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Oceanic Mini Shadow

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Mud Puddle Diver
May 20, 2002
Does anyone have in experience with this mask. Oceanic makes two versions the shadow and mini shadow. I know the mini verson has low skirt! Anyone know anything out there!!

Hey Blade,

I own it....or at least owned it (until I lost it on my last trip to Florida). I've since ordered a new one, and it's on the way.

Let me start by saying the I am a freediver because I like to hunt....not the other way around. All comments to follow are the opinions/findings of a spearo. Here's what I can tell you. I love this mask. The volume is modest. I prefer to use it for depths down to 60 or 80 feet. Past that, I prefer to use my Superochio. The silicon on the minishadow is some of the most comfortable I've felt. It isn't glossy and "sticky" like most. It has a matt finish and is a bit softer. What this mask lacks in volume (and it's really not that bad - probably equivalent to a Cressi Bigeyes or Horizon - I've used both), it makes up in field-of-view. The upward and horizontal view is the best of any mask I've ever wore. The downward view is damn good too, albeit not quite as good as the Bigeyes. I bought it because I was sold on the frameless feature and the fact that it only uses one piece of glass. Two pieces of glass doesn't drive me crazy, but I prefer the unobstructed view of 1 piece. One thing to take into consideration before you go running for your credit card is that it will not fit folks with a nose that has a high or thick bridge. So if you have a bump on your beak (between the eyes), you might want to steer clear. The reason for this is because the glass is mounted on the rubber so close to the face (to reduce volume / improve field of view) that it will come in contact (uncomfortably) with the top of the nose. If you have a high-bridge nose, it will push on the back of the nose pocket. If you have a thick upper nose it will not fit into the small groove. Did this explanation make sense :confused: ? That being said, if you don't have a huge honker, and do a lot of shallow-water spearing/diving, I think you'd love this mask.

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where did you get your mask at? I found a place called Leisurepro that sales the mini for $34.95, good or bad

I basically have a straight bridge but a long nose but it fits in my Superochio with some space left over so I think I will be fine.

I haven't been freediving very long but the spearfishing naturaly came with it for me.
I love stalking! My dad (Ex. speacial forces) says I'm a natural sniper.
I'm dreaming of making it to 80feet, my PB is 45 feet but I'm working hard to get to the deeper blue or lake green in my case.

Hey thank you for answering my post by the way

BladeRunner OUT

Yeah, I'm a freshy too. I've gotten used to not seeing the bottom of the lake on my dives, since the vis was usually only 15 feet or so. When I went to Florida, I dove in a spring with 100 foot vis. I can't tell you how much easier good vis makes deep diving. My deepest dive was done in a deep Wisconsin lake, but the 80 foot dives I did in that Flordia water were waaaayy easier than any 80 foot dives I've ever done in Wisconsin. Mind you, I only attribute this to the mental advantage created by a greater line of sight ;).

Anyway, back to the minishadow. Leisurepro is the only place I know that sells it. Judging by Rodale's reviews, which states the mask retails for around 80 bones, I figured that 35 was a damn good price. And having used the mask, I can say that you get a lot of mask for the price; that's why I didn't hesitate to order another. Sounds like your nose will fit just fine. Unlike the bridge area of the nose pocket, there is plenty of room in the tip.
ha ha that's so funny I did my PB At Blue springs in florida last weekend. When you can see where you are going it makes it alot easier to get there for sure. I'm making plans to dive vortex an Morrison springs the first weekend in March. So I plan to take full advantage of the great viz!!

I went out today and was very happy with 15--17 foot viz with a bright sunny day but tomorrow will suck clowdy so the viz be cut down by half if I'm lucky!!

Thank You for the help and I tell what I think about the mini when I get it!

BladeRunner OUT
Small world blade.

If you would have been at Blue Springs on Sunday, Feb 1, you could have got an oceanic minishadow for free ;).

At 45 feet deep, you probably were able to look down and see that warning sign eh? If you could have gone past that sign by 50 feet or so, you would have reached a heck of a current flowing out of the bedrock. Quite a ride :D.

I was there Feb 1st from 8:30am to about 3:00pm Yes I saw the sign andwant to push to get there but I thought it would be to much to go for the sign!!
unirdna Hey I used my new mini the other day. Oooh man I love it big time I think the quality is better than my Superochio. So I said I'm sorry to Cressi and retired him for while in it's hard case on my gear shelf in the closet

It fits great like you said and better view is killer, I don't have to move my head nearly as much when scanning for fish. I don't know why more spearos don't use this mask. The "little!" extra volume is unnoticeable to me. It seals really great even after being hit by a wave on he side of the head it didn't take on any water at all!! Hey and no problem with my nose either LOL!!

BladeRunner OUT:D
Glad to hear your schnoz fits Blade. As you found out, that little mask sure has a great field of view. As for the volume, like I said before, [for me] anything above 80 feet is gravy; past that you may want something smaller. You always hear manufacturers saying "it's like wearing no mask at all". I always roll my eyes at that one. But the mini is close....really not much of a black frame around the vision; albeit it is a bit heavier than my other masks. In my experience, being able to track a fish without having to move your neck often prevents a spooky fish from running. This is especially true in low vis water when fish suddenly appear at a less than perfect angles. Gun movement doesn't seem to sound the alarm nearly as fast as head movement.

Ted OUT! :D
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