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Russian Monofins

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.


Well-Known Member
Jan 21, 2001
Anybody seen these? The thing that surprises me is that the fins are priced between 50$ and 75$! maybe shipping from Russia is outrageous? I think Herbert is using the Skate that has the offset footpockets now.
I got the sites from the finswimmer yahoo group.



They look like good fins to me.
Erik Y.


Is the Skate site slow for you? I can't seem to navigate it. It takes forever for a page to load.

I did get a glimpse of the Wing fin and emailed them for more info. I'm very interested in Monofining. I've gone to training with bi-fins with a dolphin kick and it seem to be less work. I've gotten a few tips on how to make to most out of each kick.

Do you use one?
Any suggestions?

DSV, both of those sites load slowly, probably due to the inferior telecomm in Russia?
I just started using a mono in the last few months, and am no expert. Peter Scott wrote an excellent article on DB (Monofin 101), and it's worhth looking at.
I have learned that streamlining is extremely important, but there is more potential with the mono due to the lack of turbulence between bi-fins. The undulating body movement is a great feeling, but I suspect I will be working on it for some time (forever ;) ).
The proper form is easier to maintain when (1) horizontal in the pool, and (2) ascending from a CB dive. A buoyant descent takes some work, and you will use your quads and knees much more than in the other situations, where the work comes from the abs and back.
Ascents are fantastic with the mono; 9 or 10 kicks gets you back from 30 metres!
I have to warn you that you may become a mono addict, and will be a newbie again, like me :) .
Cheers Deep Sub (Scott maybe?),
Erik Y.
Careful, Erik, or you might make converts out of us all. I'd think that having your feet bound together like that would be awfully confining...
Erik, I think that you and Peter Scott are doing a great job "converting" us. I am seriously concidering on "going mono" and I probably will this summer....

I managed to download this picture from skate pages. It took more than hour to download this!
I hope they don't have any copyrights to this picture.

I explain the features, because text downloads are slow as well.
This model is the "Egoist", footpockets having 20 degree angle, just like long bi-fins have. There is also extra rubber material in the sides to form a "drop like" longitudinal section (I hope I am using right words). Skate says this makes the drag smaller.

This picture is from up.


  • scate_egoist2.jpg
    28.3 KB · Views: 500
When I tried the site it was slow as well.
Has anyone tried ordering one yet? Any idea on how to figure out the shipping charges?
At $50 for a fin my wife can't argue that I spent too much.

I am ready to be converted.

russian mono

As soon as anyone finds out more info let us know. I have a strong desire to try mono also.

Maybe Cliff can organize a bulk order for all of us?;)

Well - Cliff has just got back online from a small outage in his internet connection but it is something that i'm going to discuss with him in the next couple of days.

I'll let you know how I get on.
I'm in too. Cann't go wrong at those prices...and I have a feeling that they are damn good fins.
Or get the Shop to distribute them for a few more bucks?
Erik Y.

I just emailed skate to find out what mono they recommend for freedivers and how much it costs to ship it to the US. I will keep everyone posted.
I have been wanting to get serious about converting for a while. I bought the Finis Rapid (you know, because I am cheap) and was seriously disapointed. I wanted a "real" monofin but was deterred by the price point (umm...you know, almost as much as a car payment). At $50 to $75 we would be hardpressed to go wrong.

Group order=group discount=credit card stops smoking :naughty
Here is the Wing model, with an aerodynamic buld up of material to reduce drag (apparently).
The Skate "Pro" models are custom made, based on height, weight, and sex.
Erik Y.
Hi All,
Yep I'm fast becoming a monofin convert too.

I've been Monofin-swimming with a fin swimming club for about 6 weeks, and its heaps fun. I thought it would be a good idea so that they can teach me the correct technique and I could try a few fins out before I buy one. Speed wise a Monofin leaves my Picasso carbon fins for dead. I'm starting to get the hang of it, although the technique for speed is probably slightly different compared to what you would want for freediving. Tried a 25m sprint last night and did ok (9.6 secs) but didn't know how to stop and crashed into the wall !

I've yet to try it in the ocean because I still haven't bought my own fin yet. The one I borrow is a Henx monofin which seems pretty good, 2mm fiberglass and tapered so the tail is soft but stiff at the toes, and affordable at $220 Aus. (Made in NewZealand) This is probably easier for me to get then the russian one, the $220 includes postage and everything(To Australia at least)

One question to those that use them for depth, what sort of stiffness should I be getting ?

The range is a bit limited with three types of (fullsize)monofin Soft(Long distance, Medium for Middle distance, and stiff for sprints.

I've been using the medium one which feels good to me and I'm tempted to get one of these. I remember Erik said he had a sprint fin and this didn't work so well. I thought that the softest fin may not be so good for coming up from depth but maybe good for dynamics.

Any thoughts from the Monofin Guru's out there ?


Thanks Erik for the info!

I'm in on the group buying plan.

Teppo is the foot pocket on the "Egoist" a full foot pocket?
or does it have straps? I can't tell in the picture. I was interested in the "Wing" but if the "Egoist" has the full foot I would be more interested in that.

Thats for the pics and info guy, I'm very ready to be converted.:p

If there really is going to be a group buy, and this thing is really only $50-60, and it is really a usable fin... then I'll get in on it just so I can say I have a monofin. :)
group buy

Okay- I will send another email stating that at least four possibly five freedivers want monos.
Count me in...

Hello JimGlynn et al,

I'd be interested in (2) 'egoist' mono's, provided they're full-foot pockets. Thanks...

A recent convert,

I'm in

With over 20 monofins in my closet it's hard to justify buying more (and I'm broke right now), but I'd be into the group order for one of each (1xEgoist, 1xWing) if the shipping gets sufficiently diluted.

Are there different stiffnesses? I don't want any bone-hard fins.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
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