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keys kraze

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Just visiting...
Aug 26, 2001
well, it's over. :( but, boy did we mess up some fish! :D

this was an hours worth of work on the morning we arrived...
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and, this was what we got in the afternoon on the day we arrived...
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and, this nice little 30# king happened to swim by me on day 2...
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Nice Catch!

Very nice catch guys! Now I'm really sorry I missed it!!!!!!!

Scott Turgeon
My envy is unbounded lads! Looks like you slayed 'em and came back breathing. Always my standard of a good time.

I particularly like Jay's use of his skinny-ass body to emphasize the size of that damn nice snapper rofl

Ab season opened yesterday, 1 dive, 5' swells, 30 feet depth, 3 feet of viz, 29.25 inches of marine snail. End of report.

Start taking supplements and get out here. You too Bill.

Ok Anderson, that's great that you guys had such a blast while I was stuck here in the frozen North diving in 7C water for a week, then returning to 6 overdue assignments........now where's my damn shirt! ;)
We missed ya dude,
Erik Y.
Someone wanna let me know next time when there is a meet like this??? I'm stuck in snow up to my arse, and my weapons are getting dusty the closet!

Think I could UPS myself to florida?


(why are all the fish so small? :p )
we practice and preach conservation here. we always target the smaller fish around the reefs so that the larger ones can continue breeding. plus, our boat is only 17 feet long and the marine patrol will nab us for having too much weight in the boat. hence,.... the smaller fish in the above pictures. ;)

the shirts came out awesome! you'll love it. i'm not sure if i have your address but i'll be emailing you about getting yours to you.

also, i had an incredible encounter with a great hammerhead. although he was only about 8 feet, he was still magnificent. i laid down on the bottom next to a couple of grouper carcasses that he was feeding on and just watched him. beautiful animal. coulda cared less that i was there. could have easily touched him, but i just sat in admiration of such an awesome creature.

then, jay came in and shot the mutton snapper that was feeding on the floating scraps(he didn't know the hammerhead was around). the shark went nutz but became skiddish once it realized we outnumbered it. ;) i think it was scott nelson's first shark encounter. not a bad species to start with. :D

(pssst.... you really thought I was serious? :confused: )

i thought everyone knew that we were all professional BS-ers here. :D

that's the biggest king i've ever shot. actually, had quite a few new PB's on that trip. i think all of us did! :D

Spearfishermen, I'm definitely going to try and join your ranks. Spearfishing opens here May 1st for rough fish, I hope the ice is gone by then! Anyway, May 1st I'm in the water with a speargun for the first time. The rough fish in Minnesota definitely have to be smoked. (in order to eat them)

If I have trouble with the speargun can I go home and get the 308?

those are some fine pictures!

Originally posted by andrsn
we practice and preach conservation here. we always target the smaller fish around the reefs so that the larger ones can continue breed.


Me too ....

And another thing ...

Where's the head shots?? I don't see no head shots?? If you guys plan to come to SA you better start practicing your shots ...

Let me tell you guys, this trip was a total blast! Scott, you really missed out on a good time. Notice that there are no pics of me with fish. The only thing that I caught that was worth while was a good buzz, and a pair of double D's strapped to a Columbian frame, measurements 36 24 36. I of course was the designated cook! Those that can't fish clean and cook. What in the hell is this world coming too? I swear that I could not hit a fish that weekend if my life depended on it. It sounded like a war down there with Andy and Randy (The Bopsy twins) Down there killing all the fish. Above and beyond all, the only big black I shot did not even get its picture taken. It's a conspiracy I tell you! The only consolidation that I have is that I get to spearfish any time I want and this sucker is in the mountains yodeling with a billygoat.
The weather was beautiful and the beer was cold. The nights were wonderful till this one drunk chick was fighting with her boyfreind and wanted to go back to New Jersey. (that is a story or thread for another time) One cool thing that we all got to see was bonito! There were little tunny all over the place that weekend. It seems the pelagics were out in full force. It was funny to see a group of those missles come out of the blue straight out at you and there was no way to connect with them. Jay would lay in wait; take aim and shoot; the funniest part was to watch the bonito give Jay the fin and rocket away.

For those who missed it, these pics give you an incentive to make it next year. I have to say, it was a relaxing good time with good people. Except for Andy of course. He is the derelict that kills all of the apex predators. And just a little advice for the next trip, those that want to catch the biggest fish stay near Andy cause if it were'nt for bad luck I would have no luck at all.


P.S. I blamed all of the missed shots on a bent shaft, I hope that they believe me
:t ;)
the fine Columbian...

How is Raul doing after the surgery anyway? :inlove

Your consolation prize is knowing that Lampwick is going to be with me the end of April where I'll "old school" his ass. Stay tuned as he'll be wishing he was in Jersey too... Photoshop my ass...

That said, there'll be a thread coming up, entitled Sven's ab grab where you'll be able to see the goings-on the end of april, out here on the Left coast, where the men are men, the women are few and the sheep run scared. Thos einterested in participating, give me a mail- go to my profile, click on send me a mail and we'll take it from there.

Being the high roller that I am, it's free after you drop a $20 in the mask, the collection going to the winner of the largest abalone, who will in turn DONATE it to DB so we can get a banner to bring along on our outings and have our smiling mugs:D shown across the e waves in style.

Get's no better even if the DD's are real.

someone want to put my name on the list for next year? I have to go to this, wish I would have known about the last one...


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