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Well-Known Member
Jan 21, 2001
Anyone got ideas for a freediving wetsuit P-valve before I start hacking up any of my gear? Jon? :)
Erik Y.
Hi Erik

Having had a p-valve in my drysuits for ages, I thought it was a great idea to try and fit one to my wetsuit.

It seemed to me that the balanced p-valve I use in a drysuit would be way too bulky, so I bought an unbalanced unit from Halcyon. I tried to find a way to fit it without it being uncomfortable but I couldn't get it to work. Every location and hose routing method I tried just looked and felt wrong and I couldn't bring myself to hack up my suit in case it turned out to be a mess. I even tried routing the hose straight up and having the valve located on my hip, but that got in the way of the belt.

I guess the main problem is that my freedive suit fits so tightly, I couldn't quite picture being comfortable with the plastic valve and the hose against my leg for hours at a time. It's no big deal in a drysuit because there is plenty of space.

Maybe someone can point out a unit that's got an even lower profile than the unbalanced one from Halcyon?


I was going to suggest what Ash already said.

I never had any problems in my drysuits with the suit being too tight, but a well fitting apnea suit is another story- I guess. I always pointed things "up" and then ran the loop of tubing back down my thigh- I always "dressed left" as well. :cool:

When it comes to wetsuits I've never given it a second thought as I always considered not needing a P-valve to be one of the perks of diving in a wetsuit. It seems that my diving reflex dosn't really start to kick in until I've had to go at least once. Apnea suits are so much easier to clean than scuba suits that it has never been much of a problem.

If you still feel the need I would go with an unbalanced P-valve and use a hole punch to make a nice neat hole- an empty .45 casing makes a really good hole punch for the valve.

One other thing on P-valves. The glue on the condom cathaders is really good! They should put glue that good on normal condoms and I bet we could up their effectiveness! This means that taking them off can be a real trick. :blackeye :waterwork
I have heard of some guys actually shaving to make the process less painful.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the input, fellow condom-donners :eek:
I'll do some shopping and look for what you guys recommend.
In reference to the recent cold weather suit thread, I find that the influx of warm water into the suit once I've given up fighting it means a loss of ability to withstand the cold much longer. I'd rather 'vent' it and hopefully stay in the water longer. The spearing sessions are 3 hours + and the valve should be a good option I think.
I used to wear "Depends" when comm diving in a drysuit :yack
I don't think that would work too well under the 3mm Eios....or on top of it :hmm
Erik Y.
I could never get the Depends to work right. I tried wearing them frontwards and backwards- after hearing that it would collect more fluid that way. Maybe it was becuase I was swimming, and not working in one place, that they always ended up leaking on me. :waterwork

I don't seem to have a problem getting colder any faster once I "re-warm" my suit. I do always make sure that I have bottles of drinking water on my float and keep re-hydrating as I dive. I don't "go" in my suit to warm up as much as I do because I am out in the water for a few hours and can't go back to shore- plus, I don't want to peel my suit off while swimming in 48(F) degree water like we had last weekend.

I think I recall some do-it-yourself type websites out there for making your own un-balanced P-valves. Might save you a few dollars in the process.

Jon said:
I think I recall some do-it-yourself type websites out there for making your own un-balanced P-valves. Might save you a few dollars in the process.

Hi Jon

Making an unbalanced p-valve specifically designed to have as low a profile as possible might be the best idea. The Halcyon's got that big plastic section that goes under the suit and that bit is what bugged me the most. Some of the other units I remember were even bulkier.

I guess that all the p-valve really has to be is a length of the right hose that's got a way of exiting the suit through a sealed hole and a method of sealing the hose until you need to use it.

You've got me thinking now, I might have to look into this.

I'm thinking that maybe a hole in the suit wouldn't be necessary....just a long hose up over the pants, then down the front under the jacket.
Erik Y.
That would certainly be the cheapest- just need the condom, some tubing and a couple of O-rings to hold it onto the tubing.

Let us know how it works.

LOL! Is that thing actually fitted to the outside of the suit? I'm sure it works, but maybe I'm too modest to come out of the water with a neoprene boner!
Erik Y.
I saw one of those things on a suit once and I just couldn't bear the thought of having one anywhere near my suit, regardless of whether it was under the beavertail or not.

I get enough funny looks with the rubber suit and soapy water while I am getting kitted up for a dive on the beach, one of those jobs would either get me laughed out of town or lynched :eek:

I'de be afraid that all this soap and this kind of valve would take my mind off conventional diving... :)
DeepThought said:
I'de be afraid that all this soap and this kind of valve would take my mind off conventional diving... :)

i don't think my mind would be on diving at all! rofl rofl
I fitted a picasso P-valve a month ago and they are absolutely great...

To dress or undress I just turn the valve over and is as discrete as we need: No one so far as say anything about, and they only notice it if I say something...

Somehow I was always more tense when the pressure was coming and this was affecting my dives...

The other point is that most of the time I use a kayak, and after a 2h paddle "post diving" I'd have all the beach for myself while undressing. Now I dive a touch more relax and the suit always smells soapy.
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