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Mt 4

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May 28, 2002
Well I did it. I got the Mt #4 and my god what a gun! The guy I bought it from put a 3/8 shaft on it with icepick tip and 3 5/8 bands. Definately going to take some getting used to moving from JBL's!:D :D Anyway the guy I bought it from is a scuba only dude so needless to say I have some re-rigging to do. I was thinkiing about a riffe breakaway rig with coated cable but was wondering what other s might be using...Sven, IYA, this is where yall get to chime in with infinately long and technical posts abouth material composition ect. ect. I am taking it out tommorrow and I will just hook my floatline to the gun for the day but I would much rather have a breakaway so this thing doesnt get beat up on the rigs!
Good Choice

:D :D He he he, I bet u drool so much reading all the Riffe great stories Sven & I put up.

As you said it, cable must be the way to go in the sharp edged rigs. You may want to try Riffe coated s.s steel cable. They have 500 and 270 lbs, I suggest u try 500 lbs cause ur 3/8 shaft is thick enough to carry the drag. 2 standard wraps should do but if you try an empty shot at water, beware...ur shaft's momentum will rob ur gun. Coated is better because it is very kind on the and and do not scratch the anodized finish of the MT,also a bit stronger. Use electrical shrink wrap where the cable( & crimps ) is exposed. Double crimp is how I do on my Riffes cause I used Riffe supplied crimper ( cheap & great ), not the pro table based swager, so I use double always as insurance.

Maybe you want to buy a 3M dull black sticker or any colour you want. This can be pasted all over the aluminum anodized finish and should further protect ur gun from scratthes. These stickers are quite thick and strong. Won't add anything to the weight. If urs come with the plastic muzzle, you can always get the aluminum silver muzzle if you want to use 4 x 5/8 rubbers.

If later you decide to shoot Wahoo and want super shaft speed, you may buy a 7mm Riffe Hawaiian ( also try 8mm later ) shaft and shorten it like Sven to get better accuracy.............even with 4 x 5/8 rubbers. Shooting line and length ( 2 or 3 wraps ) wise, ask Sven.

You will be surprised all these three shaft sizes may make your gun feel, swing and customized different, for suitable games.

Remember not to aim JBL style. Do some practice before u aim at anything. Whatever your JBL model is, a 3 x 5/8 rubbers on an MT4 already need two handhold........with practice you will live with a single hand, if u ever require so. At 4 x 5/8 she need left hand on butt properly, if u r right hander. What you have now is not just a speargun, that is a mini cannon, won't loose power wise to a Wong, unless they come up with a Kim or a Nguyen:D :D

Now for the moment we been waiting for...................our very Own Mr Smooth....SVEN.......let's hear it from you ::p

In the mean time good luck Rig.

One more thing Rig. If you use a float line, I guess you are better off with a regular Riffe float line. The Riffe bungie type, I don't think will survive well scrubbing the sharp rigs legs/frames. In fact the Riffe float is also risky around the rigs. If I were you I might want to use an F-2 boat fender or any fenders with say 10-15 liters of air volume, those hot dog shape, not round one. Those fenders u & I know is about 7mm thick vinyl. The Riffe float is made of like a diver BCD material but I think the outer layer is not 800 grade Codura which many heavy duty BCD uses, 400 maybe. One good thing about Riffe float is that when it is inflated, the shape is a such only 10% of it touches water and it has a small lead ballast. It won't overturn in the wind and the water drag is almost nil when u drag it with you. I have one but never big enough fish dragging it. My friends who use them swear they are great and easy to bring about.......collapsible. I think the Wong design is similiar. My friend has a Picasso but you won't want to use this unless to float ur baby brother in a swimming pool, the plastic it uses is sure of the same low grade as those cheap baby float, including the air valve assy.

I never try the Baywatch type of hard hollow float, so no comment.

Have fun

PS. What did I keep telling you of the Metal Tech construction and quality ???:naughty . I been telling Murat too that for the money, it is cheap. By the weight alone, you know you are paying for extra metal. Try to find another aluminum gun in the world that is as well built as that..............maybe in year 2010, it will be called Generation II, Metal Tech by IYA-RIFFE :D :D Semi Recoiless. By this time I somehow have managed to design a recoil absorber system that Jay Riffe bought from me...wha ha ha ha :duh
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DEFINATELY no bungee here...I already have a regular 75' Riffe float line. Thinking hard about downsizing the shaft for freediving but keeping this thick one for scuba duty. Anyway something is getting punished tommorrow!!!!:D
What about reels? Would this gun have to be sent back for the "factory" mounts? Sven, you mentioned the omer palegic reel on this gun, how? i have always been a big fan of that reel.
Gez I'm definitely not going to have the right gun when I go rigging with you Rig!!!:waterwork
But oh well I will just use what I have, I'm not in a position to go out and buy high priced under water hand cannon that I will rarely have the chance to use. Good hunting Rig keep us informed about the score!

Blade out :D
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OK, ok...

Congrats on the new bazooka!:cool:

Line wise, I'd go with cable for the shooting line, though it does take a toll on the length of the shot. A bungie is a waste here as the stretching around the structure will kill it. A breakaway would be OK, though I've not used one around the rigs, mainly as I am usually wearing tanks when I'm down there. I like a hard shell float for areas where there is a really good chance of a rub with a sharp mollusc, like a lifeguard style float. I'm trying to remember where to get those things... Others have laminated a body board-style float with good success.

A reel is always a nice little addition; if you use a Riffe or an OMER pelagic, you'll need to install some threaded inserts into the aluminum extrusion to thread the fasteners that bolt the reel to the barrel. The OMER pelagic comes in two styles, one for a tube type barrel and then a model with a flat mount for the side of lumber guns. Head into the Mc Master/ Carr catalog for 1/4-20 stainless threaded inserts and some red loctite to seal them into the drilled out holes in the barrel. My 4 has a set for a Riffe and an OMER that I have on order. Anderson clued me to the OMER, said his buddy Aquiles loved it and was swapping his Riffe to it. Gotta go with what works.

Do not, as in don't, lob the shaft at a non existent target unless you have a lanyard attaching the gun to your person, it will sail off out of your mitt with amazing ease. Then when you're sufficiently made stupid by this thing, remove the lanyard and off you go.

That 3/8 shaft weighs a few, so work at getting a bit closer to your target until you see the trajectory a few times. Think 1/2" rebar and you'll be ahead of the curve. Don't sweat the move to another muzzle to accomodate an extra 5/8 or two 9/16 bands- there's long and enjoyable learning curve ahead... This is pretty much a two handed gun with a 3/8 shaft and 5/8 rubber- keep it away from your Chiclets.

By the way, I still have my JBL's and there are times when they are the tool of choice, much like using the ol' pickup instead of the Porsche.

Enjoy. Safely.

Well I shot it today and...DAMN!!!:D This thing is awesome. I shot 3 jacks...40, 37 and 32 lbs. these fish didnt know what happened! From 10-12 feet it sent that big ol' shaft in one side and out the other leaving a dead fish on my cable like a stringer! I also shot a couple of 10-12 lb. snapper and that wasnt even fair. They would swim straight at me and turn at the last second (range=5 ft.) and the penetration was rediculous. Blade I think your gun will do just fine so don't sweat it, guys using euro guns are worrld record holders too, remember that. I used a breakaway rig for the first time on the rigs and liked it alot more than I thought. Also had a visit from the man in the gray suit as well as an awesome porpoise encounter...will write about it tommorrow in the stories section...
Sven, I dont know about drilling holes in this thing...maybe I'll save that project until you come for a visit!!!:D :D :D
:waterwork :waterwork Drool Drool, I have not seen big jacks in a few months. Congrats Rig.

If say you did not use a float line and on was on scuba, those jacks will show you how the Riffe Ice Pick can hold on to their flesh real hard with less tearing than anything u ever tried.....assuming you never tried a Riffe Ice Pick before.

I like the Ice Pick a great deal, since I am a basicaly a scuba guy and doesn't use reel, I do tug of war with anything I shoot since my locations are always within scuba depth limits. No way I can chase a fish to loosen the shooting line tension. This is where I learnt the advantage of the Riffe Ice Pick. Many other spearheads I used before can not afford me pulling hard on them without loosing the fish, sometime even on gill shots. I find the Ice Pick is so helpful if the shots are not fatal.....OK, I am not that great shot usually.... :D :D

Welcome to the Riffe club Rig, you just made a great investment.
At least you know that me & Sven are honest to goodness guys
when it come to gun reccomendation :cool: ............Damn, when will I get hold of my MT#0, it is so close, yet it is so far.:waterwork.

Good news for the JBL guys if the new 5/8 rubber is stronger now...about time. I suppose only the XHD guys can enjoy them, non XHD trigger will surely suffer. :confused:

U better check with Riffe or Sven if MT#4 will still float or perhaps sink with the Riffe original reel attached. Riffe catalog mentioned negative flotation with reel but I am not sure if that means all MT models. The MT#3 with the new aluminum muzzle alone will need the small round wing Stablizer Kit, or it won't float with shaft out. The Metal Techs are just too well built...I mean thick ......he he he.

Photo-photo-photo please.

Re: OK, ok...

Originally posted by icarus pacific
...a lifeguard style float. I'm trying to remember where to get those things...


Sven , I believe Pammy A. has a nice pair :p
Seriously , we used to scrounge them off lifesavers , also available in a slightly larger size .
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Iya here is a pic from about a month ago. I am on the far right(in yellow) and this was a poor day on a rig.
Not sure where the hell my photo went!!!!Let me try to figure this out.:(
Pictures .. , what pictures ?:confused:
Remember the great response to "me and my baby "rofl
and "show and tell "rofl rofl
According to this white hell box I committed some kind of fatal error!:vangry Apparently my "file" is too big! If I only had a nickel for everytime I have ever been told thet!:thankyou
Yep. it's a bazooka, ain't it? How about giving the folks here a little clue as to the differences in weight and all from your JBL's?

Of particular note is the idea that despite what the catalog and website tell you, this thing sinks!! So, you're either going to have to really watch it as far as letting go of the thing, or popping for an $80 set of oval pieces of teak,(yeah, I know...ouch) or as I'm doing, making my own float to mount opn the barrel to take the nose weight of the new muzzle.

There you go folks, DB's biggest fan of things Riffe, has a complaint about 'em- having to add things to them to correct the band plane and to offset their weight.

Originally posted by rigdvr
I committed some kind of fatal error!:vangry Apparently my "file" is too big!
Yeah , tell me about it ! Everytime I try to post a pic it ends up ripping the seams of our forum and sends me frantically stabbing at every button available on Photoshop ...:head
ONE day I'll get it right .
PS. Could that be why we get so few photos ?:D

PPS. Cliff , if you read this , Happy birthday Boet !:king
Congrat Rig It worth money...:cool:

I wish goodluck with your MT 4.Don`t u think 3/8 shaft is a bit heavy for MT4?. May be 5/16 with four 9/16 power band is better. You can easily reach the 8 meter range and better velocity with this config.With 3/8 shaft you must get little annoying recoil and kick up.If you don`t want to change your bands you can either try 5/16 shaft with (3) 5/8 power bands.For the reel issue i don`t think u will need it.I am sure this break away assembly works better for these AJ and big rig fishes.
I wish to have a chance to shoot big fishes with beautiful Riffes.Unfortunatelly I have neither of them :waterwork :waterwork
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