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May 28, 2002
Just read on a thread in the training section that someone claimed to shoot a 200lb grouper at 175'(freediving) with a pnuematic speargun...Oh yeah, did I mention they claim a range of 20' from the grouper:confused:

Do they even make a pnuemo capable of this feat? Just curious.

If interested its at the end(like the 4th page or something) of the "Static PB" thread. Maybe Anrsn can link it up or something?

Whatcha think about the physics of that one IYA?
maybe internal regulator/cylinder? shot the grouper in the eye/swam into the spear....

sounds like a bunch of horse pucky - but you never know.....

have seen some old-school compressed air O-Ring guns that might do that....

odd, the story didn'y start with "No $hit, There I Was...)

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What about a CO2 type gun? Seen stroies of an Aussie guy named Ben Cropp who back in the seventies used to make CO2 guns out of fire extinguishers... you don't have the problems with pushing the spear in, though he said he gave that up one day when his weld broke and the cylinder shot over a couple of people... :duh

This was told by Eric fattah I totally believe the 175ft freedive/spearfishing depth but I don't know about the 20ft shot on a 200lb grouper.

the only reason I mentioned the depth is b/c I was under the impression that pnuematics lose power at depth:confused:
My deepest dive ( on scuba ) during my pneu days was at 140 feet for a 90cm model which I pumped at least 20% above reccomended setting. It shoot very poor this depth. At 175 feet there will be 90 psi of sea water pressure restricting the piston movement inside the pneu. A typical pneu get charged like 25-30BAR ( 370 - 450 psi ) on the surface. At 175, we have only about 280 to 360 psi pressure effective.

Since most pistons of pneu guns is between 11 to 13 milimeter in diameter, we can roughly calculate the actual amount of power available as propulsion is not the entrire 280 to 360 POUND PER SQUARE INCH cause 11-13mm or +-0.5 inch piston diameter is sure much less than 25.4 mm x 25.4 mm as in 1 SQ Inch.
Would you believe I forgot the formula to get total area of a circle.......must be narcosis:head.

Anyway assuming I am right...... I think there will be about 120 psi worth of real power to actualy push the shaft at these 175 feet deep. I don't know if we can translate that to a rubber gun of equivalent 120 pounds rubber pull, I suppose not. Hell I am lost too.

My experience told me that if the gun in question is long enough say 110 cm and uses thin 7mm ( 9/32) hawaiian shaft with very sharp tip and the shooter shoot from say 1 feet away even at 175 feet deep, I think a 4 inch flesh only penetration is possible but will it penetrate the hard head where it will stone the grouper, I don't know. Some shooters get very lucky you know...............:eek:

Yeah, I scratch my head too about the pneumo being able to function that deep. Anyways, regardless, I've always wanted to know what kind of setup one must have for depths like that. I've been down over 30m w/ my 40m floatline on several occasions but have been hesitant to shoot at anything because of holes in the reef for the fish to dart into. When I'm in about 20m, I'll shoot the fish and pull on the floatline just to let him know he ain't goin nowhere. When he lets up, I go up, but put tension back on him when he fights again. This technique pretty much calls for a great shot on a good breath, but I can't imagine doing this past 40m.

Most of the mixed air scuba divers tag deep grouper a multiple of times and after a multiple of dives, they finally wrench out these guys from their caves. I scratch my head when I think about a freediver doing this. I'd imagine you'd have to tackle the fish, once shot, dispatch him, gill him with your hands and head to the surface. Otherwise, I'd think you'd be making quite a few dives back to his lair to attempt to unravel the mess amongst the rocks. :blackeye

Has anyone seen the videos of these deep spearos? I'm curious as to how they're doing it. :confused:

Later gents,
deep. real deep.

Originally posted by andrsn
Has anyone seen the videos of these deep spearos? I'm curious as to how they're doing it. :confused:

They're using Riffe's!! :t

Ah, you kids are too easy... Anyways, the deep Gulf stuff I've done on air and gas involved a Sawed Off Magnum, with two shafts. One had a big detachable head and Velcro'd alongside was a bangcharge, a twelve gauge. A couple of the other guys were using completely insane gear from SMG and a Farallon CO2 needle.

These big things would cruise the saturation chamber fir the smaller stuff attracted to the lights, bubbles and, uh floaters...:eek: and it got to the point where you couldn't jump from the exit pool for landing on them ala a rodeo rider. Complete pain in the jewels when they'd take off...:crutch We'de just nuke these things so they couldn't take off to the holes and run a rope through the gills, send 'em up and the guys on the support barge would have a field day.

I meant freedive spearos, you monkey butler. :blackeye


Sven and Andrsn you guys crack me up. Im not sure if your aware Andrsn but this guy is the dude who did static 8:25 so I think hes a bit better than your average spearo. Hey Andrsn i have the same worry as you with spearing fish at your max depth which for me is 18m, the fish will hole up then I will probably black out trying to get him out, I also dont shoot at my max depth unless it is a mackeral which will run in a straight line.

Re: oh.

Originally posted by icarus pacific
They're using Riffe's too.


You're referring to the monkeys, right? :confused:

Originally posted by ivan
Im not sure if your aware Andrsn but this guy is the dude who did static 8:25 so I think hes a bit better than your average spearo.

But still, I've speared a 30# grouper in 70ft and my max depth is almost twice that. I thought it was the stupidest thing I've ever done. It took about an hour for Aquiles and I to get him out of the reef. So, imagine a 200# monster over 50m down!? :blackeye

Maybe I should buy those videos and find out how they're doing it. :hmm

Originally posted by ivan
Im not sure if your aware Andrsn but this guy is the dude who is a bit better than your average spearo.

Well, thanks, Ivan! (blush...)

In cyprus they are plenty of black grupers.So it is the main target for our local spearos.I know some guys shooting the groupers 35+ meters.And then they spent two hours to get it out from it's hole.With freedive of course:D :D :D

The thing that i can not udnerstand, how can you guys stop the fish to enter it's hole.I mean the groupers that we are hunting is always found in the enterance of the hole (if you are lucky) and they run in their caves in milliseconds after the shoot.On the other hand (generally) you must use torch and make so many dives to the holes to find one in it's home and shoot it in the hole.In that case, it's even harder to get it out.

May be it's like that in med. sea only.Is grouper hunting like that in USA ?:confused:
35+ m? What are they using, penguin missiles? They must be some mighty powerful guns to penetrate (shhh Sven ;)) a groper at that distance...

Oh, lemme guess, Riffes? :D
I'm gonna go out on a limb here guys, and tell me if Im crazy... Since these are European divers could they be using *gasp* Euro guns? Say Omer or Escaplez?:martial

Those pneumatics seem a little weak at longer ranges..:confused:
Originally posted by ivan
[this guy is the dude who did static 8:25 so I think hes a bit better than your average spearo.

What does his static have to do with a pnuematic guns ability to even shoot 20' at that kind of depth? I guess the longer you can hold your breath, the further your gun shoots:confused:

Svens right about those mixed air dives...those guys are nuts. Ive seen them with 4 tanks(2 primary on the back and 2 deco bottles in slings) and multiple guns with the extra shaft on one side and the power head on the other...I guess if you are going to spend $100+ on air fills and have an hour long deco stop you want to be damn sure you come back with that fish!:D
Originally posted by loopy
35+ m? What are they using, penguin missiles? They must be some mighty powerful guns to penetrate (shhh Sven ;)) a groper at that distance...

Oh, lemme guess, Riffes? :D

Actually they are using 75 or 86 cm OMER just like me :eek:. You don't need Riffe to hunt the grouper in the hole:D
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