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Deeper Blue Hypoxyphiliac
Oct 24, 2002
Hey Seb, just noticed you've joined, good stuff :)

I thought maybe you could clarify a few points... we were talking before about your deep negative dives, ie 100m empty lungs. Could you possibly clarify this for us- you've already achieved this, or this is the goal?

Second question, in your news interview (the one on your site) you're talking about 9 min statics being a possibility... is this something you've also beaten?

Thanks again for your help, and by the way, if you can get a copy of today's Herald Sun (tuesday), you're on the front cover... :)

Seb´s web

Please Brad, can you give us the Seb´s web page link.

Thanks Guss.

And Loopy what was he on the cover for did he set a wr or something.

Hey Guss :)

His site used to be www.amphibious.info, but for some reason I tried going there now and I get redirected? It had a couple of cool videos on interviews with Seb.

Ivan, they're doing a thing in the paper where every issue they come out with a a little booklet on a part of the human antomy... well yesterdays was on the lungs and the front cover of the book was Seb with his monofin. :)

Sounds good Loopy I dont think we get that paper up here though. Will try that website out later :cool:


Apologies for not getting back to you sooner loopy....'ve been at sea since Sunday.

Firstly, I know nothing about the Herald Sun. I haven't spoken to any journos, at anytime about diving. If they've got info, it's not coming from me.... I must be schizo, I guess! I want to talk to the bozo responsible for this stunt.

On the issue of deep negatives, I should point out that they are done with a passive exhale...generally. If on the other hand conditions are such that I need to find shelter behind the reef I'll do forced exhalation negatives in-water and at neck level. This reduces the the arterial-venous O2 difference, prolonging BH duration. Typically, I'll do about 35m max. I transition from air to water for equalizing. My lung volume during these dives is approx. 1.8L. My residual lung volume dry is 1.8L. It's about 1.4-1.5 wet, after warm-ups. During passive exhalation (absolutely unforced and definitely not below FRC) it is apparently 102m; measured off the line. It's avery difficult dive with many variables which make accurate replication difficult to achieve and impossible to standardise as a performance parameter.

Regarding statics I do not measure time as it interferes with the process. I not think I am a 9 minute man ...I don't know or care about that. In training, in ideal conditions though, I have done a wet FRC for 2'00" and then swum 100m (can't do the second turn) with a mono and 70m with small swimmer's rubber stereo fins.

The goal: I've recently accepted an invite to do to do a no-limits dive in Santorini next summer. Sydney was thrown about for this May but 15-20km and from the coast plush shear currents is a long and difficult task to prepare for such a dive. I think Sydney is fanciful but who knows?


Awsome info Seb, though what is FRC I guess Forced Residual capacity :D . And why dont you time statics you must have timed some over 8mins right :cool:


Ben I was just guessing I didnt have a clue :duh .
Thats what it must be then what you said :cool:

Cheers for the info, clears a few things up :)

What kinda depth are you aiming for NL, or is this just something that you'll decide on the day?

And like I said before, let us know how it goes for Sydney! :)

Two questions:
1. have you measured your max time on exhale statics (dry/wet)? Someone heard a rumor you hit 3'30 on a 100% exhale. If you don't hyperventilate for these, then how do you handle the 'inverted' contractions (i.e. contractions which cannot happen properly due to the negative lung pressure).
2. have you ever had a blood test done? I'd be interested in knowing your [Hb] & Hct.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
Yeap, FRC is Functional Residual Capacity, i.e., passive exhale.

For those of you who might wish to extrapolate what that might equate to as a TLC (buccal) no-limits dive, the solution is much more complex than it may seem.

Doing RV dives to say 35m is physically more stressfull than a TLC dive due to the short time course to max pressure, i.e., the pressure gradient is extremely steep, very quickly. Because of this during FRC or RV dives the the 'blood shift' is incomplete. It's a bit like sucking air out of a straw very quickly; it leads to collapse of the veins and a pressure limiting dive. This is not the case for a TLC dive due to the extended dive time to promote blood pooling.

On the other hand there is greater loss of lung gases due to absorption as a result of extended dive time and ambient pressure during TLC dives.

This is why there can be no clear relation or extrapolation. The only way to measure it is empirically.

In regrads to a depth goal for no limits I have only ball park figures and prefer to dive on familiar physical sensations. I think setting goals like that is inherently flawed thinking since it can set you up for a fall since what you might have been able to do yesterday you may not necessarily be able to do today. My stand on setting tags and goals is like dangling a carrot before the donkey; he's going to go for it everytime but might not make it.

Eric, my [Hb] and Hct are normal and average values, they only increase substancially during dives and then only transiently. I had them done recently but my specs are in Townsville....I'm now in Cairns temporarily. I think my strength isn't there but rather in my aerobic fitness under normoxic and hypoxic conditions, elevated blood volume, strong peripheral vasoconstriction, low resting heart rate (now 33) and good splenic emptying which better helps dilute CO2.

I don't do dry statics now, not ever....not specific enough. But yeh, I have done 3'30" forced negative dries before. The only statics I now do are wet and deep FRC dives or, RV dives if I'm restricted to shallow dive sites. I don't hyperventilate..... well maybe just one last sigh before diving. I don't go to contractions during deep dives as the dives aren't long enough e.g., 2'30" @ FRC & 2' @RV. In the pool, I now only do FRC dives, whether static or dynamic. The reson being I recover faster and can positively stress the system without fear od SWB. SWB is not just about partial pressures but changes in lung volume too. I've never come unstuck diving this way, not ever, even on bad days. I think if I did negatives to depth with contractions it could cause excessive pulmonary stress, e.g., oedema. It's ok and tolerable in the shallows or dry because the blood shift isn't fully manifest.

I don't do static FRC or RV dives to the limit but prefer to take them to the first contraction (best of 2'45" @ -3m first contraction). After a few I'll do 2'00" static + dynamic (best of 3'10" total bottom time and 100m distance)

Prior to doing static + dynamic training I'll, typically, do:
+50 x 50m dynamic in >35-40" (swimmer's rubber fins) with 1' recoveries. Very stressfull, but very good for fitness and relaxation training under stressfull conditions.
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