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Kitto Slip tip

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Deeper Blues pet
Jun 4, 2002
OK I have a kitto slip tip, the slim single flopper one. I am interested to know how people keep the slip tip on the shaft while swimming around... I have heard of both using a rubber band off braces and read an older post from sven about using the line through the bands... afraid I am still missing something here... and photo's off how it is ment to be? any other related advice?

Spearing starts up again on the 20th :)

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sorry if one of the mods logs in could they please throw this under equipment?
lol... Iya!:hmm
Thats the shortest post I have seen yet from you :D. Don't surpose you would know how I am going to stop this slip tip falling off?

Cheers mate!
Hey, Dog, moved it for ya... do you have a picture of your slip-tip? I usuallly use the line through the bands method, but unfortunately don't have a gun & slip-tip here at work to take pictures of :(

I'll try to find pics online & if that fails, post a pic when I get home :)

Maybe someone else might have an example handy :confused:

Basically you take the line between the tip & the shaft retainer(sliding ring on the shaft). The ring in the picture is supposed to be on this line... you pull the slack end through your bands till tight, then load the bands. When you shoot, the bands loosen up instantly & the force of the shaft pulls the loose end through the bands while the tip remains in place... until hopefully toggling in a monster fish :hmm

Just got into work, so my description may not be up to snuff, I'll revise after I get some caffeine :head
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Two ways to go

I have seen two different ways. The first one is taking a small piece of very thin surgical tubing (gun rubber). This rubber is the kind you would put on a small pole spear. Slide this onto your shaft and run the cable from the slip tip through the rubber ring. It works but is a royal pain to use if you have gloves on or if the adapter is glued into place. The other method is what Fuzz described. I do mine a little different because i don't want the crimp on the end of the cable cutting my bands. I will load all bands then pull a small loop of the cable between the last two bands. This would leave the crimp sticking out of the bands not cutting them up, but providing enough tension to hold the tip firmly in place. As soon as the gun is fired, the tension on the cable loosens. Kitto slip tips work pretty good. Combine a good slip tip and a good bungee and even terrible skin or gut shot fish can be landed. Happy hunting.

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I never seen a Kitto but my Riffe Ice Pick comes with that small ring & 500# Kevlar line. The Kevlar line is for tightening the Slip Tip in place. Either bury it under the shooting line where the line curve on the muzzle or tuck it between bands.

Tucking between bands will produce damn tight squeeze which will never fail even in strong current but the Ice Pick cable will be likely not to be positioned at 6' o clock ( exactly down like a Hawaiian tip ).

I personaly like to bury that small kevlar line under the shooting line, this way the slip tip cable is exactly downwards. I am thingking that any other projection caused by that cable might, I say "might" produce some sort of effect or water drag. Never specificly test for accuracy difference though..........
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W3AC, most people I know that use slip-tips use kevlar or dyneema just for that reason - to avoid the crimps. The picture above is of the kevlar type mentioned by IYA.
Did someone tell the manufacturer?

Maybe someone should tell that to Steve Alexander, Bill Kitto, Darryl Wong or whoever else uses cable. Come to think of it, I don't know if you could use the internal ball set up (Alexander and Aim Rite) if you don't use cable. Don't they crimp the ball to the end of the cable? BTW does anyone know how to remove the internal ball from the slip tip, off of the cable, then attach it to a new piece of cable? I was told that a piece of coated cable works really well and I want to try it.

got to do a little work now! but soon as I can take another break (tonight some time) I will take a pic of this baby (rigged with spectra) and post it for you. Thanks for the advice guys! the cable is spliced and also has a small crimp on one end... (just for good luck I would think :)


Sorry iya and fuzz... went to give you lads some karma and it tells me I need to spread the loving a bit more before I can give it to either of you...

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ok so here is the Kito Slim slip tip sitting on a 5/16th shaft... not the widest shaft... but does the trick;)

If you can take a pic of how the line go's through the rubbers that would also be very useful!


  • sliptip3r-1.jpg
    39.2 KB · Views: 381
Only had time to snap these before leaving for work - was already over an hour late, so didn't have time to find my slings to show that part.


  • tn_1.jpg
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Shaft is 5/16, Riffe Slip-tip... I'll definitely go with a Wong or Kitto slip-tip instead :hmm


  • tn_2.jpg
    94.6 KB · Views: 351
Any Idea how close towards the muzzle the slide ring is ment to be... the slide ring reaches to just in front of where the line holding the spear down crosses the muzzle.

Is this an issue? Sorry about all the Qn's but havent used any slip tips other then the basic mako double wing type before... and they have very little in common with these!

The Riffe Ice Pick Slide Ring is stuck about 1.5cm in front of the muzzle but it is different from the Alexader because the slide ring does not allows the cable to slide in/out like the Alexander. In Riffe design, the length of the cable of the slip tip is fixed and in the Alexander case it is longer and thus more flexible length setting. I thing rubber band is a good idea like what Uncle Sven does.
Another idea is to use the small rubber bands meant for braces to hold the string tight onto the shaft. You can get a bag of them and carry them in your float. The surgical tubbing seems a bit bulky. I haven't had much use for my slip tip yet but i heard that tucking the string in the bands causes the shaft to vear to that side. another idea would be to tuck it into the shooting line at the muzzel. hope this helps a bit.
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