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OMER Mimetic Med 5mm

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Rasta Freediver
Mar 4, 2004
Hey all, i'm a super newbie to freediving and spearfishing. I need my first wetsuit, and i need it for BOTH diving and fishing (i'm a broke 15 yr. old....). Anyhow, im looking for a 5mm suit, and i came across this cool suit. I know that camo really doesnt make a difference, but i thought it would still be nice, because i just sit in the weeds and weight for prey anyhow (at one of our lakes, i can catch fish bare-handed, it's nuts!).

All in all, i was wondering if this would be a worthy buy for my first suit, that needs to be durable for freediving and spearing. ALso, i'll be diving 99% freshwater lakes in big ole wisconsin. Thanks.
They make a nice suit and a couple of friends of mine have them. You can check them out at Deep Blue, in Milwaukee, as they carry them there.

You may not need the camo, but it looks cool. ;)

Yea i love the look, and it actually blends very well with the rocks and weeds in our bailey lake. Jon do you know what the price is running on a 5mm suit at the shop? I'm gonna start saving for one. I would like some 3mm gloves and 3mm socks too, do you think you could help me price that together?
You'd do best by calling the shop and talking to Gert for a price. I know that he was thinking of putting together a beginner's package that would cover everything from suits to fins.

Otherwise, there's always ebay to find a basic 3mm jumpsuit, surfsuit, and a hooded vest to get you started.

You mentioned a buddy who was going to spearfish with you, I know he emailed me once or twice. To start off with you two might want to share a speargun. That would cost less money and would ensure that your both in the same area to help each other out in case of a problem. While one guy is down the other floats above him making sure he's ok. When the first diver comes up they hand off the speargun and you switch.

I doubt he will follow through on his word, i just know im getting into it, if its the last thing i do :)
Oh yea, i was wondering if i could use this suit for just freediving too, would is suit just as good? Im not sure what the big differences are on spearfishing and freediving. Sorry for the newb question.
You cna definatly use this suit for freediving... but if you are into true performance and breakin records (which you are not i take it) you would want to get a made to measure suit with smoothiskin on the outside.... expensive :duh
lol yea.... im going for the world-record in breaking the 10 ft. barrier :) My last breath hold still is messed up, it's driving me insane! I can't get a good hold.
Here is a post I did a long time ago at www.spearfishing.com hope it helps with improving your time...

Breath up... once I learned how to do this properly my breath-hold times have increased dramatically from 1 minute to around 3-4 minutes.
Do NOT (I reapeat NOT) hyperventilate. Hyperventilating consists of breathing in and out quickly... You will observe that your head goes dizzy if you try this for long enough.
Breath in and out calmly, try breathing in 5 seconds then blowing out for 10 seconds. Try not to tense your muscles just relax and breath up for 5 minutes and then exhale all you air and inhale quickly (but not forced) you might also want to try the packing technique where you push air down to your lung from your mouth. As for the dive do everything "en douceur" (softly) think calm thought and don't push yourself... When the first sign on wanting air comes, turn around and go up..
I dont hyperventilate, i know that. I've been doing 5 seconds in, 5 seconds out, 5 seconds in, 5 seconds out, etc. Then before i do my final breathe, i exhale a LOT, pushing it all out, but my last breathe doesnt FEEL right. It feels like im pulling from the back of my throat, not down low. I get all tense right away, and i have to work out of it, i know that's not right.
Somtimes the last one isn't the one to hold.
When I'm breathing up, let's say I'm thinking I'm going to hold on that 5th massive breath. Often that 5th one does'nt feel right; or deep enough. It was say, the 4th one that felt so deep and effortless and full that I should have held.
I'm kind of a newbie, too, but here's what I like to do:

I, too, like to make a deep exhalation (a purging breath to get CO2 out) towards the end of my breathe-up. I take a few slow, relaxed breaths after the purge, each inhalation deeper than the first. I don't force the exhale of these breaths. I then will hold the 3rd or 4th of these inhalations and submerge.

This is what I find works for me.

Good plan, i'm going to try that next time i practice holds. Is practicing breathe outs (ventilations?) very helpful too?
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