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Reflective Wetsuit

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New Member
Dec 20, 2002
It’s heavy overcast and raining again. I’ve been thinking about wetsuit camouflage. Probably the ultimate would be a mirror bright reflective coating. Especially for overcast days. You might look kind of funny out of the water, but underwater you’d be almost invisible because you’d look like everything around you, and because you look like everything around you, you wouldn’t look like anything. If that makes any sense. What do you think?:)
You could get a "Predator" suit that bends the light around your body and a laser guided spear gun mounted on your should and lay waste to any fish who crosses your path!! ;)

How about that one LOL

BladeRunner OUT
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sounds like an interesting Idea.......

But there's a reason My tackle box is half full of silver/gold spoons...

Not sure I'd want to turn myself into one!

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I was thinking before I posted that question that the single most effective lure color in my tackle box is chrome. I especially like chrome topwaters. A reply to this question on another forum reminded me that hammerheads like tarpon. A suit like that would probably look like a slow tarpon to a hungry hammer :p.:)
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What about going for contast cammo, like sharks and whales have. when you lie horizontally in the water, the top half of you is dark blue, or grey, and the bottem half is white. just watch out for near sighted and overly affectionate dolphins.


how about turtles? their undercarriage is pale white while their top is dark. most midwater species have this color scheme. i think light grey for the bottom and greyish blue for the top would work. it's just getting a custom wetsuit shop to make you a half decent one. personally, i've never had good luck w/ custom ones. :(

My very cheap Bio-Blue Picasso suit is like that of Griff's depiction:

Blue on the top & white/gray on the bottom.

Don't know if it makes a difference, but sure can't hurt ;)
Enlightenment Required

Hi Andreson, i found this off your new site, which by the way looks very pro.
I cant figure the setup of this wetsuit out. i thought it would make more sense if the suit were green on top and blue camo underneath:confused:



ps, congrats on 1000 posts


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thanks mark,

aquiles came up w/ this idea. his favorite place to sit and wait is in sargassum. when you look up at him, he's invisible and when he dives down and you look down from up top, he's pretty well camo'd too. :) i think the contrasting contrast tends to throw fish off as well. he's had quite a bit of luck w/ it.


Is Aquiles holding a riffe in that pic :naughty I thought he was a railgun supporter :D
Maybe it's just me - but would you not want the suit to be the other way around? Brown on the back/blue on the front?

to bad there isn't a way to "blend" the colors together on the sides...

Originally posted by Amphibious
Maybe it's just me - but would you not want the suit to be the other way around? Brown on the back/blue on the front?


uhmmmm... he must hunt upside down. :D

Its a qban thing...we wouldnt understand.:cool:

read the reason for the camo one more time Amphibious...;)
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hehe, when I bought my latest suit I had only ever used back zips, so when I tried on this chest zip suit (which I only realised later) my first impression was "not much room up front here" and my voice when up an octave or two...:D

btw: for hunting pelagics wouldn't a plain suit be better as most pelagics are attracted to the diver by their own curiousity? If they can't see you, ie bluewater camo, then they won't come in to have a look...:confused:
camo color

I have seen blue camo suits and to me, it makes them stand out more while out in the blues than a black suit. Poor guys like me that have only one suit which happens to be a brown camo just gotta deal with it. I tend to scare my partner more than I scare pelagics. While he is scanning, a large brown thing approaches him on the surface. He never raised his gun at me yet but I have seen him jump almost out of the water rofl. As far as pelagics go, I agree that their curiousity will bring them around but the wetsuit color really doesn't make much of a difference in bringing them close. It's all about staying calm and looking like something non threatening drifting in the current. I have brought Ono to almost point blank range wearing a brown camo, my partner has equal success with his Picasso mimetic, another diver uses and all black suit with a bright yellow weight belt and he has brought large Ono to point blank range, while another guy we sometimes dive with has a really hard time bringing them within range while using an all black scuba suit and his Picasso mimetic. I'm not sure how much of a difference suit color makes elsewhere, but here it seems like posture and staying calm count more than anything else. Then again I could be wrong and have the whole thing backwards.

Brad :martial
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