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Mares Nemo Watch

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.

Kirk Krack said it was 1 second at the Performance Clinic. He also said it had some kind of unique depth alarm system. I think it was the “interval sets” that is on that web page. With this you can have the alarm go off and different depths in the dive so you know where you are. He said they set Mandy Cruickshank up with more than one computer to accomplish this on one of her record dives.
• Dive profiles at 4-seconds intervals (max. 102 minutes)

Well it means that for a 1s interval, the max log time is 26mn...
It might be ok for a freedive session (?) but it is sure too short for a spearfishing session.

What a pity, it looked so great...

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I don’t understand your statement “Well it means that for a 1s interval, the max log time is 26mn”, but I think the sampling rate is different than “the Dive profiles at 4-seconds intervals”. I believe the dive profiles is going to show the depth for graphing, exc. at every 4 seconds. For max depth or alarms it should use 1-second sampling.
Have anybody tested the nemo yet ?
Can you hear the alarm with a hood on?
Can`t hear my D3 !

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Does anyone knows its price? Cheaper than D3 or more expensive?
More. leisurepro.com doesn’t have any yet, but they have the description and the price.
$449.95 for stainless steel
$549.95 for titanium

Kirk Krack said a rep was going to bring some demos for them to try out in the Caymans, but I never heard if that happened. If it did they were probably too focused too evaluate watches. There was still the question of what the depth-sampling rate was (1 or 4 seconds?). I will see Kirk in a few weeks and report back if PFD received them.
Mares Nemo

Hi all,

I did some deep diving with my Nemo at Cayman, and it's great,
....but the logg is just every 4 second, nothing else.

The interval alarm is very useful too, but you have to have good ear to hear the alarm. ...and the nemo is a beautiful watch, and if it didn't brake the last day, I would say too you all that running and buy it.

Bill Strömberg

(soon I will have a new one, that is not a testwatch)
I just can`t understand why they make a sophisticated divingcomputer whitout an audible alarm ?
That just don`t make any sense to me...

Mares has a new demonstration of the Nemo on their site http://www.divemares.com/ Click on the “Mares Nemo Click Here” at the bottom of their main page. Be sure to run the Demo Dive, Try Nemo – Dive – Free. It’s pretty cool. :D
I recommend waiting for the Liquivision F1 Freediving Computer with velocity display:
- LED display (i.e. black background, illuminated characters):
Depth: Green characters
Velocity: Yellow characters
Dive time: Red characters

- Ear blasting alarm (might disturb the whales)
- 10 programmable alarms for different depths
- Optional computer interface
- During surface intervals, display cycles between:
1. max depth & dive time
2. peak descent velocity & depth at which that occurred
3. peak ascent velocity & depth at which that occurred
4. Total descent time
5. Total ascent time

- UPGRADABLE SOFTWARE with computer interface (i.e. flash memory on the computer can be reprogrammed even after purchasing)

Estimated retail price: USD$395-$495
Estimated release date: March 2005

If there is demand, I will offer a custom programming option (i.e. displays after each dive are decided by the buyer).

And yes, I am affiliated with the company. Other products coming soon are the Liquivision FrameFin(TM) with a revolutionary type of foot-to-fin interface (footpocket isn't the correct word). As well as two new safety systems....

i want one, i want one I want one.....and I'm glad you are associated with the company as it means the product will be great!

Do you need any beta testers?

There will be a beta-testing phase of the Liquivision F1. However, it may not actually be free; I might offer five computers at $95 each with no warranty... if there are no problems then it is a successful beta test... the alternative would be five 'free' computers which must be returned at the end of the test.

I'd be over-the-moon to be part of the beta testers at $95 (without warranty). Just let me know where to send the money and what specific testing/reporting you want completed.


....and I'd be happy to also pay the balance if the testing was succesful. Actually I'll happily pay the lot in advance and you refund what you see as fair if the product fails testing.

Respect to you on going down this path as I could understand if you didn't want to after the liquid vision goggles experience/investment (an awesome product that maybe one day will hit the market more broadly for freedivers if AIDA sees the light and drops the restrictions)


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Good job Eric! :friday Way to forge into new territory! I’d be honored to be a beat tester as well.
Liquivision F1 Freediving Computer

how about __ seconds intervals ? :confused: i hope it will be 1 sec. or 0,5 :duh
speed feature could be realy nice

Sampling frequency can be set to 0.1 seconds if you want. Even 0.025 seconds. However, at higher sampling rates, some problems occur:
- Depth display becomes less stable (i.e. oscillates between 25.2m and 25.3m very rapidly)
- Depth display becomes a bit less accurate, especially on rapid descents (since the pressure sensor response time 'lags' behind your actual depth)

If there are any other features you want, just say so. One feature which I thought would be cool would be to have the depth gauge talk, and tell you your depth as you cross each 10m mark (i.e. it says 'TEN METERS..', then 'TWENTY METERS'...). It could also 'call out the times' during the dive ('ONE MINUTE TEN SECONDS..')

Of course, you could have different languages programmed in. I'm not sure if this will happen on the first version, but since the software is upgradeable it could be added later.

I was laid off work two weeks ago, so I'm working on freediving projects full time now. I don't have that much money saved up, but hopefully enough to finish a few projects. However, without a job, I can't afford to use the approach I used with the fluid goggles. In other words, I actually need to make a profit off the devices in order to put food on the table and pay my bills.
i never had puls watch such as polar ... but it is maybe possible to inlcude a receiver feature for cordless transmitter ... hm but i think it becomes to complicated and maybe in wont work through suit under pressure in deep water

good durability
good samples rate
easy readable LCD with blacklight or LEDs...
if possible not a plastic housing ( expencive :( )
loud alarm ( maybe ajustable)
... just my thought ...

I was laid off work two weeks ago, so I'm working on freediving projects full time now. I don't have that much money saved up, but hopefully enough to finish a few projects.
well i have the same problem here, to continue my monofin project ... :(
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