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Omer Shaft Guide

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
well, the answer is simple, they think that their guns are accurate enough without a rail. They produced that rail for the customers who always demand more, and loves to modify guns...
I noticed you are in the UK but if you can't find anything, contact Mark Lamboccetta in the US-you can look him up on the board here.

I can vouch for his services, wholeheartedly. I am in Qatar right now and ordered a big handful of shafts and some other stuff from him. I took off to Sri Lanka for a few days of diving and everything was waiting for me when I returned (down here in Qatar, that doesn't happen very often in my experience). He is a bit flexible on shipping for those in far off places which helps.

I think c4 would be insulted if a shaft guide was put on one of their carbon guns as they too are believers that if the gun is well balanced it will not benifit having a guide.
Here in New Zealand a very standard gun is a 120cm with a 7mm shaft. Which is not how a lot of guns from Europe are set up.
First thing that happens to a lot of them is the 18mm rubbers get traded in for 20mm rubbers & the 6.5 shaft replaced for a 7mm shaft. Changing the balance of the gun & how the gun shoots.
This is an exsample where people put rails on their gun for better accuracy.
Practically there is no relation between gun balance and shaft guide.. They effect the speargun ballistic in different manner...
also if im not mistaken, doesnt the number of bands have a direct effect on whether or not a shaft guide is neccesarry? as i understand it, using a second bang on a Euro gun would create an opportunity to have a whiplash effect on the shaft as it is fired, thus causing the gun to loose its accuracy. please someone correct me if i am wrong so that i can make the appropiate changes to my gear
Would you not be better to get one of those self adhesive rails that Rabitech use?
I am not sure if you can buy them or where you would be able to get one but I know that Specialfins.com sell Rabi's

Ive always been a bit suspicious of two banded euros they just dont work for me sofar. I have a Demka Als 110 which is 2 banded open muzzle euro that I would like to make more accurate by adding shaft guide. It is not accurate now as it is and it is from the factory havent changed anything on it.


This Omer Shaft Guide is self adhesive also. You pull the tape from underneath it and it sticks.

Still looking where to buy it online...
as far as two bands, I swear by 2 on my tahiti as I am sure most owners would. iyadiver I think has done a lot of trial and error in this area. You may wnat to PM him
Huan said:
Would you not be better to get one of those self adhesive rails that Rabitech use?
I am not sure if you can buy them or where you would be able to get one but I know that Specialfins.com sell Rabi's

I've bought a Rabitech rail this summer and it was not self adhesive :hmm .
Anyway, it has increased the accuracy of my 100cm eurogun impresively! I recommend it but you have to make sure that the barrel is stiff enough so it won't bend in order to use a full lenght rail. Otherwise it will mess your shot even more.

For further details on Rabitech products you can contact Mikko. He was VERY helpful whenever I asked him for his advise. :)
yes mishu you will need ful length rail for double band euro gun but this will not guarantee the acurate shoots coz many of the euro guns designed and balanced for stock setup that is one band. If you want to have double band euro gun, you know what to buy ;)
Murat: its funny you say that. i was just telling Anton that im giving some serious thought to getting a Totemsub Tahiti fitted with a Imersion Concept grip. but that wont be till the end of the summer
why imersion grip instead of full wood grip with heavy duty trigger?
Murat is right, buy the Master America when the teak version comes out :D

All joking aside, I've been waiting to try one of the new rails too but we don't have them in the US yet. I have a similar one I put on my T-20 Mimetic open muzzle and to be honest I can't tell the difference in accuracy. Neither could I tell the difference in accuracy with a stock 100cm closed muzzle T-20 and an open muzzle T-20 Mimetic 100. I used the T-20 open muzzle for the first time during a competition in Florida and must have shot it 30 times and equally stoned as many fish as I feel I would have stoned with the other. Again, this is my opinion but I wouldn't throw this out there if I hadn't tried it myself.

Where the difference really lies in long guns with rails is over 110cm. With two bands it's good to have a guide for the shaft to come out strait without vibrations caused from the added power.

All Euro-tube rear handle-guns regardless of brand or construction are not balanced perfectly for two bands, the fact that the handle alignment is very close to the horizontal axis of the spearshaft makes them still accurate even with the recoil. The only way to properly balance these guns for two bands is by making wooden or carbon fiber or similarly unconventionally shaped elliptical ballasted barrels as Murat mentioned.

Ciao, Mark
Murat said:
why imersion grip instead of full wood grip with heavy duty trigger?

well Murat because the Imersion Concept grip allows for adjustment from 90 to 170 degrees, which you cant do with wood. Also, im reluctant to make that switch to wood, and its more of a psychological thing.

i guess im going to have to try a wood euro before i commit to anything or make any decision
just a reminder mishu, you know that Dapiran makes anatomic handle don't you? And my anotomic T20 is superior smooth too..Its a little difference but with anatomical handles you feel less recoil coz recoil is distrubuted through your forearm better and thus it feels and shoots better :)
Yes Murat i know. but i prefer the immersion grip


  • imersion concept grip.bmp
    184.6 KB · Views: 260
Hey Mishu,

When are you coming home :) If your around soon you are welcome to give my Tahiti a try if you find yourself over here. Went gunning today in TERRIBLE VIZ ( 1-3 FEET) due to the storm that is blowin up right now. I was headed back in, gun across my chest, when a school of canad appeared off to my right... I am left handed :)
WHAT???? 1-3 Feet viz??? dammm.. thats like the worst ever, i mean ever... are you sure we are talking about the same gulf??? did ya get any fish? pics..

Thanks for the invite Anton. i will keep it in mind.
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