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nose clips

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Aug 17, 2002
hi all

i m thinking about using a noseclip just to see how i enjoy it. but does anyone have a solution/technique on how to equalise mask and sinuses on the descent ? coming up i d just take the clip off to be able to reinhale maskair.
furthermore does anyone have any experience/suggestions in making a clip himself?


I don't think there's any good way of using a noseclip with a normal mask. You're going to have big problems with that.

A cheap solution is to buy a Seal mask (like the Sphera but with no nose piece - so it's basically a goggle). Then buy some clear tubing from your local DIY store, 5mm inner diameter is the best I think. Then carefully drill a hole (1-2mm narrower than the outer diameter of the tube) in the corner of the lens, and then push in the tube. It should be very tight and difficult to push in. Make sure that it goes a good 10mm inside your mask, and is long enough to reach into your mouth....
Now you can wear a noseclip and see and equalise. You can equalise your ears and the goggles. You *may* need to secure the tube in the lens somehow. However, I never did and it worked for me.
Noseclip- I wouldn't bother trying to make your own. You'll never beat a Paradisia nose clip. They're cheaper than an average mask. you can them from Howard's shop. A more expensive solution is to use fluid goggles with a noseclip- they're made by Eric Fattah.


ps: i recommend never taking a noseclip off when underwater, especially if it's held on a leash. It can so easily get wrapped around the line- once happened to Tanya. But be sure you are able to deal with the expanding air in your mouth/sinuses - ie. that you are able to keep your glottis open on ascent so that pressure is equalised with your lungs. obvious and natural for some people, not for others.
thanks for the information.
unfortunately i m right now a bit far from getting reasonable divingequipment, but i ll definitely keep it in mind.
good point also thinking about entangling the clip leash on a line.

about the sphera : do you not have the problem with distorted vision?


you can get all those things from the internet if you wanted.

distortion... well, yes, it was a strange to begin with but you soon get used to it. only the peripheral vision is badly distorted. straight ahead is ok. maybe they're not so good for spearfishing? don't really know because i never spearfish.

Spera + Noseclip

Hi Roland,

I have it both: the Spera with "straw" and a Paradisia Noseclip. I tried a lot to built one myself, but I failed. It is hard to get in Germany (and in Austria either, I guess). You can order it via www.freediver.co.uk!

The Sphera was easy to operate. I just drilled a hole an screwed in a small adapter for pressurized air. But I dont like it very much. You easily loose the straw or you blow in water, ... But if you really dont want to use a normal mask or the Erics Fluid-Goggles there is no alternative (except wearing no goggles at all...). I also have the Sphera as a Scuba-Mask and I like it a lot. I could not detct any blur of vision or things like that. It fits perfectly and comfortable.

If you like, you can contact me directly and in german...:)

Gruss, Carsten
I had the same problem with the pipe mask i built- water was always getting blown into it. I put a bite valve from a camelback water carrier on the end and that really lessened the amount of water. I found the nose clip uncomfortable and really need to take the time to fine tune the system. Since the quarry I dive in is only 100 feet deep, i went back to the mask.
Other options

If you cannot afford fluid goggles and you want to dive with a nose clip, there are several options. You can try building a pipe-mask, but you can also use mask with a nose clip. Using a mask with a nose clip is very tricky; the nose clip must be placed in the perfect position in order for it to work. Once the nose clip is in place, you can only dive to the maximum depth that the mask can handle, since the mask cannot be equalized. I have tested various masks to see how far I can descend without equalizing the mask. The results so far are:
Aqualung Falco: 11.0m
Cressi Minima: 12.8m
Scubapro Freedom: 21.0m
Cressi BigEye: 23.8m
Technisub Sphera: 42.0m

However, some of these masks are easier to use than others. The scubapro freedom is easy to use with a nose clip, but the mask is expensive and it often leaks after 15m due to the squeeze. Only once did I manage to go over 15m without it leaking.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
Eric- your depths are very interesting. I am assuming that the lower the volume of the mask, the deeper you could go without equalizing? I used the Aqualung Seal for my pipe mask. Theoretically how deep do you think it could be taken without equalizing?

The volume of the mask was uncorrelated with the maximum depth. The cressi big eye has a HUGE volume, and yet it was second only to the Sphera because it can be crunched up to your face. The aqualung falco and cressi minima both have tiny volumes. So does the Dacor Bandit, and all of them cannot be taken below 13m without equalizing (unless you want to blow your eyeballs out!)

This is why the compressibility of the mask is just as important as the volume. If you are diving to depths which are less than the maximum no-equalize depth for the mask, then all that matters is the mask compressibility. If you are diving beyond the no-equalize depth, then probably the ratio of compressibility/volume is the best indicator.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
I am glad you said that because when I tried to see how far I could take the Seal down without eq. I felt pain around 20 feet. If you had said thirty plus meters I would have been shocked. Thanks for clearing that up. Do you use fluid goggles exclusively or only when you are going deep?
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