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noseclips now available

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Oct 20, 2002
Hello everybody,
Just a quick note to let you know that we finally managed the seemingly impossible: We found a batch of paradisia noseclips. We usually get so many questions about how to get them that i thought i let those interested now about it. You can visit our website http://www.learnfreediving.com for more details.

Safe dives to all

Yasemin Dalkilic
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You're right
Even though we bought many of them, our cost per noseclip is only slightly lower than that price. We basically got them because it makes the perfect combination to the Apnea Goggles, not to really profit from them...


Yasemin Dalkilic
i bought a batch directly from Bernard about a year ago. i just got a big order together with friends and got 10 sent over from France. back then Bernard used to send one free noseclip for every ten ordered. the postage was split between 10 people and so i basically got myself a free nose-clip. :)

they really are very good nose-clips. i'm sure Bernard could sell hundreds if he arranged an online shop.

to back Yasemin up... i would say $60 is actually a pretty fair price. i don't think Bernard makes that many and the manufcaturing process could well be quite costly, so they are probably quite expensive to make. they are very tough so you should only ever need one, if you're careful with it. they have been known to snap if you mistreat them.
is there any kind of warranty on them if they do break or snap somehow?
i mean i really want one, but for 60 dollars i want to know im getting a quality product with some sort of warranty. i am only 16 so 60 dollars is more to me then many of you....:)
Maybe a bit off topic but from what I've just red, the nose clip and other gadgets are about to be allowed in AIDA comps from the beggining of 2005!

You can see the results of votations conserning AIDA regulations 2005 at

Yasemin ... you are great :) You cant know how long I was looking for those ... also your offer of liquid goggles made my heart jump :)
Now I have to just save enuf funds to byu those jewels:)
Thank you for bringing them to us ....

Well, we don't manufacture the noseclips ourselves so we don't offer a warranty with them. But, i first bought 3 pairs 7 years ago because i had your same concern and still two of them are in their boxes. I have used only one for all my records and training and it is practically unbreakable. David Lee can tell you the same and i'm sure that other users have had similar experiences, but i agree that you should do some research before commiting your money.


Yasemin Dalkilic
I never tried fluid goggles before, don't you use a saline solution? If so, do you just keep the same fluid in the goggles thoughout your diving day?
The goggles work perfect with seawater normally, but obviously after a while it can hurt your eyes. So you can go through the effort of putting saline solution and keeping it inside. But either way it works.

And "IseeTheStars", thanks a lot for your kind words.


Yasemin Dalkilic
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Hello Yasemin,
It was trully writen the way it is felt:) ... really great christmas for me ... today I have brought my new monofin from local monoswiming team. It was trully my dream to use that and I wasnt dissapointed after trying one.
If I may I have one question for you regarding liquid goggles. How well do you see with them? Is their use appropriate only for the deep dives when they free you from equalizing the mask, or is the view good enough that you would be/are wearing them for recreational diving or practice too?
I really cant guess how narrow the vision field with them is, and how usable they are as FD mask like minima replacement for eveyday use.

Just curiosity though.. cause I am pretty much sure to buy them ASAP ... but still felt like asking:)

Thank you for you reply..
Have a great time freediving.

It would appear that a weird glitch in the AIDA regulations means that (possibly) tinted goggles are still not allowed during depth competitions. Currently the learnfreediving.com goggles are tinted, whereas the fluidgoggles.com goggles were once sold in both tinted and clear; the clear ones were so hard to make that I switched them to a special order. I still have four pairs of clear fluid goggles left.

Either way it would be convenient if AIDA allowed tinted goggles/masks/fluid goggles.

Thanks for the information:) Maybe i will get the combo for christmas!(and finally be able to work on my no-fins technique)
I was checking out the site and noticed that you also have some really good prices on C4 blades. Do you have them in any other stiffness than 40's?

Hi Eric,
out of plain curiosity: What makes clear liquid goggles more difficult to produce ? Is it a different model of goggles or does it have other reasons ?
Clear goggles are much harder to manufacturer due to the non-availability of clear swim goggles without an anti-fog coating. Anti-fog coatings must be removed in order to bond a lens inside the goggles.

So far, to manufacture clear goggles, the only way I found to do it was to spend 2 hours scrubbing the inside of the goggles with H2O2 and a paper towel, and even then only 30% of the goggles ever work out. If anyone knows a solvent which can dissolve the anti fog coating, please tell me. I heard that extremely hot ethylene glycol can remove some, but I haven't tried that because it is messy and dangerous.

On the other hand, I can get tinted goggles without an anti-fog coating, making production much easier.

I am curious, with my current goggles selling at $165 (and still no sales), I'm wondering if people would be interested in a $595-$895 goggle which has a HUGE field of view, little or no magnification, and a much more convenient 'fluid fill' mechanism which can allow on the fly re-filling (allowing the goggles to be removed and put back on in the water). I haven't made this goggle because I figured no one would buy it.
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Hi Eric,
Thanks for the answer. Scrubbing around for hours doesn't sound linke fun.
In fact there are clear goggles without any anti-fog coating. Just google for "swedish goggles" and "Malmsten". Or look directly at http://www.m-malmsten.se/egoggles.html . The model without coating is called "Swedish Goggles Standard". They are great, indestructible and dead cheap (just bought some for EUR 1,86 each). The only downside is that they do not fit everyone due to the lack of any silicone skirt. But I would wonder if Malmsten would not produce some of that kind, too, without any coating.

P.S.: Regarding the more expensive goggle I guess there are not enough people currently which have to deal with liquid goggles, thus not knowing how much better yours would be as apposed to the ones available now. As I can only speak for myself (and am a student who doesn't earn much money) I'd probably first give the cheaper ones a try, if I needen some. If they are really unfomfortable and much of a hassle, I' d probably start saving. But currently all my money goes to the bank account for one of your computers :D ...
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Hi Jon,
We had many carbon blades but ran out of them. We have only one 40 left in the stock at the moment. We will bring more so you can check the page every now and then or subscribe to the webpage to be informed when new products are available. However the newer stock will be a bit more expensive than this pair of 40s.


Yasemin Dalkilic
Hello Erik,
speaking for myself, I would be interested in great liquid goggles with huge FOV and those advantages you were speaking of. The only think is that one would have to really save money for those ... its not like opening a wallet and hey :) I have got that money right away ... (being inhabitant of eastern europe - hehe)
But if you are considerind realization of such project, then ill for sure let you know when I have my money ready - I am kinda hitech fan and would greatly enjoy such a perfect equipment.

Good luck and high sales with you new price.

Eric, do the clear fluid goggles you sell have the lenses bonded to the goggle, or do they have the adaptors in them like the ones Yasemin sells?

Are there any kind of warrenties on either version- in case the lens falls out or something like that? Do they come with the fill tip adaptor for the saline bottles to fill them up properly?

How well do they work in cold (4C) water?

I think I may finally pop for a pair, but want the best field of view for the somewhat limited vis I often find myself in. Smoke lenses would be too dark, and I am not sure if blue would let in enough light either?

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