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Lake hunters...

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Sep 1, 2003
We have a nice lake near our city, and I used to dive there about 7-8 years ago. At that time visibility was good and you could see about 5-8m. The fish was plenty and hunting was enjoyable. but things have changed! The visibility is now about 2-3meters and I was really dissapointed by the murky water this summer.

Do we have any lake hunters in the board? What techniques do you suggest me to hunt there? I'm thinking of aspetto mainly but do you think does it have the same effect on fresh water species?
Common carp, pike and Tench are the main fish in that lake. Especially the carp and pike can grow upto 10kg+.
Hey Memo,

The conditions you've described are what I hunt in 80% of the year. What has worked best for me is a small (32") midhandle gun. This allows me to swing it quickly (as fish tend to appear out of nowhere in that vis), but has enough punch to secure even the largest carp. If I was using a Euro-style gun, I would go for something around 60-75 cm.

Carp are naturally curious. You'll find that these fish will make passes to see what you're all about. Find a spot where they are congregating and hold still on the bottom. If you make any sudden move toward them, they will bolt.

Pike are lie-and-wait predators. They won't be out cruising like the carp. Hunting these, you'd be better off swimming just above the weedline. Peer down into the vegetation to locate hiding fish. Move slowly to avoid spooking the fish before you get your shot lined up.

You also might want to run a search for "freshwater spearing" or something similar. We've dusted this subject a few times about a year ago.

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Thank you Ted. I used to hunt in that lake when the water was clear and shoot some really nice fish. I was really confused by the latest visibility though :( I'll use a 75cm 20mm rubbered gun in that lake.
oh I also forgot to say we have some giant Wels catfish in that lake upto 200+kgs...

I took the picture from fishbase just to show what it is :D
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Great pics guys!
Ted, that is one big carp.....hehe Did you eat that thing? If you did you need a medal or something.:D
Memo, That is a huge cat. We have some big blue cats here but nothing like that. I think the state record is @ 110 pounds. That cat in your picture is way over that mark. Are Wels Cats any good to eat? Our blue cats are edible but not my first pick for eating.
Later, Stitch
The cats that we have are really delicious :D You cant believe the taste when you barbeque them. (of course its not comparable with salt water species)
Tried diving in fresh water only once. I kind of couldn't get used to the sweet taste in the mouth. Felt really weird.
However it is probably a mistake, knowing you can get bigger fish in our dams than in the Black sea. Here's one of my buddies Lyuben Lovchev and Georgi Radev with a 50 kilos catfish.
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very nice picture :) I hope I can get one after the ice melts... :(
Count me in!

I live in switzerland so i have mountains instead of a sea. Snowboarding`s not bad, mind you, but i miss the sea and just can`t wait for the summer to eventually come anymore. I can dive in lakes of which we got quite a lot, but what i really miss is the spearing. Is there any swiss chap around who knows if it`s allowed in switzerlin? Couldn`t find any info, neither fed law nor kantonal law nor fishing organisations....

Just ordered a 5mm wetsuit (imersion seriole) to replace my old 3mm surfing garb and intend to buy a gun too but only when i know i can use it (money`s tight, ye know), otherwise i`ll wait with that purchase `till i get my summer holidays fixed.

I`m not after catfish, really, but some perch or similar i won`t say no to!

So, any swiss law connaisseur round? Please PM me...

Have fun divin in the lake mud, regards, joe
oops , posted twice somehow. maybe a mod could remove this if he feels need. anyway, sorry
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Lake hunting... I did some few years back, didnt catch a thing... perhaps it was the +20m wiz that killed my plans... I liked the sweet taste in my mouth.. soo much nicer than salty stuff that makes you sick..
Short gun would be good for bad wiz, but in general when diving in a lake I would try to stay as silent as possible...
Memo, you might want to walk along the beach to spot the pikes, and then next day go and spear them from the same spots...

my 2c

I know the pike spots at the lake from rod fishing I can dive directly at these spots for pikes... The only thing that worries me is the under 2m visiblity...

I am a consultan for public aquarium at the present we are working for an aquarium in Puerto Rico. I have ready schosen the wels catfish as one of the species for the gallery of rivers of the world as a representation for Europe. I would like to know if there any one out there that could help us getting them or know of any one that could sale to us a good size fish that could be ship out by airplane to Puerto Rico?

Thank you very much
Harry Ruiz
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Hunting in my lakes, as in unirdna's, the viz is low. Alying wait is technique worth trying for the carp. For me swimming slowly along the bank (rocky, deep areas usually cleaner but all depending on the winds) along the bottom or even surface trying to be a quiet and as smooth as possible has been working wonders. As unirdna said, not making any sudden movements will improve your carpping success. Take your techniques form the sea to the lake and youll do fine.

Speaking of the catfish now, that gets me excited....... also not bye-passing your monster carp. I use a Riffe MT1 (three 9/16inch bands and a 5/16 hawaiian spear and the gun is 38inches long) which has been working absolutley amazing for me with viz here typically is 4 to 8 feet, hasent been much better yet to my dismay. It

I have been spearing in the lake 22miles from my house almost everyday after work and have several pics of catfish and walleye to post.

Well, either way my biggest secret (not much of a secret) is to be quiet, and if one moves slow, at times the fish dont seem to mind and even (the carp at least) become curious.

Hope this help or re-assures what you may have though; also looking forward to some pics!!

Good Hunting,
Soon as i get my gun this friday ill be goin in lakes and lakes only. All i have here in arkansas. We have flatheads, bluecats, channel cats,gar and bass. those are what i will be after. also carp and buffalo. but if its slow ill shoot some shad crappie and perch.
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