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recipies for tonight

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Aquatic Tetrapod
Oct 24, 2002
Hello everyone. I made a trip out to Refugio park this afternoon and caught an opaleye and a rubberlipped surfperch. I'm going to class from 5-7 but when I get back I'm looking forward to cooking them up. Does anyone have any good recipies? I have access to a bbq, a stove/oven and some pots and pans. I'll have to go to the store for any spices,butter, etc but I need to get some vegetables or something to eat with it anyways. My fridge is empty since I usually eat at the dining commons.. :yack

I, too, used to shoot opaleye when i first started...then i fileted one and threw it away...i dont know about you, but i dont eat fish whos flesh is green when uncooked unless its a ling, and those are more of a blue. i never ate that opaleye, and people who have have told me that it tastes similar to dirty seawater:yack ....as for the rubberlip - again, never eaten one, but i dont shoot those either, they look like they wouldnt have much meat on them and the ones that do would be full of bones...no offense, but shoot some EDIBLE fish... i would probably broil the perch, and throw away the opaleye.
Thats funny about the opaleye. I've eaten them before and think they're pretty good. Must have gotten one from a bad area. I got one that smelled like sewage once. The surrounding around smelled somewhat like it as well. Needless to say, I didn't eat it.

Broil? I'm sorry but you'll have to elaborate. I am ignorant of all methods of cooking that does not involve a bbq.
No idea what kinda fish you're talking about :D but gut it (ie remove all the gills, stomach, etc), score it (big cuts down the side of the fish), cover both sides with lemon juice and pepper, wrap it in foil and throw it on the barbie - voila, yummy fish, easy as... :)

That's a great way.

My favorite style of cooking is to salt/pepper it
Prepare garnish of ginger. Place on scored fish or fillets.

Bake it in a tinfoil tent on a bed of vegetables. This steams and bakes it at the same time.
Steam the fish.

Then heat up some peanut oil till smoking, HEAVILY garnish the fish with green onion, cilantro(personally don't like it), more ginger, etc. Pour some soysauce over it, then pour the smoking oil over everything(Be Careful, the oil will hiss and pop so you may want some help or even better - do this outside)

The result is simply delicious.
this is da fams recipe way,

ok take your pan size fish, prefferably some type of bass or halibut is the best (just ate that), put in on a steamer (whole is best, gutted and scaled of course) put a wee bit of water on the bottom, put the fish on some foil dry on the steel grill inside the steamer. simmer the water and steam the fish for about 10 minuts (depending on the size of the fish and thickness)

put some fresh ginger and scallions on top of the fish and leave it

take out. take a separate pot and boil sesame seed oil, then combine the oil with half soy sauce, stir well but quickly and pour the hot soy and oil on to the fish on top of the ginger and scallions.

never tried it with perch though...

the result: genuine chinese style fish, compliments of the hapa kid. prego e grazie per il vostro tempo
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Ahh, the cheap eats from Refugio...

very cool memories!

OK, with the opals, and most other fish along the lines of a perch or small rockfish, (blue, black, calico) gut the things, and I say things as in you gotta get a couple to make a meal, especially once you let the IV lovelies sample the goods. ;)

Scale them and score the flesh to the backbone. On a heavy sheet of foil, drizzle with a little olive oil, some grated ginger and a generous slice of lemon. Couple dashes of salt and pepper. Wrap the bad boys up, place on the handy Weber and take a hike for 5 min or so. Offer her another sud...

Come back open the foil, carefully an see if the flesh is a milky white through and through. Serve up on some rice with ground peanuts for garnish and DO NOT spare the cilantro! Be sultany smooth and offer up the thing on the same foil plate... roll it up when you two are done picking at it and get off to your Health Studies homework;)

Many, many talented and fat friends of mine lived, hell still do, this way. Nothing better than a dawn session there or Gaviota...
Start targeting calicos and I'll clue you in on BBQ smoking those tasty morsals!


DO NOT "boil" soy sauce and oil together as hapakid reccommended. No offense, but if it got to the boiling point, it would splatter everywhere, could cause a fire, and/or burn you. Very dangerous stuff. :naughty

BTW, I've never seen oil "boil" :confused:

My suggested recipie is almost identical. Follow that and just substitute seasame oil for peanut oil to get his. Much safer.

The reason I use peanut oil is that its thermal threshhold(point at which oil starts smoking) is much higher and that allows for the flavors of the garnishing to instantly permeate the flesh of the fish. :D
Alright. Thanks for the ideas guys. I had already gotten my ingredients by the time I got some of your replies so I followed the instructions my roommate's mother gave us after I asked her how to bake a potato. I know, I'm very bad at cooking. What I did was broil the fish on foil. Half the fillets I used butter, dill, and "bellpepper confetti", I forgot to get lemon. The other fillets I used soy sauce and wasabi. Then I broiled them for a while. Yes fuzz, the burning soy sauce did set off the smoke detector. Funny that it can detect burning soy sauce but not...anyways, the surfperch didn't turn out too well as there were bones throughout the thing and it was kinda dry. I won't be shooting any more of these. The opaleye turned out a little better. I'm going to have to follow your directions to the T next time.
But how do I scale these things? Part of the problem with my cooking is that on the bbq I can just life off the skin with the scales as it cooks and comes off naturally from the heat but trying to do this in the oven, with foil coverings just ends up heating and then cooling the stuff and then making it dry out. So how do I properly scale them out of the water.

Well sven, I'm off to freebirds now to get a burrito. :cool:
To scale them, scrape from tail to head with a fish scaler (or a spoon works great in a pinch).

yea my bad, didnt mean boil, but almost, thanks for the cooking safty tip though fuzz haah, and just heated soy works too without the oil.
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