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Russian РПБ-1М pneumatic speargun

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popgun pete

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Jul 30, 2008
The subject of forward latching spearguns on the "pistonless" speargun thread (http://forums.deeperblue.com/pneumatic-spearguns/94538-pneumatic-speargun-without-piston.html) has prompted me to put some photos up of a "РПБ-1М" speargun from Russia. I purchased this gun in 1999 from the USA (it was serial numbered and engraved as being manufactured in 1992) where it was then being sold as the "Prizm", although this one is the longer model at 765 mm overall length from speartip to butt when cocked to shoot. The gun has 6 meters (as supplied!) of line on it and is claimed to kill at 5 meters, but is wildly inaccurate. The basic components are well made, but let down by sloppy machining work in critical areas as the muzzle is not in-line with the inner barrel bore when assembled, in fact the muzzle tilts upwards at a slight angle. That is a big problem as the muzzle is both the shaft guide and sear box and after three dives with the gun I gave up on it as the spear routinely flew over the top of the intended targets by a large margin. I finally hit a flounder in the head by aiming a foot or so behind its tail! It took three shots to find the correct aiming point off-set and the plucky flounder stood its ground until the third one hit it. Natural selection at work!

The line slide uses a cord loop to stop it coming off the spear tail, however the shooting line stretches significantly when wet and the line slide can pull off the "nude" tail with interesting results, especially if the dangling line loop has caught up on the line anchor during the shot. Although not as accurate(!!) without the line slide-stabilizer with three fins fitted you can shoot the gun as a front tied spear. Now you know why Russians were into building their own spearguns when this was the only sort of production speargun that you could commonly buy in the shops. If the muzzle connecting threads had been cut straight then it would have been a useful gun and no doubt some of them were better made, in fact a variant is still being manufactured today. The annular groove in the front of the spear shaft weakens it, but if you look at the tiny floppers on the speartip the gun was mainly used on smaller fish, if you could hit one at other than point blank range! A trident improved your chances over the single point tips and was probably a desirable accessory for hunting on the river or lake bottoms.


  • Prizm 1.JPG
    Prizm 1.JPG
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  • Prizm 2.JPG
    Prizm 2.JPG
    41.8 KB · Views: 710
It looks nice though Pete!

I am sure the "Prizm", as it was then called, sold a lot on its looks in the West, plus the mystique of owning a Russian speargun, especially when the "Seabear" was being widely promoted as a "military spec" speargun from Russia. While the "Seabear" was a good, but rather heavy, speargun, the "Prizm" was from a somewhat lesser league. The grip handle is surprisingly comfortable, despite its rather different proportions from the usual speargun handle.
How the gun is rigged with the front tied spear and line slide. Note the gap allowed for line stretch so that the line slide does not come off the bare spear tail. Or that is what is intended as I had the line slide come off and spin the spear around sending it back towards me when the line loop snagged on the line anchor post under the muzzle!


  • Prizm line rigging.jpg
    Prizm line rigging.jpg
    31.4 KB · Views: 664
Attached is a translation of the "Prizm handbook for operating"/operating manual as a PDF file. These files were only recently recovered from a long defunct computer, the hard drive being removed and the data then copied to another hard drive.
Prizm RPB-1M schematic.jpg

Prizm 4 views.jpg


  • Prizm Handbook.pdf
    277.1 KB · Views: 537
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A number of companies still make the forward latching pneumatic speargun designs, such as Electropribor (Penza). It is an inexpensive way to get into the sport and a good weapon for rivers and lakes. This sequence of photos shows how the gun is operated, number 6 shows the screw action safety device that blocks the rearward movement of the trigger pull rod. The gun designation is now RPP.
forward latching gun.jpg

The plastic grip handle replaces a cast alloy unit that previously made the gun rather heavy for its size.
RPP speargun 1.jpg

RPP speargun 2.jpg

A straight muzzle attachment is still essential as the muzzle guides the shaft; if the muzzle tilts upwards due to a badly aligned thread then the gun shoots off-axis (like mine does!).
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Just washed my RPB-1M and thought that with the sunny weather that I would take some photos. Note that the gun is loaded, but depressurized, so no danger is involved. This gun was made by the "Impulse" factory in 1992, you can see the factory logo on the RHS of the grip.
RPB-1M lhs view R.jpg

RPB-1M handle lhs R.jpg

RPB-1M handle rhs R.jpg

This gun is virtually all-metal and sinks like a stone.
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These young guys do not always have the patience to wait for big fish. Riding into the sea like horses. And shoot at everything they see.:ROFLMAO:
If you want to buy this type of gun they can be purchased on eBay.
RPP Speargun new

The same seller also offers this version, but don't waste your money as it is not only no good for spearfishing, it will almost certainly be seized by Customs (USA excepted).
smallest version

Spear propulsion distance in this small gun is minimal, when latched the notch on the spear shaft lines up on the metal line anchor hoop just forwards of the second pivot pin in the muzzle.
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From this small gun you can benefit greatly.
This little gun should fire at point blank range.
He must calm the wounded fish that Shaft struck and it is on LINE
From this small gun you can benefit greatly.
This little gun should fire at point blank range.
He must calm the wounded fish that Shaft struck and it is on LINE
Here we calm our fish with an implement such as this.
kill knife.jpg
It is right!
I never go to sea without a knife.
But we are talking about how a small gun can be useful?
I said how you can use it. Because I heard that some hunters use it with us like that. Such a gun even has its own name. "Finisher" is an analog

If a cowboy rides with a "winchyester", then he also has a Colt on his belt. If he has a Colt, then Derringer can be hidden in his boot.
A weapon is something to which a strong sex has always had a weakness.:):)


  • Дерринджер1.jpg
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Here is a 1983 model of the RPB. This version has the grip handle moved further back thanks to a longer pull rod being used. Parts that were made of plastic later on, not that there were many, are here machined from metal. This one has the CCCP marking which denotes it as an early model. The gun comes from the same "Impulse" factory as my RPB-1M (РПБ-1М).

Back in the day this was the speargun most Russian and Ukrainian divers had access to, there being very little else to choose from unless you had large amounts of money to buy a custom-built gun.

s-l1600 (5).jpg

s-l1600 (7).jpg
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