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Moray Eel edible????

Discussion in 'Recipes and Cooking' started by drunkinbda, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. drunkinbda

    drunkinbda The boys are back in town

    anyone know if moray eel is any good, if even edible? since i know conger and freshwater eels are way good..but i only have morays and such around me.. i was wondering if they are similar at all??
  2. Murat

    Murat Promethian

    yes they are edible, i just ate one few weeks ago. Some parts are little bony and skinning it is bitch. But the meat is very soft and white, delicious. Deep fry works.

    Remember, head shoot only. Be confident about the shoot before pulling trigger and cut the head of first before trying to do anything with it in water.

    If you miss the shoot or it rips from spear, don't stay there :) run away rofl
  3. drunkinbda

    drunkinbda The boys are back in town

    thats cool that they are tasty.. lil nervous about the rest of your reply though..hehe. I dont get the luxury of using a gun, just pole spear. Do moray's fight back if i miss? or would it just duck into its hole?
  4. sinkweight

    sinkweight fat flotilla Supporter

    My advice?

    Use a 20 ft. pole spear...oh, and have that riot shield ready.
  5. crusty

    crusty Aquatic Soul

    I really wouldnt wont to piss off a big moray .
    I stuck my head in a hole up in Exmouth only to be confonted by a 10 foot plus moray with a head as big as a Great Dane, He could have fitted my whole head between those lovely front fangs they have.
    I would make sure its a kill shot could be nasty if you got a big one angry

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  6. brasher

    brasher New Member

    If your going to shoot one, wait until ya mates come over, that way you've got more chance of getting away, butas Murat said, there a shit to skin, i personally don't think the taste is worth skinning it, but im also very lazy!!
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  7. Freediver81

    Freediver81 The Arabian Stallion

    Hi Drunkinbda!

    Murat is located in Cyprus and Moray Eel there is from a different Species I belive!
    The Moray Eel in Bermuda contains ciguatera which can be poisonous, so check this out with local fisherman before attempting to eat it!

  8. drunkinbda

    drunkinbda The boys are back in town

    lol..thanks guys.. yeah it seems that unless im sure to get a kill shot i should let them be.. good to have that advice before i confront one!!!

    Freediver, good thoughts on the cig. i was gonna ask about that if peeps told me that it was ok to try and shoot without being attacked. Good to know early though that they are a culprit with cig!!!!

    Thank all... although ive never seen a moray while huntin, i was asking just in case. Im prob just gonna let them be for now until i develop enough skills to guarantee a kill first time!!! thanks all!
  9. sinkweight

    sinkweight fat flotilla Supporter

    Might I suggest, drunky, that you train as a martial arts master. In an underwater dojo. Learn several long distance attack styles with an axe or something. After hours, when you're not trying to defend yourself from sneak ninja attacks from feuding territories, aquaint yourself with the ciguatera toxin in small doses.

    Then one day, ten years from now, you'll be able to precisely attack a moray eel, to disable it, then watch it watch you in horror as you eat it alive.

    I think it'd be worth it, drunky. Make sure you take some pictures and put them up on Deeperblue.net's gallery, too.
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  10. Ntrik

    Ntrik Well-Known Member

    The raw blood of the Moray is toxic and poisonous. If you cook it well it becomes harmless. Or so they say at least. It is decent meat though. Have eaten it many times.
  11. Ntrik

    Ntrik Well-Known Member

    Crusty you found a Moray in Exmouth? Are you sure it was not a conger?
  12. brasher

    brasher New Member

    just on this moray topic, what is the largest eel you guys have ever seen?
    whilst up on the GBR me and my wife saw one about 20-25 cm in diameter, wrapped around a bommie, so unfortunatly we were unable to see it's length, or head, i was going to touch it, but thought better of it, now i reflect on it i value my arm alittle more now
  13. drunkinbda

    drunkinbda The boys are back in town

    well unfortunately the only one ive seen while diving was on a helmet dive that i took a tourist on. it was tamed and just came out to get fed... perhaps 2.5-3 ft... not the biggest but it sure was gorgeous as it was a speckled moray!
  14. island_sands

    island_sands Erection Supervisor ;) Supporter

    shoo the largest one i ever saw was in Egypt... those giant morays are HUGE mothers of an eel...

    i also heard that the blood was toxic in morays. I have never eaten one, they just don't look appetising :hmm

    Scuba-doc.com reckons that their flesh is often toxic, containing ciguatoxin and may cause death. Perhaps this is certain species (Gymnothorax javanicus was one mentioned)... but the ciguatera thing in the Caribbean is almost a given, including eating barracuda..
    the locals in Cayman would bury the barracuda.. if the ants started to eat it was a sign it was edible :yack

    hey perhaps crusty is referring to Exmouth in Australia...

    http://www.britannica.com/eb/table?tocId=9116179 ]Britannica Encyclopaedia[/URL]:
    symptoms may develop rapidly or slowly; tingling about the lips, tongue, and throat, followed by numbness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, muscular weakness, paralysis, convulsions, teeth feeling loose, visual impairment, skin rash, hot objects feeling cold and vice versa ("Dry Ice" or "electric shock" sensation); loss of muscular coordination, coma, death in about 12 percent of the cases; known as ciguatera fish poisoning, this is one of the most common forms of fish posioning .
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2005
  15. sinkweight

    sinkweight fat flotilla Supporter

    Sounds like a typical night after a litre and a half of Belvedere Vodka.
  16. drunkinbda

    drunkinbda The boys are back in town

    lol..yo sinky..im not a vodka person, but i heard taht if you get the cheapest vodka you can..and run it through a brita jug like 4 -5 times it ends up like grey goose or ketel one!!! just to let ya know!!
  17. sinkweight

    sinkweight fat flotilla Supporter

    Well. Now I'm going to have to try that out.

    Maybe you could grind a moray up and shove him through the Brita filter about 4-5 times and he'd be ok to eat.

    Makes a soft eel paste that kids just love.
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  18. Murat

    Murat Promethian


    I don't know for sure if they fight back!!! Some says they do some says not. I don't want to discover it from fisrt hand experiance though.

    My cousin regullarly shoots them, he shoots anything swimming anyway :hmm

    I only shoot one to taste the meat, and that day there was no fish in sight as usual, so i give it a go.

    You have to know that spear reall does not enough to kill the morray even it does not seriously injured it. Try to shoot the black holes on the neck. I don't know it does much damage on it but i heard this one from someone else. Don't forget you shoot the morray with spear only to hold it not to kill it. You can only kill it by cutting the head off!!!

    Alison, i think you exaggerate the sizes of the murray little bit rofl 25cm width very hard to belive but 60cm. Probably it was mutated or may be some kind of other thing. You know, i am not sure if this one is correct but heard that in Australia some kind of water eel ate the man. Woooww.!!! It should be big ha!!!

    And i also like the ant test for ciguatera, its a shame for me that i throw the foods to bin after ants taste it :) rofl
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  19. Freediver81

    Freediver81 The Arabian Stallion


    It don't think it was me, I wasn't skinny dipping in your area that day!

  20. sinkweight

    sinkweight fat flotilla Supporter

    The only way to approach a giant moray like that is to wear a cleaner-shrimp costume.

    That's when you throw a bundle of dynamite in his gill-hole.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2005
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