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Rechargable batteries work in flashlight?

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Hawaiian transplant...
Sep 9, 2002
I've been having problems with consistency of my flashlight. Are rechargable batteries (1800mh) fine for flashlights? I remember my old UK said not to use rechargables, but I never knew the reason why :confused:
rechargables generally perform very nice upto their last breath with the same performance and suddenly gave up working. That maybe the reason...
I have moonlight rechargable and works with 1.25V 650mAh AA battery....
Brand new batteries, light used only 2 dives, after turning on & off a few times it just dies.

I checked all the contact points & everything looks good, so I can't really pinpoint the problem - especially since it's fickle & not consistent, even in its inconsistency.
I recharge rechargeable batteries just night before every dive. Rechargable batteries can not hold their charge longer than few days...

What size cells are you using? By the sounds of the 1800mAh rating, your probably using AA's. I think Alkaline's have a higher amp-hour rating, but are very expensive and can't be "topped-off" to 100% before a dive like rechargeables. The reason you sometimes can't get away with rechargeables is the fact that they are only 1.25 volts. Alkalines are 1.5 volts. It depends on how much head-room the device needs before it stops workings. In the case of my UK H.I.D. light-cannon, it uses 8 c-cells. This is 12 volts on new alkalines (maybe slightly higher. But on rechargeables I'm only starting off with 10 volts. However, the discharge characteristics of rechargeables don't taper off gradually in voltage as alkalines do, but when they do, they avalanche in a real hurry. So you have to compare the longer life and higher voltage (initially) of alkalines, to the already "medium voltage" (but steady) and topping-off ability rechargeables.

In my case I decided against rechargeables, as the light output was noticably lower with 10 volts compared to 12. Not to mention the light dropped out at somewhere around 9 volts. I'm sorry if there is no clear-cut answer, but everything's a trade-off. First of all it helps to determine if the designer allowed for too much load for the amperage of the size batteries he chose. Maybe the draw is too high to get by with anything less than alkalines. Please include a little more info on the device, such as bulb type, cell size and count, and how much operating time you used to get with alkaline batteries. Hope this was of some use.

It's an Ikelite PCa handheld light powered by 6 AA batteries.

What you say makes a lot of sense... I hope that's what it is. What's odd is that I've used it before for several trips, sometimes a couple days of diving in a row before & it worked like a champ. The last couple times with fresh batteries, it pooped out on me almost instantly.

How do you like that light cannon? I was thinking about getting one. :D Sure is purty... except for the $150 price tag :head
I'm not familiar with that light, but don't own many. Sometimes a mfgr. will try to keep the size compact and attractive at the expense of battery capacity. Maybe you have a problem with your charger. Or possibly the light was exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period and developed excessive temps inside the battery compartment. Something must have changed if it performs differently now than before. Maybe salt water enter the switch area inside and corrosion is forming.

As far as the UK light cannon, it's the best light I've ever owned. I'd like to know where you got it for $150! The cheapest place I saw it was leisure pro and I paid more than that back in the summer. I'ts the most compact, one-piece HID light you'll find. It also comes with a diffuser for the front lens when taking video.

Good luck with your dilema.


Originally posted by Murat
I have moonlight rechargable and works with 1.25V 650mAh AA battery....

Murat did those batteries come with your flashlight?
I have one Moonlight Rechargeable and the manual says batteries shoulb be 1300mAH and the one I got with the flashlight where 1600mAH. 650mAH it's a little weak...

Rui Santos.
I bought batteries seperately. Couldn't find any better than this but works ok.... Hovewer i may buy something better if i found one.
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