
There are of course other factors, including psychological and the fact that, immersed in water, you can be extremely relaxed with no gravity and pressure points to deal with.
Some people do better in water, given the proper conditions. It is different for everyone, and competition changes the parameters also. For example, in a competition, you are on a clock, and must time everything so that you take your final breath or pack when the JUDGE says, not necessarily when you are actually ready. So that takes some practice. From what I've seen, most people lose 30 seconds or so in the water, at competition, compared to their dry statics where there is no competitive pressure. My best dry static is 6:20, and my best competition static is 5:41 (for now ;) )
Your English is fine!
Erik Y.
I just haven't posted for awhile.....


If your talking ""depending"" on pool temps" and Mad Scientist is discussing his "wet times" I'm surprised that sven hasn't stopped in here to discuss the irrelevant (does everyone use a dictionary to check spelling?) with us.... :)

Fred Johnson
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Hi all,

I'm currently teaching a friend freediving, and showed him how to do statics, breathing etc. The first time he tried wet statics he did 3 minutes on his third attempt.
A week later, we took our wetsuits to the pool, showed him my static routine, ie how long to rest between, longer breathe up and rest for the last attempt.

He did 4:54 on his final attempt !

Now I think this is way above average, I remember I could only do 3 minutes in my first couple of weeks.

Other friend, could only do about 2 minutes on his 3rd Static, the first time he tried. I think this is more average.

You do need a warm wetsuit to get longer times, I find doing statics, gets my heart rate down and body temp drops heaps.

Mad Max, I'm the same as you, for some reason I can't do dry statics as long as wet ones. Best wet is 6:02, best dry is only around 4:30 something. I find floating in the pool very relaxing, and can't get the same feeling doing dry statics. Also find it hard to hold the air in, like I have to force it to stop exhaling or something.

Here's a small competitor tip for you static freaks: wear a 4 lb neck weight in the water(with a wetsuit)...it will bring your epiglottis further underwater, putting your diaphragm and the bottom of your lungs at a higher point in the water. This will take some of the pressure off of your throat, letting you relax a little more, especially if you packed a lot for the attempt.
Erik Y.
Haven't tried packing with a static, may have to try the neckweight thing if I do.
Would it work on your shoulder maybe ?

Is this legal in comp, ie AIDA ?
AIDA allows any weight configuration in static and dynamic, as depth is not a danger. I wore a 4lb neck weight and a 6lb belt (no suit) at the Nationals.
I think that as long as the weight is in a position to pull your throat lower than it would normally rest, then it will help.
Erik Y.
Re: I just haven't posted for awhile.....

Originally posted by fjohnson
I'm surprised that sven hasn't stopped in here to discuss the irrelevant Fred Johnson

You mean why do people engage in statics? :t
How're ya Fred? Tops of the ponds getting soft yet?
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