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new waterways mono?

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New Member
Jun 22, 2002
Any of you mono gurus out there know anything about the new monos from waterways? i was just looking at there sit and spotted some odd looking fins, the Glide and the One Wing. I'm in the market for a new fin, and was wondering if anybody had the low-down on these new enteries into the market.
what is the site? i checked the canadian site and i didnt see them, and when i tried to go to the .com one it said the website was for sale.
any help?
I found them on www.finswimworld.com, which I guess is the site dakdiver is talking about.
I'm interested in finding out about these new fins as well, as I'm looking at getting a monofin some time soon. Don't know about the blades, but the footpockets certainly look like an improvement.
I second dakdiver's call for info...
monofins like those are excellent for finswimmers but the problem they present to freedivers is that they are very heavy and tend to try and push your legs over and turn you upright during the glide phase. With the new rules allowing neck weights this will be less of an issue but is still worth being careful about.

Yes, that was the site i saw them on. I've tried the ld1 from waterways and it was great. However, despite the fact that i'm a professional ballroom dancer and have very strong flexible feet, I still got the dreaded cramps after about an hour. But had no problem getting proper fin position using my feet, not knees, during my glide. I'm just curious as to wether or not the new foot pocket designs are an advancement for us freedivers, or just a new design without any true benifit.
ADR said:
monofins like those are excellent for finswimmers but the problem they present to freedivers is that they are very heavy and tend to try and push your legs over and turn you upright during the glide phase.
The only winged WW monofin I've seen was quite heavy (3.5kg I think) but was actually BUOYANT if I remember correect, or atleast not as "disbuoyant" as one would imagine, maybe because the wing was made from some hardend foam. I'm not sure this is the same one they now sell though, but you can try and ask them.
I´m looking for monofin news every week. First this new "WW monofin Glide" was called "Monofin Andronov" ( http://hometown.aol.de/HenTru/Andronov_Detail_kompl.jpg ) and it designed also on this way like Skat Egoist, now its a "WW Glide monofin" ( http://www.waterlook24.de/glide_fin.jpg )
I find it very intresting, because i read somewhere on russian homepage interview with Andronov, who made lot of very good handmade monofins, there stand that he wanted to work with some company to build a similar monofin for production with lower handwork ... lower prise .. and so on ...
There are also similar fins from www.leaderfins.com Hyper and Flyer. both weight ca. 3,4 ~ 3,5 kg , so a littlebit to heavy , but both have very good hydrodynamical form, also as "WW Glide fin" and they aren´t so expensive as WW glide ... anyway 350€ are much enough money especialy for student like me :(
Hm does anyone knows how heavy is herbert mono? he uses Special Dolphin carbon , with dolphin footpockets , and wing shaped rubber on it like on Specialfin "colored" or "carbon" but with dolphin footpockets, so i guess dolphin pockets are not so heavy as omer FPts ... :/
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The new WW Wing (that my friend has) is very similar to the Skate Egoist (that I have). They are both heavy and boyant and perfectly stable in all phases of the 'kick'. Most of the guys doing well in dynamic comps here in Italy use the Egoist or something similar.

Severinsen used one I believe when he got the 204m record.

You can't use the Egoist for CB as the foam collapses big time, but the denser foam of the WW should be OK at depth.

thanks for Info Al :)

Does any one have a Leaderfins Hyper? or may be tryed it out for Constant ?
A few days ago I went to train with Ant Williams: once on the water edege, he unzip his monofin bag with a strange glare on his eyes... OMG WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!!!!

Was a russian mono (quite similar looks to the Andronov)...

Since the first moment you slide in the foot pockets you know this go to be different. This is so comfortable! there is no pain or compression feeling... still, the feet are perfectly supported and there is hardly any space left.

Underwater the feeling is incredibly smooth. This particular mono is specific to dynamics, so the blade is quite soft, but being so efficient it changes the way you swim:
With the M2MD I need to keep the movement constant if I don't want to slow down due (I think) to the lack of angle on the blade, but with this one you can easily and effortlessly glide between undulations. I can slow dow further the movement with out increase the undulations amplitude, and keeping a surprisingly good and uniform speed ratio.

I'll say more efficient, more relax fining and I'm sure a better O2 consumption. Ant himself said "your technique look better" :D

The only draw back: how to get my hands on one!!!
This seductive report is incomplete without a picture. :)
I'm mostly curious about the foot pockets, the angle issue is a whole different thing.
:) Interesting topic.
I joined Deeper Blue to collect information on monofins for long distance swimming in the Ocean (I live on a Caribbean Island, 7 meters to the beach...).
I scuba dive twice a week on coral reefs, clifs and wrecks (with Stratos and Mares Tre) and I'm a former pool swimmer. Because I like butterfly stroke, monofin looks really attractive to me. After completing quite extensive research, iI came to the conclusion that SWIMMING monofins like the ones produced by Leaderfins, Specialfins or WW would be the best tool to swim on or close to the surface.
And for long distance (few miles) I would appreciate really comfortable footpockets.
So I'm interested about this new super efficient-super comfortable fin. Which brand ? Customized ? Something like the FLYER from Learderfins & Specialfins ?
Also, stiffness of the blade: medium or soft ? Carbon or Fiberglass ? My little guess is that carbon would more suitable for pure speed/ short distance swimming (or below 20 meters), but I'm interested in expert's advices.

Last but not least, the angle between the blade and the footpocket seems to be a key element to reduce the effort on the muscles during long distance swimming. Apparently, most of the monofins have a 20-15 degrees angle. But what are the rules governing this result ? Is that purely empirical or calculated ? What would be the downside if you have more than 20 degrees ?

Any piece of advice on these topics much welcome !

Can someone post more information about Leaderfins "Hyper" Monofin in constant weight , if someone tried

-> this one


/* boyancy? weight feeling? how it works in deep water? */

btw. Andronov Mono ("Glidefin") is very expensive
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Hi Adam,
These fins as on photo are not for freediving and are not suitable for constant weight.
But they are best for speedswimming and acceptable for dynamic (if swimmer is not a proffessional finswimmer).
Sorry, one mistake...
They are good if swimmer is a proffessional finswimmer.
I like this Monofin but I think that this is not for freedivers..
Yes you can have it if you train only for dynamic & have a perfect technic & style but for oss that freedive and make dynamic & constant in lakes and oceans a Monofin like Specialfins Dolfin Carbon or even better with omer footpockets is better.

Now if you have money you can pursale 2-3 Monofins One for dynamic One for costant & one for you wife:)
But if I must pursale aMonofin for everyday go with Specialfins with omer footpockets. Exelent fins & Quality

Last sommer I was in Greece. I was more that 3 houers in the water every day. I never have a problem with my specialfinn Monofin.

Jyri said:
Hi Adam,
These fins as on photo are not for freediving and are not suitable for constant weight.

all thiese Fins ( egoist, Hyper, Flyer , kershkov , shumkov ) were very well suitable for freediving, and probably they could be the best fins for CW even as in Finswimming and even better than all Omer Monos, if they would weight under 3,5 kg. ( ofcause with some changes, no compressable materials, under 3,5 kg, bigger blade btw softer blade ) And its very difficult because such of footpocktes are to heavy and bulky ( big value ).

Lets see if someday there will come a monofin of this kind, lightweight and addapted for deep diving,

i think the perfect freediving CW monofin will be:
- with angle
- bit bigger blade than standart finswimming mono, but not to big.
- hydrodynamical footpockets, tight but not paintfull and light weight
- wing on both sides ( down & upstroke, very usefull, because it reduces turbulenses by changing direction of the monofin. I beliefe the half of monofin should have the wing shape, and not to thin, more profile less turbulenses )
- flaps ( rails) on the sides of blade ( yes there lot of people who disbeliefe in that things, but they realy help against side waterflow on the blade )
- lightweight, under 3,5 kg

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do you have a link to the russian site with the comfortable foot pockets? (maybe i missed it if you posted it..)

i'm in the market for a long distance fin.. also a sprint fin.. i have heard complaints about most of them.. i just want something comfortable and i'm not looking for an "all in one fin".. i don't mind getting two fins.. i just want comfortable pockets..

thanks :girlie
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