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Hey Murat,

No Tigers but there are Great Whites. I rather deal with a tiger than a white.

Brad :martial

Yeah I would rather tigers than whites anyday. Rig and Sven you dirty little boys stop talking about your 10mm wood twigs and talk sharks :D

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hows this for sharks...

I mentioned earlier that Manny from "Extreme Encounters" was trying to film makos on the lump. Well 2 daysw ago he got the footage they had dreamed of and then some. Apparently an estimated 500# mako showed up and Manny proceeded to hand feed it bonitas. At one point, he rode rode its dorsal after handing it a whole bonita! However when they ran out of bonita to feed it, things got hairy...apparently the shark wasnt ready to stop eating and an adrenaline fueled rush to the boat was necessary...sounds like fun to me:duh
oh, fine then...

dat's a big mako.

Maybe she'sa like to: apply oil on my barrel, clear my track, spray my suitlube, tighten my strap, snap my beavertail, mesh my velcro, clear my snorkel, float my line, clear my mask, blow up my floater...


a smooth example of why I am merely a sultan-in-training :D

Make all the jokes you want Sven. I just booked(10 min ago) a trip to the lump for fri with Bill Delabar and Al Walker. Today they shot 15 wahoo and Al shot a 190# YF...:t

The water is clear...the seas are calm...the hoos have moved in...can I get some positive vibes from all my friends out there to bless my bluewater inaugeration(mauled that one with spelling:cool: )

Quite a productive spot by the sounds Rig, but Makos are a big no no in my books.

Originally posted by w3ac
Hey Murat,

No Tigers but there are Great Whites. I rather deal with a tiger than a white.

Brad :martial

Don`t make me loughrofl rofl rofl

If you are really lucky you can see few nurese and grey reef shark in your whole life time here.
I am not sure but in 18th century there were whites lived around Italy thats what i seen from national geographics few months ago.But never heard anyone that seen white in Cyprus even in med. sea.

You got my attention! Good vibes heading your way! Enjoy the blue, go get those 'hoos, and if Manny's :)head ) still out there do us all a favor and shoot him too!

you'll feel just a slight pressure...

that warm and fuzzy you're feeling is a wad of smooth karma heading your way. Be careful and enjoy. Ask questions.
My water is going to be clear this weekend too, though it's in a pool I'm conducting O2 provider classes in...:waterwork But wherever you go...


Does Manny really realize how stupid he is? Hand feeding a 500 pound Mako and then riding on it's back. This is the shark that I fear the most while blue water hunting in Hawaii. Has Manny ever heard the story of Kurt Bickel and his encounter with a Mako down in Mexico? Here is the story in brief: Kurt is next to the boat about to get out. He spots a Mako about 10 feet long circling about 30 feet away when it decides to charge. Kurt is just able to get his blue water gun up and the Mako is on him. Actually, his gun is down the Mako's throat, trying to chew its way to Kurt. His dive buddies see the whole thing unfold and just stand around gawking on deck. Kurt manages to fend the beast off and exits the water shaken, bruised, and a little more wary. My dad once told me that I got more balls than brains. In this guys case, I'm not sure the size of his balls but am sure about the size of his brain. Remember, he stuck his hand down the throat of a Jewfish in 60 to 80 feet of water :duh .

Have fun diving the lump and don't forget to post some pics. BTW how do I set up a trip? My partner and I want to travel and shoot some exotic (and large) fish.

Brad :martial
Talk to Capt. Walker at Xtreme Fishing Charters out of Venice Louisiana. www.xtremefishingcharters.com

Make sure you check out the photo gallery, plenty of freediving pics, including several record wahoo.

Just leave us some fish for our June trip,

Sorry for the misinformation but Kurt's encounter with the Mako didn't happen in Mexico, it happened in Louisiana! Don't let that deter you though, he says there are lots of big Ono and Ahi around. He told me a story of how he had a friend who never shot an Ono before. He took the guy out and told him to just float. Don't swim, don't dive, just float and he would bring an Ono up to the guy. Sure enough an Ono comes around. Kurt dives, and starts swimming away from the Ono, looking over his shoulder every so often like a scared bait fish. This really got the Ono curious to the point that it kept following Kurt. Being the guy that he is, Kurt swims directly in front of his friend with the Ono in pursuit. The guy dives a couple feet and fires. The fight lasted half an hour and the lucky friend got his first Ono, a mere 80-90 pounder.:cool: Have fun.

Brad :martial
I want a friend like Kurt !!!!!!!!!
I don't mind even a 40 lbs Ono or Ahi or anything pelagic...
Floating on the surface is what I am very-very good at....:D

Nex time I see a pelagic, I will play that :
" I ignore you fish, come and follow me if you can "
I will look over my shoulder but will keep my spear tip heading that direction too............... :eek: :eek: , this way I can shoot it mysellf.

Give a friend a 80-90 lbs Wahoo to shoot, MAN, no way in this lifetime !!!. I never even see a wahoo in the water or shoot any pelagic that big in the water (except seeing sharks )........ sorry to be so selfish.....:t
Last edited:
Well I too shot my first wahoo...TODAY! 5 min. into my first bluewater trip I had shot my first fish. Only a 42# hoo, it made my day! I will never forget how fast the floats zoomed away. I saw many many more but was unable to take another, however my buddy shot a 83# hooter. No yellowfins today, they were even scarce for the rod n reel guys.

Dove the same location that Manny shot the mako footage only 2 days ago...kinda spooky in water 1200 ft deep. Unbalievable good time...might go back in 2 weeks...my boat though now that I know the drill:cool:

I demand the following :

- Picture of ur 1st Wahoo.............:p :p :p
- A better decription of the story. How deep the shot was taken. How clear was the water. Where the shaft penetrated the fish. How many minutes were u dragged. Estimate how far did you shoot.....etc etc etc....:eek:

Lastly CONGRATS on ur first Wahoo.......42# is not small dude. Tissue, tissue....I'm drooling..................
I have to go to my nephews soccor game but will try to do it today. The captain will be emailing me pics on monday and I will email them to Andrsn b/c I am not smart enough to post them right:D

If I tell you the story you will all hate me;)
Rig: Congratulations on your first Ono. Those suckers blaze huh? 42 pounds isn' t a little guy. Actually, this would be considered a good sized fish for Hawaii. Not to many of the monster Ono around here :hmm

Iya: Here's what you do when you spot your first Ono: don't look at it! As crazy as this sounds, the more you look at them, the more distance they keep. They seem to want to make eye contact. Instead of looking, turn away and dive. Level off and look straight down. Count to 20 then take a quick scan. If the Ono is still approaching but is out of range, look down again and count to 10. Scan again. Don't chase it. Let the Ono approach you. Before your fire, make sure you can see detail such as individual teeth (they smile at you :D ), lateral line, penducle on the tail. Remember that you are probably going to be in the blue and there are no refence points out there. Make your shot in the forward third of the fish as gut shot may rip and tail shots result in really long fights (damn shark! get away from my fish). Use a good floatline and adequate flotation. Hang onto the buoys as they fly by but don't horse the fish up. Most Ono blaze on the surface for a while then sound. Baby the fish up unless the sharks show up then do what you gotta do. Get a sharp knife, fillet, and don't overcook it. Broke da mouth brah! Good luck and go get em.

Brad :martial

You sound like someone with experience with wahoo :cool:

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