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Omer Abyss Exclusive

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Mud Puddle Diver
May 20, 2002
I'm interested in Omer's Abyss Exclusive mask and wanted to know if you have to be careful with the mask. Is the glass coated on the outside or is the reflective properties of the glass inside. I basically want know if I can scratch it easily or not? like when I'm cleaning the outside with a tooth brush, removing oil or silicone residue that kinda of thing?

BladeRunner OUT
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Ive used one for about two years for spearfishing duties in the UK. The mask still looks as good as new and I have not been particularly carfull with it either. I occasionally give all my kit a rinse with fresh water and a good wash at the end of the season. The glass is not scratched at all.

I was worried that the tint might reduce clarity but this is not the case. I can see as clearly through the Omer mask as through my clear cressi minima in most conditions.

With just my head sticking out of the kelp I have had large Bass swim to within a few cm, seemingly either oblivious to my presence as my eyes are hidden or possibly investigating the strange shiny material.



I have this mask also and so far it has not been scratched much however I have cracked it on the sides (im very rough with gear)

I do not like the tinting in dirty water it sucks to be honest, but in nice clear blue water it is good.

Originally posted by ivan

I have this mask also and so far it has not been scratched much however I have cracked it on the sides (im very rough with gear)

I do not like the tinting in dirty water it sucks to be honest, but in nice clear blue water it is good.


Is this hold for OMER Aries 45 reflective lens?? I thought its both have reflective lens and light enchancter yellow/blue lens.
Matt thank you for your reply that's the type of response I was looking for !!

BladeRunner OUT
I have had the Exclusive for about 2 years now and have not noticed any scratching on the lense. In murky water the tint in the lens does seem to reduce what you can see even more.

Two months ago I bought the Aries 45 with reflective lenses. This mask has a much wider field of view and is also very comfortable. The lenses do have a yellow tint which seems to make diving in less than ideal conditions a bit easier. The blue mirror coating o the lense does reflect but is not as mirror like as on the exclusive.

One thing I have noticed with the Aries mask is that there appears to be a 'band' running hozirontially through the lenses more or less in line with your pupil. This has taken some getting used. I am going to write to Omer to find out if it meant to be there. Some friends have tried the mask and reported the smae thing so at least it not my eyes.

I'll let you know what they say.
Hey daviesd,

Is that tinted aries 45 really increase sight at low light coditions?? Does it have any disadvantage in normal conditions where light/visiblity is ok??? I mean can you use it in all conditions or you preffer normal lenses in some cases??
The yellow tint should help to see at low light situations, because it increases the contrast. The yellow does not increase the true visibility but it helps your eye to see the differences in contrast.
We use yellow tinted gogles when sking/snowboarding at low light conditions.
This will mostly help when the light isnt very strong but the visibility is fair. Like on very cloydy days or hours just before sunset etc.


I have been using the Aries 45 for all my diving ( including some night sessions ) with no worries. It is a very good mask. I did have loads of problems with fogging though for maybe the first dozen dives.

As I said before , the only issue I have with it is that 'band' across the lenses. When you look at the mask nothing is visible but in the water there is clearly a 'more yellow / more contrast' patch in the centre of each eye. Problem I had is that while I am waiting in ambush on the bottom, my eyes are looking all around ( quite rare for the fish to come in directly in front ). As my eyes goes through the 'band' it seems to register a change which my brain thinks might be movement and therefore a fish!!! Drove me nuts for a while.
Tinted glass has an analogie with black and white photography. Yellow tint will cut down on a certain section of the light spectrum allowing you to distinguish contrast more easily - Orange increases it further and Red the most. With each increase you gain a contrast difference but lose ambient light levels....

so Red should be ideal but you will need more light... kind of counter productive as you would be wearing these for low light so that's why people use Yellow. Just some comments !

the yellow - orange - red works on the red part of the spectrum ie a red tint will make red objects look white and blue objects look black. The yellow tint will have a similar but less pronounced effect - then again who knows what the hell happens to the light spectrum underwater....
The red lights decreases as you descent deeper. The water cuts down the amount of red light. This is why sea usually seems to be blue. I would guess that the yellow tinted mask doesnt help much when you are a bit deeper, at the surface it is a bit different story. This pretty much means that the yellow tint is'nt much different from the black tint used in abyss exclusive when at depth.
I personally dont like tinted lenses, i like to use all light possible.. ;)

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