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omer superstretch

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Just visiting...
Aug 26, 2001
per erik's request...

i've recently acquired omer's new 5mm professional superstretch. yes, it's an expensive and hard to find wetsuit, but after wheeling and dealing, i managed to get it at a reasonable cost.

you can read about it on omer's website.

anyways, the suit is like nothing i've seen before. obviously it's open cell and it has titanium blended in the neoprene. it's a two piece w/ the farmer john pants. i think the coolest thing about it is that it really fits like a glove. once you've pulled and adjusted the suit all over, it seems to contract at the loose areas to make a better fit. the outside is smooth and glossy(xtremely low hydro-drag) and has reinforcements in the abrasion areas. i've never had a 5mil before, but i was surprised at how agile i could still be w/ it on(in the shower! :D )

anyways, i wanted a picasso(for all the right reasons ;) ) but i just didn't want to shell out the $500+USD's for one. i think this superstretch is definitely omer's top of the line suit, and i'm hoping it's just as good as the picasso's. :hmm

i should be hopping into some cold water soon, so i'll let everyone know how it is. erik, maybe i'll have to try it out up in your neck of the woods sometime. ;)

Thanks Anderson, I appreciate the info. The heart of both brand's suits is the Yamamoto rubber.....you will be warm, I'm sure. I'm curious about OMER's 3mm suits, as I will be moving to warmer climes this summer:cool: .
I have a Picasso 5mm suit and an OMER 5mm suit, as well as OMER mask, snorkle, and my wife has OMER fins. All things being equal, I think that the products are made with equal amounts of quality, and some of them are even made of the same parts.
I look forward to hearing about your first dive in the new suit! Maybe you could come up to Vancouver in March for the CAFA competition....then you will know if the suit's warm ;) .
Erik Y.
i figured as much

i've just heard so much about the quality of the picasso's.

when is the competition? i've got my anual trip to my favorite hunting grounds down in the florida keys sometime in march as well. if they don't conflict, i might be able to swing up that way. i might need some help on the room and board type of thing, though. :)

Hi guys,

I ordered a Team Thermo 6.5 mm from Omer, a close-out suit from last year. I should get it in the next week or so. I'm hoping to try it out on the Alaskan coast (Haines). I don't care how cold it is, I've been starving in the freediving department since I moved up to the Yukon.

I hope it will be a good suit. In Vancouver I dove with a 3mm picasso underneath the 5mm, so I think I'll be pretty cold in the Omer, despite the extra 1.5mm. It's that trickle of water on cold skin. At least I'll be able to get out of my suit faster. :D

I'll let you both know how it goes.

aloha from the Yukon,

Anderson, the comp is the weekend of the 25th March. I too will be scrounging for somewhere to sleep....shouldn't be a problem; the BC divers are generous sorts!
Erik Young
Picasso, OMER, tomato, tomatoe...

I've tried the OMER, Anderson, and was very impressed. The flexibility of the thing is pretty nuts. That, and it fits the nuts. One thing you'll want to think about doing,and i learned this the hard way, is to wear a pair of athletic socks when you put the pants on. Regardless of how close you crop the toenails, they'll snag the rubber remakably easy. That, and use plenty of soap to slid the thing on. I use some unscented conditioner with 3 parts water and sray the inside and I'm in. Plus it keeps the inside clean when I'm out for a long day, if you know what I mean...

And Laminar- I did a lot of pipeline work at the off-shore terminal in Valdez and went through a lot of suits... To go in up there in a WETsuit, and a 5mm at that... well, take a picture of the nads now, as they're going incognito. While the Yamamoto rubber is just great stuff, it compresses easily and there goes the thermal barrier. I could see using a 9mm but even more, I could see pulling out a UNISUIT. Better yet, I could see pulling out a friggin credit card and booking some time in Hawaii!

What'd the suit set you back and from where, Anderson? Not that I need a fifth suit, but ya just never know...

Hi guys,
Just wondering what kind of concoctions you use to lubricate suits and self. I have a 5mm. picasso chicle and 3mm. camu and use a mixture of conditioner , aqueous cream and water.
The suits slide on like a dream , but the smell after a couple of hours is pretty unholy !:eek:
Also tends to dry the skin out.
Like I mentioned earlier, one part non scented hair conditioner to three parts fresh water, in a spray bottle.

I don't know why you'd have to use cream in your mix, but regardless of how well it dissolves, it'll still leave a film and that's probably what is trapping your sweat and oils, combined with the moist and damp of the suit as it sits around, and you'll have the answer to the stink... That, and follow the advice of other oldtimers here, and DON'T piss in your suit! :naughty While it'll male you feel warm for a minute or so, the water surrounding you will bring it to the ambient temperature quick, giving you and your metabolism more to heat up. Things are tough enough.

To get the stink out before you go with a simple conditioner and water mix, wash the suit, and soak it in a mix of vinegar and a little water. Let it sit overnight. Wash it real well with soap and fresh water, rinse and turn the things inside out and let dry completely. Then use your conditioner/water mix in your sprayer and off you go... The dry skin thing is most likely from not rinsing off after you remove the suit.

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