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Karmic consensus

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.

Should we see who pushes that button ?

  • No , leave well enough alone

    Votes: 13 31.0%
  • Yes , I want to know

    Votes: 15 35.7%
  • All the same to me

    Votes: 7 16.7%
  • What is this karma business ?

    Votes: 7 16.7%

  • Total voters


New Member
Jan 16, 2002
Recent posts suggest not everyone is happy with anonymous karma detractors . How do you feel about revealing their identities ?
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Needless to say any editorial decisions remain with our wonderful administrators...:eek: , merely curious what you think .
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I think it should stay as it is, giving us the option to sign the karma....I always do so when I comment, and I appreciate those that tell me whose calling :)
I've had a bit of bad karma come with comments but no signature in the past.....it doesn't take much courage to sign one's name...especially a fake one from someone on the other side of the planet!
Sometimes it's nice to just to give some good karma without the signature though :)
Good karma for all,
Erik Y
IMHO if you're going to give neg. karma then you should sign it. I agree w/ Erik that it's nice to do something good and not having to recieve recognition for it. By not signing your name to neg. karma its like "karma sniping", you take shots at someone from far away but want to remian anonymus. The funny thing is you can usually narrow it down to one or two people anyway.:duh If you feel that strongly about something then you should have the courage to stand behind it. I'm guessing that the karma could be setup so your signature is attached when it is sent out?Personally, I could end the day w/ no karma and it wouldn't really matter.
Along the same lines, when new member signs on it would be nice to have a little more info on them. Half the time people won't even put where they live. :confused:
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I'm with these two funky karmists.

It's always nice to get some positive karma, and then there are going to be those that will lob some negative for no other reason than they realize you're correct in the masses opinion, usually going against theirs, and/or they won't give your take on things the validity they crave. It'd show some class to sign your Karma, so if I sent you some, it's got my name on it. Smooth, no?

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this carma is supposed to keep the threads "clean" and give people a chance to approve to other peoples comment's right?
I don't know is it really matters who sends you carma, it is there to give thanks or say I strongly disagree right?
and secondly I think you funky carmists can give/take more carma than users that have no carama or just a little?? So those who really can GIVE carma are the ones who have posted "well"
To me it is ok to give or take carma anonymously, if so wanted, but ofcourse as mentioned on this thread before be a man and stand behind you statement wether it is positive or negative.
Good carma to you all! :)
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Sniping is just a power game to make someone feel better about themselves (IMHO). :naughty

If I disagree with a post, I will say so and give my reasons and put my John Hancock on it. Likewise, if I really agree with a post, I do the same.

It really all boils down to whether or not the "button pusher" really is willing to make a contribution to make things better and take responsibility for it or whether they want to snipe from the shadows.

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Revealing the name would make it less likely that karma would be givern and taken...

So I am in favour of keeping it anonymous...
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I have no definite opinion signing about karma, since if we're all adults it should'nt really matter.
What I do think is, that bad karma should not be given without a reason or even the slightest clue on the cause, since the person that got the bad karma would not be able to "better" himself, and in that way, the bad karma is selnseless, since it did'nt raelly change anything or contributed to anyone.
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Karma ??????

I have no idear wot you lot are on about:confused:
how does it work:confused: :confused:
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I've been thinking about this karma thing now, due to some recent discussions on these forums with rather 'angry' tone.

The usage of bad karma comes handy when judging the monthly sven contest, since some captions may exceed the boundaries of good taste, especially since we do have children judges.
But i dont think that bad karma should be given to someone in great anger or to someone who has opinion differing from yours.

Person who is already angered because of something in these forums will not be less angry after receiving bad karma, signed or not. But to post your own opinion of the matter might give the person insight of other way of vieweng the subject, and therefore make him / her less angry.

Differing opinions should also rather be discussed in public forums or private e-mails rather than with a karmic batle.

But to the good karma. I really like to give good karma to people. i like to think that i just might make someone happy by doing so. :)
I also have a tendency to sign good karma that i give. i like to introduce myself to the person i'm smiling to .. ;)

I dont really have any opinion wheter one should sign his/her karma. But i do believe in hesitating when giving negative karma, give it another thought before you press that button.

Good karma for everyone.

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I've just found out how it works :D :D :D :D
To much going on must lie down:mad:
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I tryed to give a littel karma to my mate pekka to cheer him up over his bad day but it wont let me wots that about??????:(
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Give Karma

Hey Man...

a dude can only have sooooooooooooo much Karma hey...
Originally posted by Sharky
I tryed to give a littel karma to my mate pekka to cheer him up over his bad day but it wont let me wots that about??????:(

You must give carma to others before giving it to me again.. that's why... I'll dump you some, thanks for the thought though... :) One last thing before I am done with this semester.. one performance!!!
Merry Christmas to you all!!
In my karma list I have some with blue squares next to them and one with a grey square. anyone know the grey square is? Neg. Karma?

If so someone didn't like my "Rubber Peeing" comments.... bugger didn't sign it either...


Blue square is positive camra, grey square is positive, but the qiver is not able to give any camra...for some reason, no enough posts..."new member" Negative carma in indicated with red square..
That's all I know about...it.. I have some of those grey squares as well..:)
Actually the squares mean the following:

Blue: Positive
Grey: Neutral
Red: Negative

Which one you get is dependant on a number of factors, including whether they have good Karma or are a new member, etc...

So when you give karma, is there a group of colors to choose from? I've wanted to give some, but I don't know if it worked:confused:
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