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ouch!!! that hurts...

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Breather... so far!
Mar 9, 2004
My normal Sunday consist on a long drive and 1h kayaking to my favorite spot and finally spend the rest of the day diving... haaaaaa! feels better.

Well last sunday was a perfect one: I first manage to get my quota of 6 crayfish on a complex cave I call "cray city", and before to move to yellow tail waters, I fly with my new Matrix fins trough a cave that have a narrow horizontal exit :D . On my way out I fell a kind of elastic bounce on my head: instinctively I protect myself with my arm and immediately feel lots and lots of pain on my fingers .

Two weeks earlier I lost on the same spot halve 20kg kingfish to a single bite from a big bronze waller... and I get kind of worried at my fingers! but I then saw a sting ray getting away. He seem that I hit with my head the belly of the ray: how stupid is that?

The glove and my fingers had been badly slash by the stings of the ray. I always think that a ray will leave his sting on a wound (I just found a tiny bit: the tip)... sorry to specify, but in soft meat the sting will enter easily, and will saw a big nasty wound taking away all sort of little pieces of flesh and nerves on his way out. A ray have more than one barbed sting and he seem that at least two of them encounter my fingers. Lucky in of to protect my head with my arm!!!

After the encounter I still need to get all the stuff back to the kayak, paddle 30 min until a boat hep me ( I get a VHF, but I could see the boat and better avoid the kind of helicopter rescue I could get from the coast guards...), get to the car, first aid and 2 h drive to the hospital where I wait 4h to see a doctor.

I will say plenty of pain, and a hard time from some of the guys that give me a hand... diving alone... freediving if for inconsequent nuts... your neoprene is to thin... what goes to think your mum: get off!!! I don't even bother to try to explain. I know you guys feel good down there... feels good too on this forum: "thank you" to everyone ;) !

My hand will come back to shape, and in a couple of weeks I will go back to dance with the sting rays, as with the sharks I will never shoot them! and for the one that sting me I will say :naughty.

Ho! yes... there is the new elios suit I'm thinking about :D:D:D ...
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Hey Pablo

Sorry to hear about your fingers. Hope you´ll be back in the water soon.

Hunting alone i some of the best things there is. But when your in trouble it really can suck.

I hear the new suit is very good for deep diving!

Not so sure how it go's getting back up however ;)

When in doubt... add more cement ;)
or rev it out... which ever is more applicable.

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Ah... that must have been sooo painfull... as for the suit... i recommend a 5mm with a carbon fiber torso piece... lighter and looks cool! ;)
Thanks guys,

I'm double sick... the guys from the local club have been diving on the three kings (probably one of the best dives on the world) and they have landed two striped marlins!!!! yes twoooooooooooo: 95 and 110 kg.

The have landed a few big yellow tails over 40kg... and the all trip like that: big fish all over the places!

They are actually a few more trips (fully book for this year anyways :head ), and we can expect anything happening over there, is plenty of striped, could see any of the other bills and the beets are good for WR....

And I'm over here, with this fingers that still hurt badly and no diving for a few weeks: you may see a lot of me on this forum...;)
Hey Pablo, I feel for you, I broke my knee last summer, just as I got into hunting the local waters.. then it was winter and diving was not much fun, I missed 3weeks of diving!
Yesterday I went diving, was the only one in, saw absolutely no fish at all!! Two dogfish though.. have any of you eaten/speared those are they any good for eating?

Hope your hand gets better in time for some serious fishing!

I read somewhere that dogfish are considered the ultimate white fish for frying with chips. Since I've only been over to Old Blighty twice and wasn't near enough to the coast to find out, I can't claim personal knowledge, but it would be worth a try. Here on the Left Coast we have a similar little shark called the Leopard Shark. Those I can claim knowledge of. Deee-licious!
thanks Sarge,

I just might give one a try some day.. if there is no bass anywhere to get into my frying pan....
How do you put shark into your stringer? the same as any other fish, through the gills and out the mouth?

Happy fishing

You could try to drive you stinger from eye to eye... and have a short stop to the brain to keep you out of trouble.

They have landed another striped marlin of 156.6 kg... the guy wasn't even looking for that... just getting a kingy when this thing come around! 120 carbon gun, a 30m standard float line and a plastic float...

Must of the sharks are quite nice to eat, specially the ones live around the bottom: give them a try. In here they love fish and ships with lemon fish... a school shark.
I'm not a spearo, yet. Hopefully that will come this summer. When fishing from the surface, I don't favor stringers. I jes' thump'em onna head and pop'em into an ice chest. I'm real fussy about the quality of my table fish. That's why I shop in an Chinese fish market. I just point to one in the tank and say "Gimme!" Fresh? Man!

I have seen it written and have heard it sworn to be true that if you land a blue shark, you have to gut and clean it immediately because if you don't it starts to smell and, I suppose, taste strongly like urine. Never caught one myself, so can't be quoted, but when they've come over the side, everyone else says the same thing. Other species don't seem to have the problem.
Thanks for the info.. I'll let you know how dogfish tasted after I've landed one...or two..:)

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