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Shaft Selection

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Mud Puddle Diver
May 20, 2002
I've just finished making up a break away float line setup with Sporasub Aspic 90cm. I next want to add a second 16mm band and need help with the shaft size. It came with 6.5 shaft and I thought the extra power may be to much for this size. I thought about going up to a 7.5 shaft but not sure what lenght I should get for my gun either. I not sure what lenght was with the shaft that came with the gun. It's bent pretty bad so I can't get a good measurement off it. I want to stick with standard flopper setup to.

Any Ideas out there for me chaps?

BladeRunner OUT
The 90 normally comes standard with a 130 cm shaft. I normally prefer using a more powerful single set of bands as an Aspic is not a railgun and the second band can alter the shot quite a bit. Remember the circular band will be pulling the shaft onto the barrel making it vibrate.

A thicker shaft might do the trick bit the extra weight might affect the bouyancy of the gun (make it harder to manouver)

What fish are you shooting that you need double bands?

If you are not shooting anything larger than 10 kilos, i suggest you go with a more powerful set of single bands.
My plan was to try to hunt some of the striped bass in the lakes I dive. In the winter they school up in the main area of the lake. They are really jumpy and nervous fish and I can only sneak up to them within about 15ft before the whole school notices me and takes off. So I'm shooting to get some more range out of my gun.
I also wanted a gun that I could take out in the ocean whenever i get the chance to so I shoot at some good size fish!
I did think about just putting like 20mm band on it but damn It's
hard enough to crank back on that 16mm i have on my gun now.

I usually use my new picasso 75cm century twin now. It's not a light gun at all and I'm still trying to figure out how to sight in target with that bottom spear! It's a great gun to use once I got use to the weight of it, just need to figure how to aim that bottom spear setup like is. any help with that problem would be cool to.

Oh yeah the fish can range from 20 to30 pounds well the ones I would shoot will be.


BladeRunner OUT
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If I were you I would think about practicing the Aspetto or Wait technique for the striped bass. I have lots of experience catching Sea Bass and they are highly inquisitive fish.

When you are in an area that you know holds a bass population, just dive down to the bottom and get yourself a slightly concealed space with a good view (Facing away from the sun)

After a short while make a noise with the gun butt on a rock, or scratch the stones with your fingers. I can assure you that any bass in the area will come and investigate. I have had bass bump into my mask without realising I was there so you will have plenty of time to get a good close shot. Never make any abrupt movements and try not to look a bass in the eye as it will shoot off immediately.

Trying to sneak up on bass is extremely hard as their lateral line is highly developed and they will feel you well before you are in shooting range.
Will that work even if they seem to be feeding close to the surface?

I can usually figure out where a school is at by looking for the groups of loons diving or the gulls work the surface. I can never really figure out the depth the fish are at. I usually just pump into the school after severals dives in an area where I think they might be. It gets fustrated to try to figure how can start hunting this fish!

BladeRunner OUT
Bass will come down from the surface to investigate. I have been doing the "Wait" underneath a large shoal of sardines and the bass would come down to see what I was. Keep an eye out for the baitfish as you can predict when a bass is coming by their movenments. The school will normally split exactly at the point where the bass will appear. Have your gun ready!!!!

How deep is the water you are fishing in??
They will definitely come down from the surface at that depth. THe trick with bass is to remain calm and move really slowly. A bass cannot see straight ahead. It will swim towards the vibrations you are causing being guided by the lateral line. Once it is close enough it will turn sideways to see what it is. At this point it will see you and shoot off. You have to either shoot whilst its coming head on or jsut as soon as it turns.

If you see a bass swimming out of shooting range, they usualy react quite quickly if you release a small bubble of air from your mouth. 8 in 10 times they will come a bit closer to investigate (At least they do over here)

Hope all this helps. Post your pics when you catch one.
Really helpfull responses shane.... Karma on your way (if you care about it):cool:

Computer did not let me to give it. Its saying spread your carma around. It always doing same. Hey Ando what its about???

On a whim, I checked into your situation.

I post this not to be a party pooper, but to save you from having every piece of your gear confiscated by the State.


If the stiped bass you speak of are game fish (and they are in my state), then you'd better leave em be.

I wish states would adapt laws that kept scuba divers from spearing, but left the freedivers alone.....alas , this is rarely the case.

Again, sorry to take the gem out of your doughnut.

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I hunt Stripers in New England and have had good success with my 71cm and 96cm guns both with 20mm bands in combination with Riffe euro shafts. Can't say enough good about the riffe shafts, many fish and many shots into rocks as the shafts exit Black Fish, the shafts have remained straight, accurate and relatively pointy.:D

Hope this helps, Guy
IBGuy thanks for your post. I never thought about getting Riffes euro spear for my 90cm. I don't use it very much but once I get my sit on top kayak I plan to take it along with new Omer Alluminium 75cm on some kayak dives along the gulf coast of Florida. The 75 will be my primary gun that I use, I just hope I get it by this Holiday weekend. Three days of some hard core testing:D

Take care and send some pointers on hunting those striper I really needed it :)

BladeRunner OUT
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