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Riffe wing kit plan

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New Member
Aug 26, 2003

I own a standard #3 Riffe gun, and I have issues in the accuracy due to the recoil. Moreover it is a little bit to heavy in the water. I would like to add a front stabiliser like the one on the picture. But I would like to do it on my own, as it is a lot of bucks :duh

Something like this (part #K-6000):

Has anyone got it and is kind enough to write a plan?
Has anyone already done something similar on his own?

here is my plan!!!

take a quality pizza plate (wooden of course) shop it into 2 and made a test attachment to the muzzle if the balance is ok, than round edges, make a permenant attachment. Oh and dont forget to water seal it. IMO the cheapest and the quickest way will be like this :)
Quick and dirty???? :naughty
In fact, the attachement to the barrel and the wing itself must be very strong because it is also used to put the slings in the spear axle plan...

But thanks for the idea :D
dude I'm not kidding, the word "wooden plate" seems very cheap and inferior to most of us but take a look at the pictures :)

I found them at the workshop :D
this one is a quality pizza plate :D, imagine removing a 5cm strip from the middle and mounting it to your gun from the sides by long bolts....
and last picture, these are the wooden plates that I ordered a while ago to put some wild boar teeth on it :D you can use same shape of very cheap material for your purpose.

IMHO if you attach the plates with good and proper bolts from the sides as seen in the original picture, there wont be any strenght problem.
I'm impressed!!!!
I thought you were joking! What type of wood is it?
How thick is it?

Well, thank you again for the information!
Anyway, do you have an idea about the way to attach the wings to the gun?

Hey Jeff. Before you start drilling holes in your gun and going to a lot of trouble, I have a suggestion. I have a Riffe Competitor #3XS, three 9/16"x24" bands, 5/16" X 55" threaded shaft, that I was having recoil induced accuracy problems with. First I took a band off and shot with two bands, that helped a little. Then I went to a 9/32" X 57" Hawaiian shaft, that helped a little too, but not as much when I decided I wasn't happy with two bands and put the third one back on. The thing that really helped a lot was when I started shooting with two hands, gripping the butt of the gun with my free hand. This not only helped fix the accuracy problem, but also helped a good deal with maneuverability when tracking a moving target. Your #3 Standard should have less recoil to begin with than my Competitor, having more wood in the stock, adding mass.

Went today with the three bands and 55" threaded shaft and did pretty good, for me. Out of seven shots I got six unicorn fish up to six lbs. on the stringer.:)

Hope this helps.:)
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:eek: sure I always have some ideas :D
well as far as I see in the original riffe stabilizer there are two long bolts that are passing through the barrel.

I tried to make a simple sketch that you can see how you can bolt the wings.

The thickness of the round plate is 16mm and ovals are 18mm each. Oval plates are oak and round one is walnut.

You can find better wood plates I guess but as they will be dirt cheap if anything goes wrong just throw them away :D
I think the assembly procedure should be as follows...
- cut the plate, make the wings
- drill the assembly holes to the plates
- smooth the outer edges of the wings
- drill the barrel of the gun
- apply proper sealing especially to the new holes in the barrel
- apply same seal to the wings
- bolt the wings to the gun with using silicone around the bolts (this way there will be no corrosion to the bolts remaining in the barrel)
- and water seal the bolt heads again for any skretch in wings and corrosive isolation.

I guess I would follow a plan like this :)
Thank you all!

Your plan was my first idea, but i am pretty sure that it is really difficult to be precise for such a drill (both wings must be at the same height)... Moreover the wings must be bigger than your initial pizza plates :confused: . But I keep your idea, and maybe I will try on dummy pieces of wood (one for the barrel, the others for the wings).

Thanks for the way to use the gun, but unfortunately this is difficult except for blue water hunting (and it will be easier if i was able to equalize hand free). But I will try!

you can find bigger plates :D

just keep us notified if you start building a project...
I know you want to save $$$, but if you contact Matt @ www.spearfishinggear.com he can have some custom made for you. They are the same price as the Riffe one's, but are made to your exact spec's. Most of all, they are a beautiful, elongated tear-drop shape instead of the simply round variety. Also, he can make it in whatever wood you want. They are definitely worth the price and they make a huge performance difference. Check out the special order phone number on the website. Tell him Blake Gaylord sent you...
If you want to save big bucks, sell the gun and buy a RA 130, with the extra change you saved you can pick up a nice reel. Take it from me, I sold my brand new No Ka Oi after going through the same issues your having now.

Riffes are nice, but everything on them are expensive, its just not right to buy a high dollar gun to later find that its still in need of tuning.

Good luck in you endeavors

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Thank you all for your feedback!

My biggest fear is to drill my gun, that's why I want to be very careful!
I still don't know yet if I will pay for a Riffe part or do it myself, but anyway I will keep you inform ;)

Thanks again
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