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Keep the funk alive!

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Working Class Spearo
Mar 17, 2002
I KNOW Tres Fromage! but I need to keep this forum alive! where are all you tech boys? (ehem... and girls)


Ok - yeah - lets debate that!

posts, posts, posts!

Originally posted by Amphibious
...but I need to keep this forum alive! where are all you tech boys? (ehem... and girls)

they all became freedivers....

anyway, i happen to like the dir setup, though i havent had a chance to dive it past 70fsw (and it was on fairly easy dives..)

we were in florida during march break and i decided to try the setup, my dad followed :D we rented our gear from Brownies and once our gear was fitted, it was quite comfy with an Al80 just on the surface (in a t-shirt.. no suit or anything)

anyway, our first few dives were shore dives, out to the first reef, and back, bottom time of about 60 minutes :t (gotta love shallow dives) the whole setup seemed to keep both my dad and i at a better attitude then with a normal BC, finning was also easier because it seemed as if there was less swimming resistence (probable because not as much surface area as with a normal BC)

the whole philosophy i also agree with, although i find it too strict....

more opinions
Aluminium tanks on your back? Then you weren't following DIR to the letter from what I've read :p
Currently saving up to set myself up with a DIR setup, or the wing part of it anyway. Some of the rules they set are stupid, such as you should only dive with other DIR divers. As long as they are safe divers and are familiar with their kit and I know I can trust to help me out when needed, then I don't care who I dive with.
good stuff - actual posts........

Just let me start by sayin I over exagerated my stance on DIR. (just wanted to get a rise outa some folks - maybe start a fight)In theory it's a wonderful system, but the practice seems quite over done.

They've taken all the sloppy parts of diving and streamlined the process.

Now on the otherhand, I happen to LOVE my Transpac II, Bungee wing and the fact that I dive with non-dir divers with different equipment then me.

If I have to take appart my regs underwater and carry a full toolkit with me to make repairs then I have bigger problems then faulty regs.

I also Sidemount 2 X AL80 - haven't seen any DIR script on that.

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When you say "DIR RIG" are you talking about a Backplate and Harness?

All DIR rigging is done with backplate/wing

but not all Backplate/wings are DIR

According to DIR, sidemounts should be aluminium so that they have no effect (well very little at least) on bouyancy, but main backmounts should be steel.
When I say DIR rig, I mean I'll be getting at least a DIR compatible backplate, harness and wing. The harness I'll be making myself from 2inch webbing, then I'll probably get a DiveRite stainless steel backplate and probably the Rec wing so I can use it for singles and twinsets.

One part of the DIR idea I like is having the secondary reg on a short hose held by your neck, with the out of air buddy taking your primary reg. Apart from anything else, it means you're not carrying an octupus with a long hose along, plus you know the out of air diver is getting a working reg.

Should be ordering the webbing and backplate quite soon, but won't be getting the wing until I've got a job. But this thing will still cost me less than the Buddy Commando TD stab jacket that I was originally going to get, plus I can set it up exactly how I want it.

Was going to do some nitrox and then maybe trimix training, but providing I get onto this navy diver training, I'll be getting that training and being paid for it, so no point me spending the money on it now.

Originally posted by narked
According to DIR, sidemounts should be aluminium so that they have no effect (well very little at least) on bouyancy, but main backmounts should be steel.

A standard AL80 has +4lbs bouyancy when empty (god forbid)

I have no backmounts - just sidemounts - not to be confused with stage bottles.

only one other sidemount diver in my area, internet has some aplication information, but not much on "tweaking"


I switched everything over to DIR a while ago. It is also nice to dive with others who have the same mind set.
I was buddied up with a diver I never met before last week. It felt like we had been diving together for years. We were diving this wreck in 190' of water that had less than 3' of vis on it. Everyone on the boat had the same mix, gear set-ups, and deco scheduals. It made planning everything very easy. It also made the dive go very smoothly even though we couldn't see that much at one time.
It IS considered DIR to use aluminum tanks if your diving in a wetsuit. That way you can swim up if you have a BC failure. That also means that there is no need for double wings or anything else that costs extra money.
Some of the DIR guys do a little bit of sidemounting too. They use a standard backplate and a smaller wing underneath it with the bottles hung like a normal stage bottle. THe only thing that they add onto their rig is an extra ring on the right hip to clip that bottle in on.
I used to dive a Transpac but have since replaced it with a plate and wing. I use Diverite wings for my doubles becasue they were cheaper and Halcyon wings on my singles becasue they are the best- in my opinion. My plate and wing also pack smaller than my old Transpac when I go on a trip.
We actually have a DIR dive club in my area. People come from at least four different states to dive together. It makes it nice to be on site with others who are equipped in a similar manner if you have a gear problem. We have switched out all kinds of tanks and deco regs to solve last minute gear problems so that we could make safe dives. Some of these were even done during late season snow storms while diving trimix.
I no longer use air on the deeper dives like I once did. Besides remembering more, I also come out of the water feeling "cleaner". Meaning that I have no signs of fatigue, sub-clinical DCS, like I used to. I now come out of the water feeling like I could go to the gym and work out for a couple of hours. The right gases make a difference.

Now, I f I could just get some of these guys to freedive with me!

I've not got into DIR yet, but I'm probably going to go for the DiveRite stuff, like their stainless steel backplate, probably the Rec wings (single bladder) for now, and knock up my own harness for it. Then I'll get the single cylinder adapter for when I'm just using my 15litre cylinder. Works out about the same sort of cost as the Buddy Commando TD I was originally going to get, but I won't need to spend extra money on twinning bands for when using twins, and it'll be set up how I want it.

Also, why must you foreign people use these different measurements?! Don't you know that tank capacity is measured in litres, distance in metres, and pressure in bar?! You lot are weird!

The Diverite Rec wing is a nice compromise. I have a one on my Transpac. works well for both singles and smaller twin-sets. works GREAT for sidemounting - gives me more lift then the recomended Trek wings in a nice tight package. Nice material too - scrapes well.

current debate is wings for 2X LP104. Matrix 85lb wing seems to be winning, with G.U.T.S. custom plate. "Winter project"

Just remember to skip the "what's cheap" part. get what works - even it takes longer to get it.

An 85# wing seems to be a bit excessive. I have used my classic wing with double 112's and two 80 cuft stages plus all of the cameras, lights and argon bottles that you need for a cold water mix dive. The BC was more than enough.
The rec wing has worked for doubles and a single 80 stage as well.
If everything is well balanced you shouldn't need huge amounts of lift. Just enough to offset the gas used during the dive.

Classic wing was a consideration, but didn't think it had enough lift - rethinging this. the Matrix wing is nice with the reflective trim and an internal bungee. little bonus...

Diverite seems to have changed all their lift rating on wings. If I remember correctly they rated My Rec @ 55+ , now they have it at 51.

The classics are much bigger and they have them @ 59, seems like they should be much more then this.

they've dropped thier superwings from the old 95+, to 77.


Has anyone been to Sidemount.com? I used some of their ideas to build my sidemounting rig, but their classic wing looks much different then all the ones I have seen - strange little webbing tabs on the perimeter - maybe an older model?

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