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Scaring the airport security staff...

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pelogic thinker
May 1, 2003
Hi everyone!

Now that i know which gun to get, another problem evolves: how do i get the shooter into a plane? I mean, it`s kind of a weapon so the staff will possibly consider me being a terrorist, hijacker or something! I really don`t want that kind of problems but there are some places i`ll have to take a plane instead of a train to get there.

What do you do? Disassemble the thing? I can`t really buy a new gun on every trip i go, can i?

P.S.: last summer, wanting to depart for greece, I got problems because of a small plastic fork in my bag... Think of a one meter long gun now!!!

Thx, joe
I've never had a problem getting my guns on the planes here. Just dont try to hide them. I label mine as "underwater fishing equipment" just to avoid the spear"gun" term.
Hey groats

Dont worry, as long as you dont plan to carry your "underwater fishing equipment" as hand luggage everything will work out just fine.

I just got back to Hawaii & on the flight over, they made me check my 6 spearguns in as "firearms" :confused:

I explained repeatedly, but in the end it was just easier to do it their way :head
I've also have a question on how you should pack it. Do you have to crate it up or would a soft bag be enough most of the time. The personel in the loading areas can be quite brutal on regular luggage, I've seen my share of busted up bags and boxes.

You have to pack your guns in a hardcase. That is, if you want them back in one piece!!!!!!!

mine have always traveled soft but well packed in a padded snowboard bag wrapped in towels. Fuzz, seems like the mood of the tsa workers determines how you have to check them in. When they ask me if I have anything to declare I just say "no" and if they ask whats in the bag I tell them underwater fishing gear. They do search the bag everytime it passes through a xray though. They put one of those slips in letting you know the bag was searched...last KK I had 6 slips in the bag one way;)
I just caught an interisland flight from Oahu to Kauai here in Hawaii. Putting the spearguns in baggage has never been a problem but the ticket agent was giving me attitude about carrying my matrix fins on the plane. She stated that security might not let me take the long fins on the plane. I guess she was afraid I might hijack the plane with those deadly fiberglass blades:duh .:duh
these are a few questions I had planned on asking later on this summer. I kinda have rough idea about taking my first spearing trip ever, to Nor Cal. I can bum my dad's fly Rod case for my guns but I want to carry on my fins in my fin bag. I wonder if they will give me a lot crap with them. I don't want my only fins I'll have with me to look like a Gorilla went a few rounds with them. I wonder if the fly rod case is locked if they will cut the locks to look inside if they don't like what they see when it passes through the xray! I really can not afford to have my stuff trashed. It took me to many over time hours to save up to get it in the first place.

One of this days I need to contact Sven for the list of questions I have for him. I need to start planning the fine details of my trip. I have like three books lising details of great dive spot north of San. Fran. There just to many to decide to dive in one weeks vacation. Argh just to many to decide on!!
I use a ski tube but don't lock it since they threaten to cut the lock. I use a cinch tie and tape a spare to the case so that if they cut the original, they will replace it with the one provided. Well, on my flight over, they cut the tie to observe the contents, then just slid the case back together. When it got off the plane, the case was sliding apart. I would of been pissed if my two KES guns were damaged or extra shafts lost. I told one of the agents at the baggage area that my tie was cut and they didn't even bother to retie it. He ignored me and walked away.

On other trips, I've used a fishing rod tube called a "bazooka" with no problem.

I usually pack my fins in a huge duffel bag, but this time decided to carry it.
Sir, no, bazooka is just a label!

Good idea with the rod tubes, but i would take off the stickers reading `bazooka` though...;)
Fins were never really a problem, i always check them in as hand luggage. You`ll have to argue every time, but if you insist they`ll let you and you won`t have to fear broken fins.

Greets, joe
blade, dont lock it! They will cut it every time. In fact when they seach it they will zip tie it with one of theirs. Everytime they open it they will zip tie it again.
I'm too new to know much, but a bunch of the international safari hunters use a product called TuffPak. Whether or not you could get one long enough for your guns, I don't know but it certainly will protect them and will have plenty of additional room for clothes, a fin bag, etc. etc. Even the baggage gorillas won't be able to do much to the contents as these things were originally designed to protect cinematic movie cameras and equipment. They work.
H&H 375 magnum.. maybe you should heard that before :) Its a cigar like cartrige :D

Well about airport stuff... What about carrying the spearshafts in the spearshaft tube (I mean not on the gun), does it have an advantage over thick heads?
Im a cabin crew member with Gulf Air, just wrap your gun well and label it as underwater fishing equipment and check it in with your lugage and you'll have no problems unless your entering the states at the moment lol
Originally posted by Alison Jameson
Im a cabin crew member with Gulf Air, just wrap your gun well and label it as underwater fishing equipment and check it in with your lugage and you'll have no problems unless your entering the states at the moment lol

Hang on a minute ... an air hostess (just shoot me if I'm using the wrong term here) that spearfishies? Hell yeah !!!

Oh, sh!t ... forgot that I just got engaged ...damn!

Welcome to the board!
well i hate to say this, but i depends on where you are from and where you are going to. If you are a Middle Eastern (scuh as myself) and you go to the states (like i did) with your speargun (also like i did) chances are you will end up in an interrogation room for 8 hours (like i did). but if you check it in with your luggage, you will have no problems. Just remember to get a hard case for you equipment. Pelican makes excellent cases. and make sure that you also check with the airlines in advance. you dont want to show up at the airport with a brand new gun and be told that you can not check it in. also consider that most airlines will charge extra for more that two checked bags. when i took my speargun back to kuwait i was charged a whopping $130! which is half of what i bought the gun for.
other than that good luck mate
Yes even hosties are allowd to spearfish lol just dont ask me to get in the warer in SA. The thing about traveling with your gun is apart from any security issue is is to long for hand luggage and as such you wont be allowed it on board any aircraft. But the point I was trying to make was to pack it well lable it and strap it well to your own luggage, be pleasant with the check in staff and the chances are you will get away with one bag. Just remember that in the last couple of years security has gone mad, so a low profile and if your asked answer honestly
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