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Open Muzzle & Rail for my Euro Gun project..... with pics!

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Hawaiian transplant...
Sep 9, 2002
For those few of you who experienced interest in an open muzzled euro gun - here's my latest modified gun. Now open muzzle - with a rail! :D

After obtaining a carbon fiber beuchat for a very good price, I picked up an open muzzle from a friend who makes them(same person I got the gun from).

To start, I removed the stock muzzle from the gun. I had a section of JBL track I bought that was about 1-2 inches shorter than the barrel of the gun......... so I cut the end off of the carbon fiber barrel. Not the smartest thing to do, but I'm really pleased with the results, so no complaints. :) Only wish I didn't have to fight with the barrel installed plug in there :(

With the freshly cut barrel - I lined up the muzzle with a spearshaft, put in some 5-minute epoxy, then permanently inserted the muzzle. Then I took some rubbing alcohol, cleaned the top of the barrel well, and laid the track down as straight as I could. Apparently this wasn't very straight :( ........ so I took it off and reset it. The second time was much better, & now I just hope the stock adhesive holds - so far so good.

Laced up some bands(could only scrounge up some red ones), and rigged up my shooting line and bungie. Realized that I didn't have the right shaft for an open muzzle gun(notches instead of pins), but once again my friend came to the rescue with a slightly modified stock shaft(picture 7). I've recently added a more heavy duty shaft I picked up from Carl Krupansky at National Divers.

As far as accuracy? Pure bliss. Growing up in Hawaii, I've always used open tracked guns like Riffes or Wongs & I'm so used to sighting down the shaft/barrel without the obstruction of a closed muzzle. Even my first JBL magnum had an open top of the muzzle. Using this gun is like second nature - just look straight down the shaft at the fish & gently squeeze that trigger. My first try out with this gun I aimed at 10 fish & hit all 10. Aiming for the brain, my worst shot was less than an inch off target!!! Of course, this may be attributable to Nor. Cal's "stupid fish" :D that weren't exactly trying to run away from me....... but I maintain it's my skill & expert marksmanship ;)

To spare those of you with slower connections, I made the following page on my website for viewing pics. :)

Here's one sample pic:


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Reactions: Amphibious
that is $%@&ing SWEEEEEET!!!

we need to talk....

how did you pin the shaft?

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Nice one fuzz!

Im working on a Jarrah (Aussie hardwood) timber gun atm.
Just got to get the right router for the rail!

Did you use a stainless pin at the muzzle to hold the line over the shaft? (The pin on the left hand side.)
BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!

Photo of the trigger/rear section please...please....

If u want enclosed track, go and pick up Riffe EC kit.............but mounting them on round barrel is not so easy, the installation lip is more for the rather oval barrel of Metal Tech ......but u can always slim it down...........looking at your gun, you have smooth hands...:p
Iya, not exactly sure what you want - the trigger is the normal stock beuchat mechanism.

I'll try to take a picture of it later & add it in, but don't think I'll have much time - packing for my trip back to Hawaii tomorrow :D

Shadowkiller, I'd like to do some woodworking as well, but unfortunately I don't have access to any tools - live in an apartment & my little dremel is all I have :hmm The pin is indeed stainless steel as is the line guide/anchor on the bottom of the muzzle.

For Amphibious & Shadow, the shaft came from Carl Krupansky at national divers. He makes them at his shop. Picture #7 is of the makeshift stock shaft.
Nice stuff Harold! Goes to show others what can happen with some time and a minimum of ducats.

Sorry I didn't get back to you with the titanium pricing. Last couple sections I scored at Alan Steel were about $10 for a 6 foot section. I don't know what the going rate for it is at new supply rates, but as with most things spear related, I'll forgo a meal for something I want to dive with... explains my sveltness! :cool:

You get over to Hana Pa'a, give my sweety there, Kimmy a squeeze.

Originally posted by icarus pacific
You get over to Hana Pa'a, give my sweety there, Kimmy a squeeze.

If I did that,(especially a sven squeeze) I could get arrested!!! :hmm :duh

Thanks for the feedback guys!

Thanks for the info Sven, I'm gonna see if I can use my extra omer trigger frame & make myself a nice titanium euro rail-gun :)
Nice Gun (Ko Influenced)

Wassup braddah fuzz I was just wondering where did you get that muzzle for your gun. I was going to do the Ko/fuzz conversion for my gun as well but I was just looking at the prices for the muzzle and riffe european shaft and saw dollar signs. :confused: Anyways just wondering who you got the stuff from if not one of my friends I work with got some hooks ups. Latas braddah and have fun back home.

Chris Lee
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