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Omer Mimetic Med suit 5mm

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Mud Puddle Diver
May 20, 2002
Anyone have this suit Omer Mimetic Med 5mm? I just want to get the low down on the what they think, how it holds under use and how it dives. All details welcomed. Info on the Mimetic Ocean 3mm would be cool to. You have some diving pics with this suit that would be neat to.

BladeRunner OUT
Hi , my friend has such suit , first of all the suit has nice stencil , lower piece comes with “gilet “ style , it is comfortable . He has also one complaint , the suit is little slim for 5 mm suit .

By !
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I've 5mm ocean mimetic and its great, its reinforced with a special tough nylon at all possible wear areas and I like it :D I guess mimetic med should have some similar characteristics aswell. The only drawback is the hood should be a little bigger IMO. (It slips through the chin)
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I also have the 5 mil ocean mimetic. Only complaint is I look like a swimming billboard for Omer when I wear it(anyone ever counted how many times they wrote Omer on the thing???)

Rigdvr, not enuff times!!! :D

I've got a 5mm ocean mimetic. My dive buddy has Omer Mimetic Med 5mm. We dive in water ranging from 12 to 18 degrees celcuis. Only modification we've made is to have a powerhead pouch fitted. Warm wetsuit that quite well made. Nice padding on your knees, elbows and backside. Highly recommended. Ocean mimetic looks wicked as well:D

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I got 5mm ocean mimetic too.. I am not at the point to give you a "experianced" review coz i only used upper part 4-5 times. Suit does not fit me good coz of the size problem that i have. Too loosy waist and damn tight on the chest and arms. But even in that condition it does not take much water in. Which i assume good thing, however i don't know if all the other neoprene wetsuits are same. I will try it soon with pants as well...
OK... I have the 3mm Ocean mimetic...
The suit is pretty tight... but I find this good on long dives and often have to remove the hood and cycle water through the suit.

The difference I have noticed with this suit is NOT that the fish don't know your their... but rather they are just willing to allow you to approach closer or more likely to wander on over and have a look at you...

Here is a few pics.


  • spaniard13kgdressed-3.jpg
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And a smaller version taken in some rather murky water off an island... will take some "action shots" on wednesday if all go's to plan.



  • rcspanishuw2.jpg
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All victims off a 1.4M Rob Allen Saracen Railgun.

Hey Miles could you please show a pic of the mod to take your powerheads?

Thanks mate!

Powerheads are a sensitive issue here in South Africa. Don't know the legal implications, so please check your local laws. A powerhead is classified as a fire-arm and therefore a licence is needed. I normally let an engineering shop do mine.

Firstly you have to decide what calibre bullet you're going to use. I use 9mm rounds because i carry a 9mm fire-arm. My buddies use .44 or .357 or .45 rounds. Once you have selected your rounds you have to measure the diameter of the bullet just before the tail part of the bullet. Now you take nail polish and seal joint where the bullet head enters the case. this ensures that no water enters the bullet. You can put some on the back part of the bullet (primer) as well. Now comes the difficult part. Take a solid piece of round stainless steel, slightly thicker than the bullet, about 10cm long is ok. The engineers will then have to drill a certain diameter on the one side and a slightly wider diameter hole on the other side. The size of the holes will be dependent on your selected bullet. The bullet is now inserted to the stainless steel pipe. It should fit with the shoulder of the bullet resting on the shoulder created by drilling a thick hole on the one side of the pipe and the thinner hole on the other side. Basically, you're trying to make a gun barrel........if you get my drift. Now you take candle wax and seal the front of the pipe. Put a little in the back part as well, just to make sure that the bullet doesn't move. Now simply insert a piece of fuel line into the rear end and you're done.

The rear part simply slides onto your spear, and your spear acts as the firing pin. Just make sure that the fuel hose you fit has the correct diameter for the spear you're using. It should be a fairly tight fit(the spear and the feul hose) so that the powerhead doesn't fall off when you're pointing your gun down. Keeping your spear sharp, obviously goes without saying!! The ph is kept in a pouch sewed onto your wetsuit or alternatively, inside the wrist part of your glove.

Please note that powerheads are extremely dangerous and should be used as a last resort only. Don't ever try shooting it into rocks or coral, you will get hurt!!!

Hope this helps

;D ;D ;D


  • powerhead.jpg
    22.9 KB · Views: 336
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Sorry Miles I really wasn't clear on that, I was interested in how and where on your suit you had located them...

Nice artwork however and looks very familiar to one i have "seen". Not sure the exact legalities here either.

Hiya dogmatrix

My locally made Rabitech Predator 5mm wetsuit comes with powerhead pocket standard. There are various places where you can put them on your suit. I've seen some guys putting them on there bi-ceps, others put them on either side of your loading pad. I've got mine about 7cm from the cuff of my arm, on my left arm. In other words, when i look at the numbers on my d3 on my wrist, the powerhead is right next to it.

The way that you make your powerhead pouch is quite easy. Get a piece of neoprene, rectangularly shaped 12cm long by 5cm wide. Make a slit about 4cm from the one end (in the centre of the rectangle). Slit is 1cm wide. Stitch the sides of the slit to prevent the slit from tearing. Now simply attach by sewing or glue to where you want it on your wetsuit. The powerhead is then inseted into the slit and the complete powerhead will be inside the pouch. Will not fall out and easy to access when need arises.

I'm getting me a digital camera today, so hopefully i'll be able to post some pic's of my wetsuit.

hiya memo

weathers been miserable lately........but i'm working on it:D :D :D :D

Sorry it has taken so long to reply. I am in Central America diving. Fortunately I was able to leave my Mimetic 5mm at home. The water is 78F and 150+ vis in Roatan right now.
So about the suit--
Durability--I typically thrash my suits, especially on the jetty; however, this one has held up extremely well. The seams have been extremely tough, and there are wear resistant panels on the forearm and lower leg, as well as on the suits overlaps. The connections are snap clips and they have worked really well, and since they are attached using screws, it is possible to tailor the suit a bit by moving these up and down.
Fit--The fit is good, BUT I would suggest that if you are in between sizes, go to the smaller size. I now have a size 4 that is a little too big. THe suit is extremely dry, but you will need a bit of lube to get into it.
Warmth--I have lasted an hour and a half + in 44F water. I am always the first to get cold, so this is a testament to the suit.

Overall I would absolutely reccomend the suit, especially fr people who generally fit well into off the rack suits.

I hope things are going well your way--We'll have to dive again soon.

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