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New World Record for Great Whites

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Quite the deal eh...and a side note that: I had read an articale about the aqarium wanting to remove a 150kg tuna that was acting aggressive towards the residant hammerhead sharks that I believe they were worried about introducing their new "whitey" in with it. In the articale they talked about the vetrinarian trying to dart it to give it an over-dose and apperantly it didnt work. Would have been interesting having someone call you up and say, "we need you to come and spear this 150kg bluefin, as its becoming a problem". I believe once this leaked out of the aqarium some groups got pissed that they were trying to kill the tuna.....from what Ive seen on their site one less tuna would hurt a thing but to have a healthy GW; pretty amazing. I dont know alot about keeping such things but I do kinda enjoy seeing it in a place like that but I always would rather see it in the wild; not big into zoo's I guess.

Good hunting,
Justin: from the reading i did back in the days i wanted to be a marine biologist specializing in GW's they are reportedly THE hardest sharks to keep in captivity, along with Whale Sharks. But most individuals that were experimented upon where adults, and raising embryos was not attempted. It would be interesting to see how this develops.
with regard to the tuna, im quite sure a few of us here wouldnt mind taking a shot at it. Interestingly enough, a few weeks ago i watched a documentary about Shark and tuna cowboys in Australia, and reportedly a diver got knocked out cold by 35kg. tuna.
sorry but I do think thats wrong:(

I say put her back in the right place.
but Sharky do you realize what this could mena for GW preservation?! think of all that the scientific could stand to benefit by observing and studying a GW in this environment and use it to better protect them in the wild. altough i also think that she is better off in her natural habitat, the amount that we stand to loose by having one specimen in captivity is nothing compared to if they were erradicted
I personally dont believe that the loss of one GW is going to affect the world.....I bet the spearo's that dive in waters inhabited by these giants would agree there. But I also believe that the aquarium is not going to let that happen, and what could be learned may be of some use though I dont know exactly what they will learn that hasent already been observed in the wild. Its kinda hard to tell I guess.

Interesting though,
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Who cares ! Mishu are you one of those people who throw blood on people and protest ?
If i see a gws near me , i shoot the thing .
I swim in waters with these things and well....maybe you would look at it differantly .
If the shark is just passing by thats differant , but c'mon dude one gws wont save shit.
hay headlands

back up the truck a bit here mate:naughty

mishu does have a point ok and so does every one else.

Dont bite the guys head head off for his opinion.

we are all friends here.;)
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Hey Headlands, chill out. agree with it or not, everyone is entiled to their own opinion, you too - just find a way to put yours forth without belittling anyone elses - clear?

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Oops spoke my mind , forgive me ...Thats biting someones head off? lol I forgot we live in a politically correct world now .

Amphib are you clear?
hey buddy - keep it up and you'll find you won't be welcome here anymore. This is a friendly community and there is no room for the the kind of disrespect you're showing, especialy to members that have been around a lot longer then you have.

Grow up. :hmm
Geez i wasnt even being "mean" , i gave my opinion and you disagreed on how i wrote out what i thought .

Sorry if you thought i was disrespectful or what not...;)
Headlands, you are right, i do NOT dive around great whites, but i would give my left nut to do so. BUT I DO DIVE WITH TIGER SHARKS AND BULL SHARKS and have had the chance to see tigers mating only 8 meters from me so back off. if you think im shittin ya, then ask Amphibious because he also has dived in the Persian Gulf, albeit not as north as my diving, but we are only separated by a few kilometers, something a shark could easily cover in one hour of swimming. I seriously doubt you have ever been in the water with a shark, especially a GW, for if you had, you would be more humble about it.
you might have a different opinion, and you are entitled to it, and so am i. if you want to voice your opinion, no one is to stop you, its your god given right, but to try to not insult each other.

to the other guys here: thanks for standing up for m. i tried giving you karma, but it said i had to blah blah blah.. i cant
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Originally posted by Headlands

If i see a gws near me , i shoot the thing .
I swim in waters with these things and well....maybe you would look at it differantly .

, but c'mon dude one gws wont save shit.

Unfortunately this kind of attitude is the reason why spearos have bad reputations in some countries.

The "kill em all" mentality, and total ignorance of conservation ethics is detrimental to the sport worldwide. So Headlands, pleae educate yourself before making statements that belong in the bad old days of diving, when the only good shark was a dead shark, the oceans could never, ever be fished out, and scientists still researched better poisons to kill sharks with. Clearly you dont understand that taking on a 1 tonne animal with a powerhead is virtual suicide, or that a GW nosing around is very little threat. Its the one you dont see that will get you.

In this day and age, every single GW counts. After all, its no single raindrop that starts the flood eh?

I dive in GW territory, have done so for 13 years.
Very well put Shadow.

As a guy that has dove among them for 30 yrs, had them pop seals next to me and give me the eyeball on a deck, I'm still amazed at the things. I carry some means of protection with me when I go in and it's between my ears. Trying to provoke or push them off is like pissing off a dinosaur- it ain't gonna happen. You're in their backyard.

Puffing up the proverbial chest and declaring that if you see one, you're going after it is as juvinile as saying that if there's another diver nearby you're going to get him 'cause he's scaring the fish. C'mon. :hmm

And you two clowns BOTH need lighten up. Now would be good.
Originally posted by icarus pacific
I carry some means of protection with me when I go in and it's between my ears.

Which proves that Sven's the bravest of all you cowboys . . .he goes in DEFENSELESS !

PS. I try to resist cheap shots, but gee whiz, when my buddy practically extends an invitation for abuse, I just gotta bust his chops.
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Shadowkiller had one comment which hit the nail on the head when it comes to Great Whites.

"...it's the one you do'nt see that will get you..."

Powerheads, shark-shields, making eye contact, making aggressive moves at the shark...etc etc etc, all the 'popular' ways of keeping safe in the presence of GW's, they all mean jack-sh*#, because as Shadow said...it's the one you do'nt see that will get you.

It's all about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And nothing except a good ol fashoned 'gut-feel' will stop that happening.

Best Regards

I just missed seeing the GW by a couple of days. Mont. Bay Aqu. is an awsome place. The 1 million gallon tank with 300-400 # tuna swimming around is awsome. The fact that they now have a GW is great for the conservation of these fish. Places like MBA are the only way that we can educate those that don't venture out into the blue. This positive impact far out weights any loss.

I agree w/ some of the posts that indacate that the fact that you see a shark is a good thing. i recently saw some stats on shark attacks in Hawaii and spearfishing attacks happen much less often than surfing and many other activities. I believe this is due to them sensing that the spearo is a predator not prey. I have heard many spearos say that "prey" fish can sense us preying them, eyes etc. It makes perfect sense to me that a shark is much less likely to do anything if you maintain eye contact and stand your ground while not being agressive. This is easier said than done and I hope I never have to prove my theory, but you should always be prepared. I will post the link to the data latter.
Ahh, there's Chris!

Originally posted by icarus pacific
I carry some means of protection with me when I go in and it's between my legs.

Allow me to clarify, Chris. :hmm

Hey, your ears must have been ringing. I've been meaning to give you a call to see how you made out with the weather and all. Ab Grab is in a couple weeks... you have any flyer miles? :cool:
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