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Packing questions

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New Member
Oct 27, 2004
Hey all, i have a few questions with packing...
Well first of all, this started happening mostly after a big break for a few months in any training until about a week ago. When i pack now i start getting really really dizzy and lightheaded before i reach my maximum pack, and this didnt used to happen before. I was thinking this could be a result of my very low blood pressure, but this never happened before and ive always had low blood pressure. Sometimes i can blackout if i dont force blood into my head by tensing up my chest (good thing im doing this dry!). Another question i have is that also sometimes when i blow out the air from a maximum pack i suddenly get a strong pounding headache in the back of my head for a few seconds, like maybe 5 or 6. I have no idea what this is and find it somewhat disturbing.
PS. the doctor recommended lots of salt to try to raise my blood pressure a little, is this in any way bad for freediving performance wise?
thanks for your help:)
rory west
If you didn't pack stretch for some time than your "max" might have decreased. Try working more gradually towards your previous max packing.

When you pack you reduce the blood flow to your brain (hence dizziness). This pounding headache you get when you exhale is from a large volume of blood all of a sudden running up twords your brain. Try to exhale more slowly, many people exhale against some resistance - pursed lips, closed fist, tongue against the top of your mouth etc...

Salt works for some people to raise BP (usually for those who don't won't to raise it :duh) but not for everyone. I'de give it a try though.
Hi Rory,

All the symptoms you've mentioned are not that unusual. They happen to me and i've heard of it happening to many others. The packing blackouts I have had have always been whilst sitting in an upright position. I've never felt as though I would black out when lying on my back. I have normal blood pressure.

The jury for me is out on whether increasing salt intake would be an overall solution for the low blood pressure. With a history of heart disease in the family I have to be careful with those sorts of things.

There is some useful info about packing and its effects on this thread....

[ame="http://forums.deeperblue.net/showthread.php?t=41952"]Hey Heart, Slow Down !!![/ame]

Hi everybody, that the same issue posted by me and wich tittle is something like "pretty annoyed at 8-10 seconds". I,m almost get a blackout while driving as Effatah explain in the post mentioned for NAIAD.

One question QUASIMOTO that happen you sitted ???

Bye !!
When I was your age, My blood pressure was very low and later I had some trouble with Air Force physicals. Now I'm old and fat it's on the high side. The only time that the numbers get ridiculous (like 90 over 45) is after a 'good' aerobic workout.
After a long 'hard' operation in Dec., I took a month off and the same thing that you described happened. 5-6 sessions of only pack stretching 50-60% of max and things are more or less back to normal.
There is hardly any way that your salt intake is too low in this society. Maybe talk to another doctor. I thought that there is no worry about 'low blood pressure' any more.
When are you going to get a boat so that we can check my hot spots on Anacapa Island on a visit.
Last edited:
thanks for all the input guys!:)
i tried increasing to max packing very slowly this morning, and it helped a lot. I started with just two packs and exhaled, then would do it again, adding just two packs each time, and it seemed to work very well. At about 12 or thirteen packs i felt dizzy again, so i stopped. Also, the very slow exhaling helped a lot with the headaches:) All the packing is done laying on my back.

Bill, if/when you come to visit let me know! My parents are considering getting a boat soon, and if they dont have one by then im sure they would rent on, since they've been talking about it for months (they wanna go on a few day trip around the islands:)) And even if thats not possible then we can go on a scuba boat to the islands, and they have freedive only trips as well:)
so yea, let me know when your coming, i would love to have someone to dive with at anacapa!
quasimoto said:
All the packing is done laying on my back.
I find it very difficult to pack or even take a full breath while lying on my back. This is why I almost always sit or lie on my side when doing dry statics or packing. It also makes it easier to hold the air, as the feeling of pressure is much less if I am not on my back. I find it easiest to pack in a standing position, which is what would happen in the water anyway, so this is probably a good thing.

Maybe it's not such a good idea to stand during packing if there is a chance of ending up on the floor, especially in a room full of furniture... ;)

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