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news from Cyprus...

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Should we really be amazed by these depths?

Going from 90 to 100 is 10% for these guys. (you could do that in years training couldnt you?). A few seconds of free fall. They have obviously sussed the Equilization.

And people have been swimming dynamic 200 meters. A well planned and done 100 meter Constant is easier I would say.

Well Paul,

I like the Tokyo Bowl bit but the rest... well....



PS cebaztian, as for 100m CB being "easier" than 200m dynamic.... hehehe... Maybe one could do the dynamic with blood plasma filling their lungs for a closer comparison<GGGG>
Hi Christian!!!

Long time no chat!!! How ya been? How's it going for you??

This event is so exciting! It’s gone from being stuck in political mud 8 months ago, to one of the best all time freediving competitions ever!

This is just some speculation on my part, but I wonder if Martin’s preparation for the Cayman’s had him in the best possible physical condition for cw? When I saw him in April right after the Cayman dives, he had noticeably put on more upper body muscle than when I saw him in earlier in November. They said he had actually lost weight from when he first went to the Caymans, so he must have really been muscular.

I am guessing he purposely put this muscle on his upper body since he would need it to set the free immersion world record. But maybe this extra muscle was not the best physical shape for cw. Since the upper body does little in cw, the extra muscle may have just been burning more O2.

Maybe he has backed off his upper body workouts since then, lost some muscle there, and now actually has a better body shape for cw? Maybe this is why he was able to do 105 meters in practice?

One thing for certain, baring terrible bad weather, the 100 meter official mark is going to be surpassed very soon! Out of three of them, at least one is going to do it!
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I just heard a rumor from our team that Johanna Nordblad (FIN) did 158m in Cyprus dynamic competitions. That may be new womens WR ;-)


- kimmo, Freediving Team of Finland
Congratulations to db’s own Wal (user name Walrus, real name Walter Steyn) who it appears set Australia's dynamic records with and without fins 150m and 82m!
Way to go Wal! :friday
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I heard for some reason at least one freediver was not allowed to dive his trained depth.
So why was there a depth limit?
Does anyone know more than I do?
Only thing I know is he went without fins...

I´m serious....

He was going to go for Stigs depth and beyond.
So why was he not allowed to try ?
Does anyone know?
He must´ve raised hell when they told him "NO" so somebody must have heard him

It can not possibly have to do with Davids latest achievements, can it...

if youre talking about wolle, i would also like to know. he was diving with me untill last week and i know he was looking foreward to doing a w.r. he had trained hard for it and did it here in training a few days before david did his. the only possible explanation i can think of is a b/o on the official training days.(last year they warned the divers before hand that this could prevent one from doing their subscribed dive). whatever their reason, i bet he's pissed as hell.
"pissed as hell"... who could blame him! AIDA took away the perfect opportunity for him to set a WR.

people have been allowed to re-attempt a WR only 24 hours after blacking out, eg. Brett LeMaster, so that should be no valid reason.

i could be wrong, but i suspect that it was something very petty, like his mask was the wrong colour or something... :head
It's not suprising -- remember Francois Gautier himself (AIDA france president), said that at the CIPA Nice open competition, you were not allowed to dive without fins. I challenged him and said that neoprene socks are like low-cost fins. He remained firm that no-fins diving was not allowed. Funny how they 'force' you to use a mask AND force you to use fins as well, and then call it 'FREE diving'. Perhaps they should change it to:
4th AIDA 'Mask-and-Fins-Breath-Hold-Diving-without-LMC' championship

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
WOW!! congratulations Carlos. amazing achievement and a historic landmark!
Congratiulations to Carlos ...
It truly leaves me in deep awe to even imagine ....... that deep....WOW
Can´t wait to see the dvd ...

@ Bevan: Yes I´m talking of wolle. I´m his friend and buddy. Nice talking to you!
( Lotta will bring a cd I burned for you with lots of videos .It´s all I have)

The funniest thing is they let him do 56m Unassisted. Exactly half of his dyn.
performance wich was 112m.
He did it just fine, telling a friend he didn´t even have any urge to breath.

So he did two german records.
But didn´t have the chance to do what he trained for.
I´m convinced he could have done 63m
even after last sunday...(Bevan knows what I mean)

Does nobody know why he wasn´t allowed.

@ efattah: You see he did dive without fins. And he could have gone a lot deeper.
We were all hoping for the best since he was doing even better than david during the entire week. except for davids record dive to 65m. Still he could have made an AIDA record. which was all he ever dreamed of.

I can´t wait to hear from wolle...

@ bevan

Have you heard anything yet ?
I asked roland also.
He doesn´t seem to know anything about it.

HELP !!!

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