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lung streches

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New Member
May 6, 2002

Hey guys,I was wondering what kind of lung streches you guys do?The only one i realy do is; I breath in as much air as i can then rise my hands ,palms to palms and then i bend to the right and left and forward and back.So what streches do you gusy do? thanks guys.
Hey Kevin,

Your'e half way there, I do the same but pack before doing the side bends. This is called 'Pack stretching'.

You should be able to find stuff in the forums on packing. It's basically after you take a full breath, using your cheeks to suck in extra air. (Like sucking a Thick Shake through a straw)
I can only do it holding my nose closed. You know it's working when you get a very full feeling in your lungs. Take it real easy when you first try, careful not to overdo this, you can injure yourself !
Also you can get dizy after packing, I get this quite a bit, so try it sitting down or something first.

Bending to the side I find the best stretch, there is also sitting and twisting sideways, and one I do pulling your straight arms as far up behind your back.


Oh I already do pack streches.I found out how to do it from a video i downloaded.Thanks anyways
In addition to the hands-above-head stretch, I like the hands-behind-back stretch, puffing the chest out. With full lungs, of course. Quite often I'll get my ribs to crack a bit and it feels like a good stretch across the chest.
Dynamic stretching/Full yogic breathing...

Hello Kevin88,

You might consider dynamic stretching of the lungs as well as static stretching. Slow full 'Yogic' breathing will stretch the lower lungs, which have the most potential elasticity. The most important point to remember when breathing [and in many other things as well] is to allow the breath to happen naturally. Relax, don't force your body to breathe; your lungs and chest should feel full, not tense. At first you may feel that your lungs are not completely full, especially in the mid-to-upper region, but that's OK. Allow it to progress naturally and you will see improvement. Here are a few notes.

 Assume a comfortable body posture where the spine is straight.
 The Yogi's suggest that you always breathe through your nose as a general principle, but if you’re using this technique while diving or to pack-stretch, then breathing through the mouth will be more efficient and logical (this is what Pipin does).
 Breathe with an even rhythm, for a count of four or five for instance: out for four, pause, in for four, and pause.
 If you try to do this too fast, too soon, you will hurt something.

Here's the full 'Yogic' breath step-by-step:

1) Begin by exhaling completely: allow your lungs to empty progressively from top to bottom leaning forward slightly in the process, and pulling your diaphragm in to complete the exhalation. (Also called expiration)

2) Pause (also called extension)

3) Begin inhaling by extending the diaphragm down and out, then allowing your lungs to fill to capacity from bottom to top. If it feels natural, raise your shoulders slightly at the end to complete the inhalation. (Also called inspiration)

4) Pause (also called retention)*

Rinse and repeat! :D Everything should feel like it’s ‘floating’ on the air pressure, just like floating in the ocean.

If anyone feels I have forgotten some point(s) or am in error, then please feel free to correct me; I am by no means the expert on this.

Good luck and safe diving,


* It may not be obvious, but suspending respiration (breath holding) is just one component of the breathing cycle, with accompanying physiological responses. Therefore, you may find as I have, that your breathing cycles will change in accordance with your training objectives. For example, I use different ratios in my breathing cycles to train for ‘static’s’, than I use for doing ‘static’s’; my static training isn’t the same as my static performance.
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Where, where??

Oh I already do pack streches.I found out how to do it from a video i downloaded.

Kevin, Can you give us the URL for the video. I do these stretches, albeit not diligently enough, but always wonder if I'm doing them the way others do.

Thanks in advance.
some extra

Before the pack-stretching I made a deep expiration, after that I contract my abdominal muscles up and backward (as trying to reach your spine with them), after a maximal contraction I pulled outward as much as I can, and repeat the backward movement, I made 30 cicles of it.
It works for me
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