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My new Camera

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
Thats the camera and case that I have!!! :D

great choice shane!

I buaght it half a year ago from japan! Its cheapest in japan!

camera plus 32mb and 128mb cards cost me 530$!!

case cost me about 190$

great camera with amazing quality of pictures and video!!!!

The camera is also great looking and extremely small which brings a lot of wows from people!

very recommended!
Hey dude good choice ;)

How much video can you take with a 128 Mb chip?

Is the video function easy to use?

How about battery life? How is that?

thanks for the info

hi shane!

If I remember correctly the lenght of video in 128mb was 19 minutes! but don't take me on my word!

The battery life is great! about 3+ hours when its on the whole time and photographing!

I have a friend which has a proffesional nikon digital camera, he is a proffesional photographer and he loved the camera and recommends it with enthusiasm!

The case is also great because you can control all the buttons in the camera!
some other cases for different cameras you are limited in what you can control in the case!

Otherwise your case will let water in!!!
MPEG Movie Mode: MPEG VX Fine (640 X 480, 30 fps). That sounds really good.

Have you guys tried to film underwater? Im curious if the camera changes whitebalance during filming or if it locks it from the start of filming?

I've been using an IXUS-400 to film underwater (320x240x15fps), but the whitebalance/brightness is set before starting to film. This gives very dark movies if you start to film shallow or very bright movies if you start to film deep and then ascend.
Hi Shane, I picked up a similar camera - the Sony P-100 with Marine Pack housing. Close in performance, but better low-light vis.

The movie mode eats memory space like crazy! Especially in extra fine mode! I have a 1gig memory stick & only have ~15-20min. at high quality. :(

Overall the pictures are decent, but lack some color depth of the larger cameras:

Overall, the size & super-fast shutter lag makes them worth it. Gotta get out in the water & do more testing! :D
Hi fuzz!

whats innovative in the Dsc-T1 among other things is that its the first camera which the movie lenght is limited by the size of its memory card and not by the camera's features!

in my 128mb card i film the same amount of time as your 1 gig memory card! :D
the first camera which the movie lenght is limited by the size of its memory card and not by the camera's features!
Not so, my Samsung V4, released over a year and a half ago, has this ability. Although the resolution is a nasty 220x240.

I am interested in whether the Sony DSC-T1 has set focus and color-balance after the initial starting of video recording?

Sounds like a nice piece of equipment.
hi tylerz!

I meant with the quality that it has!

to get more detailed information about the camera go to sony.com or dreview.com!

great camera!
Hey guys,

thats one thing i wanted to ask. Especially you Freediver as you have a T1

How much video can you shoot on this camera with your 128KB chip.

I mean at full resolution. 640x480 i think it is?

Why do you say this camera uses less than Fuzz's P10. I thought it was the same movie mode?????

Fuzzz I have heard good things about the 5050. Even more about the 5060 but is the video on that good?

The T1 currently only offers a 512MB chip. Have you heard of a 1GB chip for this one?

thanks for the advice

HI shane!

I havent yet heard of a 1gb memory card yet!

I was thinking of buying the 512 but I got to the conclusion that is better to buy the 20gb hard disk thingies which you can transfer the memory in the card to!

I will get back to you tonight with a definite answer on the length of the movie!
Freediver81, P-100 has the same exact mode as the T-1. The only limitation is the size of the card. There also 2 640x480 modes(30fps & 15fps) - the default on mine was the lower of the two. Check on this for your camera. One can obviously get a lot more video on the default setting. As far as 512mb being too much - you can never have enough space. I've filled up my 1gb card on 2-3hour dives. Video really eats it up at high quality.

Shane, the T-1 uses the smaller memory stick(memory stick duo), which as you mentioned - is capped at 512mb. The P-100 can use either the smaller memory stick(with sleeve) or a memory stick pro(which is what I got since it goes up to 1gb). I can also use a regular memory stick, but won't be able to use the highest mode of video capture(VX Fine - 640x480x30fps).

The 5050 is great as far as picture quality(64 ISO & 1.8 aperature!), but video is not good at all(320x240 @ 15fps :()

The P-100 has a slightly better lense than a T-1 & that's why I bought it. I really wanted the T-1 because of it's looks, size, & coolness; however, after researching it a bit I determined that the P-100 was a better deal overall.
Here is the first pic i have taken with the T1

I have retouched the colour slightly as the water was quite green, but i think you'll agree the pic is GOOOD

This is my buddy Nick with a sea bass.


  • Nicki Sea Bassasmall.JPG
    Nicki Sea Bassasmall.JPG
    46.6 KB · Views: 224
Nice shot of your buddy... tell him to get his snorkel out of his mouth while diving!!! Saves on energy loss to clenching your jaw on the snorkel and plugging it with your tongue, and more importantly leaves your mouth free to breathe when you reach the surface.


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Welcome to the "clicker's" club Shaca, I'll be looking forward to seeing your pics! From what I've seen what the guys are saying is true, video on Sony is alot better. One of my friends showed me a video from his Sony and it is light ages away from the Olumpus. I'm in a bit of a doubt now though :) My Oly 5050 flooded and the repair costs more than buying a second hand 5050. However I think that I'd like to go completely video first and then get my second 5050. Any recomendations for video?

Good shot Shane, now the fun starts, Camera or Gun? that is the question.
I have found that using the Cam is nearly as much fun as hunting, right up until the double figure Bass swims up and checks you out.....
I would be careful mounting the Cam, on the gun especially if there is much recoil, I'm not sure that sudden shocks are good for the cam.
I was trying to figure out a solution and thought that maybe if the mounting was a little flexible?
Regarding Video, Can you upload it to a website and just post it as a GIF thumb?
surely you must have a little webspace somewhere?
i saw the videos shane.. they are quite nice indeed. especially liked the one wheere you pass up a few shots at some Robalos and instead nail a sargo. nice killing
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