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Pipemask and nose clip...

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Well-Known Member
Jul 1, 2003
I have just made myself a pipemask and I have two questions. When I use a noseclip it feels like my ears get overinflated on the ascent, should I take off the noseclip on ascent?
How do I do a mouthfill with the pipe in my mouth without blowing all the air into the mask?

you must keep your glottis open on ascent, so that air in your head will equalise with your lungs. if you don't then you risk bursting your eardrums.

don't take the noseclip off - it can easily entangle with things - like the rope you dive down.
fortunatly I have only tried noseclip in the pool so far. Doesn't the negative presure in the lungs suck the air out of your ears?
Maby it would work to open the mouth to?
I made a pair of pipe-goggles and they gave the weirdest sensations. It seems that you need to relax one set of muscles and then tense another in order to switch between eq-ing the goggles and eq-ing your ears. Very strange and anything but relaxing.

The deepest that I had them was somewhere between 20 and 25 meters and I didn't like it much -- went back to a low volume mask since the quarry that we ususally dive in is only a about 32 meters max.

I imagine that it's the kind of thing that you get usd to w/ practice, but I wasn't into it.
It seems that you need to relax one set of muscles and then tense another in order to switch between eq-ing the goggles and eq-ing your ears

How did you do that? Unfortunately the Sphera doesn't fit me when I have a wetsuit hod on and I like the field of view so I want to try Seal pipemask before I buy anything(minima).
Just out of curiosity, how does having a hood affect how your mask fits? I've never heard of such problems. If it fits on your face it should do so with a hood also.

You are wearing the hood over the mask around the edges I hope :)

I've been playing with the idea of making a cast mold of my face and using that to make a really really low volume mask. Then again, the sphera works really well for now...Would be a fun project though ;)
Yea, ofcours I can wear the strap inside the hood! Then it should work...
Im still wondering about the pipemask mouthfill tho, it would be cool to be able to eq handsfree.
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I didn't mean the strap, just the edges. But if you can make it fit, why not the whole thing.

I like the idea of the strap being outside because if you need to, you can easily remove the mask too.

Hmm, shame I don't have a picture to send, but I hope you catch my meaning.
No the strap on the inside wouldn't work because the hood would leek to much...

Jome, the problem with my mask is that it is just mm's from not fitting so when I use a hood the sides of the mask get pulled apart slightly and thats enought to make the mask leek...
Its my understanding that those who use the pipe mask for deep dives (Herbert for example) reach a certain depth, spit the pipe out, and then allow the mask to slowly flood. At 90 meters it only floods half-way. Then on ascent the air expands and clears it. I hate the idea of water in my mask, so I have put the pipe mask on the shelf.
When re-ascending you need to relax your soft palate to the neutral point in order to allow the ears to reverse equalize.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
Hi All,
when I was using my pipe goggles I used my tongue to block the pipe and control equalizing the goggles. The volume is so low you don't actually blow into it, just releasing your tongue is enough to equalize. So you normally keep it closed, then release occasionally. If trying to equalize your ears without blocking the pipe in my case it blew air out of the goggles.

It definitely does take practice, specially if diving deep enough and you need to use the mouthfill. You have to do the mouthfill with your tongue poking forward to block the pipe. I used mine down to 72m, took very little air to equalize. Even on the bottom the vision is better then any low volume mask. So yeh not as simple to use as fluid goggles but for around $10 who's complaining ? :D

Thanks for all the advice. I'll report how it goes. :)

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