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Pipin 170m attempt

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Jun 30, 2003
Does anyone know if Pipin's attempt in August will be broadcast on any T.V networks or Payperview? Thanks
Thanks again

Thank you again Feign. This guy blows me away!! You made my day!!

Pipin sent a request to AIDA for them to sanction his record attempt. He was asked for all of the safety documentation and risk assessments required by AIDA for a safe event but he did not comply at all and they are not sending judges.

Lets hope things go well.

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AIDA never asked me for any 'safety' documentation, or risk assessment, when I requested judges. Is this a special case for Pipin?

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
aida website

i've tried checking the status of announced records by visiting the AIDA website, but it seems to be offline. it has been for a good couple of months now... what's the story with that?

Eric and all,

As part of the current AIDA procedures an announcement has to be made 6 weeks prior to the attempt date and along with that there has to be particular paperwork along with the application to show that the safety of the freediver and the safety divers has been thought about. Call it a method statement, risk assessment if you wish. It covers all aspects of safety including the free and safety divers, medical assistance, hyperbaric chamber, fast chase boat, paramedics on the boats etc etc. This is nothing new and we have had to do it for Tanya's last 3 records, cannot remember before that.

So in answer to your question. Its no, this is not something special to Pipin as all have to comply. I personally think this is a very good advance in the procedures by AIDA.

One for the AIDA fans...... ;)

Politics aside for one moment, I don't think that anyone can dispute Pipin's 162m no-limits dive that he did January 18th, 2000 in Cozumel, Mexico. The record dive was video taped, and he surfaced clean. No one from AIDA has up until now actually atempted a record dive deeper. Tanya's record was 160m, and Loic's current record is 162m which only matched and did not surpas Pipin's dive.

I just remember years ago I thought it was a joke that Loic was doing dives less then Pipins record and calling them world records because of the because of the ADIA vs AIFD thing......

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i agree Wal - the current situation with freediving world records is a joke really. :head

are there any other sports out there which have the same 'problem' with their world records? i can't think of any right now...

the best way to resolve the problem is for champion freedivers to break the world record of every freediving organisation, not just the one they are affiliated to. at the very least, freedivers should acknowledge the existence of other world records.

the ideal solution is a set of common standards - but i don't think that will happen any time soon!
I am not going to get into a pissing match about AIDA - IAFD because that is a pointless waste of time.

But for your info Tanya's computer on her no limits dive read 163m so she did go deeper but because she announced 160m thats what she got. Also with regard to video tape, that does not mean diddly. Unless you have independent judges there checking the tapes in the housings and in your face after you surface, a tape can show anything you want it to.

And as I understand there is some doubt about the cleanliness of the 162m dive in Mexico.

For me I look at what the various organisations intentions are in the long term and the giudelines they have in place. In AIDA they are looking to develop the sport, IAFD looking to develop there bank accounts.

Re: aida website

Originally posted by Alun
i've tried checking the status of announced records by visiting the AIDA website, but it seems to be offline. it has been for a good couple of months now... what's the story with that?


the AIDA website was moved to a new company over the last few days, and is now back online.


ah, thanks Herman.
surprised to see nothing in the announced records page. guess it will take a few more days to update things.
Tanya did not go deeper than Pipin, because Pipin's attempt was rope-measured for 163m, and one of the computers even read 164m, but the 'super accurate' computer apparently read 162m.

One of Mandy's computers read 139m on her 136m record, so this is common.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
come to think of it... Benjamin's depth recorder showed 123m during his variable record, but his official depth was of course 117m.
Originally posted by Alun
i agree Wal - the current situation with freediving world records is a joke really. :head

are there any other sports out there which have the same 'problem' with their world records? i can't think of any right now...


There is analogous situations in other sports. For example, Boxing has always been plagued by numerous sanctioning bodies that all give out "world titles" eg. IBF, WBC, WBA etc. It is frustrating when you have 4 different people claiming they are the champion of the world. Likewise in freediving it is somewhat confusing who is the real world champion/record holder. I do agree that there should be some union or uniformity of regulations and acknowlegment of other world records.

As a solution, what has evolved in the boxing community recently is many people ignore the titles given out by different organizations and only recognize one person as the true champion. Who is the real champion? Well, many people look to 3rd party sources who through non-bias objective conclusions declare who is the champion. In boxing, the Ring magazine is a source that has never been involved in the politics and avoid association with managements, organizations, athletes etc. that would be a conflict of interest to providing the most honest evaluation of who is best.

Maybe freediving needs some group like this - that is respected and founded to be a non-bias source for the facts. An organization or community of people like this could evaluate all of the attempts/records of the various organizations and objectively acknowledge all of them and declare the true world record holder in each category.

I'm with you on this one. It's pretty sad to see six different "world champions" in one weight division in boxing. Similarly, I feel it's wrong when there are two different "world records" for the same discipline in freediving just because they were sanctioned by one organization or the other. I'm not taking anything away from anybody. 99.99% of the people in the world could never do these depths even if they had the right training. My point is that the deepest recorded, documented dive should receive the "world record." Just my thoughts.

To add to Brad's comment, I personally believe that more than 50% of able bodied people in the world could set a freediving record with the right training. That is only because the current records are pitifully shallow compared to how deep they will be in 20 years. If freediving were compared to sprinting, the current 100m sprint record would be 11 seconds. When the no-limits record goes over 300m, the constant weight record over 120m, and the static record goes over 10 minutes, then it will start getting really hard to break the records....until then everyone has a chance, and until then I don't think any record freediver should be idolized.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
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