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Sharks & Bees

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New Member
Feb 9, 2004
I read a statistic the other day.
For every person that is killed by a Shark attack in Australia, 1.2 people are killed by Bee stings.
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It is true that more people die from bees than from sharks, but if you had to choose, would you rather hit a bee-hive or wear chunks of bleeding tuna around your body near a great white... :duh
I would rather sleep :p
Nobody wants to deliberately knock over a Bee's hive or try and intice a shark. It means Bees are more dangerous than Sharks.

At beaches we have Shark spotting planes and Surf Lifesavers looking out for Sharks. When they spot one off goes the Shark Alarm and everyone has to get out of the water on to the beach.

What if there is a Bee on the beeach??

We should have Bee Alarms and everyone runs back into the water where they would be safer by .2 of a person.

How does a Bee kill .2 of a person? Had me stumped for a while. At first I thought it killed one person then a bit left over from a Shark attack, but Bees can only sting once. So, I think Bees mainly attack people who are 20% overweight.

Or maybe I am a stark raving lunatic.
I read a little while ago that more people are killed every year by falling coconuts than by sharks!! It's true about the bees in the US as well, although I can't remember the ratio of people killed by bees vs. sharks.

What people are afraid of is not always the thing that is most likely to kill them.

Good point though Poida!
Hmmm, well this is how it happens. A bee goes inside a house, it buzzes around until the house owner get scared/annoyed. The owner then takes a shotgun and starts running around the house shooting it... he trips and shoots himself or innocent bystander :duh... :D
I believe it is when a human is allergic to the bees poison... once stung it has drastic affects usually resulting in death. Also it could be when someone disturbs a wasp hive and they all go in for a massive attack, once you have like 100 stings I think you will start to die :blackeye.... ALso hornets... those will kill people with like 1 or 2 stings, those things are HUGE :hungover :mute
Those comparison are pretty stupid.

How many people encounter with bees? Almost everyone.

How many people encounter with hungry sharks with bloody fish on their spear? Very few.

So those comparision are useless, they are just for cleaning bad reputation of sharks. I am not saying sharks are man eaters but people have to publish info about sharks to clean their bad rep. instead of those silly ratios.
Thank you for taking this subject serious Murat. I think too many people joke about these things. And don't walk around with Honey on the end of your spear it could be very dangerous.
I think the comparision is valid. If bees kill more people than sharks, then bees are more dangerous. Yes, the reason they are dangerous are because there are more bees around.

It's like comparing cars and airplanes. Airplanes are more dangerous, because you are going 800km/h at 10000 meter, if something fails then pop goes the weasel. But cars, while safer build and used, are more dangerous because there are more of them.

Just my 1 dollar (sorry, had no change)
It's like comparing cars and airplanes. Airplanes are more dangerous, because you are going 800km/h at 10000 meter, if something fails then pop goes the weasel. But cars, while safer build and used, are more dangerous because there are more of them.

That wraps it up... very good point sumpa :t
I just watched documentary on tv today about Great White Sharks and it says there more people that killed by thunder than sharks. Now can we say that thunders are more dangerous than sharks????? NO!!!!

Everpeople has a chance to get killed by thunder that makes 6 billion possibility. But only spearfishers has a chance to killed by sharks than makes pretty few number compared 6 billion. So those comparision are not MATHEMATICAL nor ETHICAL. They just use them to fool some peoples.
I see your point Murat, but...in certain cases, thunder has been known to cause aggressive behavour in sharks, and for that matter...bees as well.

So we need to ask ourselves, what are the potential downfalls of spearfishing, or bee-keeping for that matter, with the onset of a thunderstorm. ( Especially if your speartip has honey on) I'm sure Poida would agree with the severity of this situation.

Best regards

The last time I was stung by a bee it almost killed me. Very bad reaction to a single sting on the back of my hand. This prompted me to sell my motor bike and take up diveing. Bees can't swim.
Cheers Brokenladder
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Yeah it is a silly statistic when you think about the number of people exposed to sharks(only people who go to the ocean) vs people exposed to bees(virtually anyone). I also heard a statistic that said 67.3% of statistics are made up on the spot.:duh Murat I dont think that only spearfishers have a chance to get killed by sharks. Over here in Hawaii it seems like spearfishers are the least likely to get attacted by sharks. Sure we may get harassed more but most often we see them coming and the sharp tip of a spear will end their curiosty. Also usually at least one person that I dive with carries a bang stick. As for other people in the ocean I think they have a greater risk. As far as I can rember almost all of the attacks/deaths have been on surfers and swimmers. Infact only a few weeks ago a surfer was bit and bled to death on Maui. Last year around Thanksgiving a very good young surfer had her arm bitten off on the northshore of the Island I live on, Kauai. What scares me is that the trend of shark attacks seems to be increasing very fast here. For a while shark attacks were relatively rare. Now its becoming a lot more common.Hmmmm me thinks about buying a bangstick all of a sudden.
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allow me to point out that bees are allover the air during sprind and summer, since most of us are outside then its more likely that we get hurt by something in the air or on the ground rather than something underwater
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The problem is that sharks are trying to change you stats hunting the bees :D


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Or do we know how many Sharks are killed by Bees Pablo?
The humble bumble is starting a rumble.
(I think it's time to see my therapist)
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As far as killer coconuts go, my in-laws who live in Puerto Rico had a 10 pounder drop off a tree and smash through their windshied while they were cruising about forty miles an hour, but alas it missed my mother-in-law.

Don't forget about Saturday night live famous "Land Shark" Do those attack count towards the shark stats?
That's the difference between Sharks and Coconuts. Sharks aim dirrectly for a victim while Coconuts take pot luck.
You may have to introduce your Mother Inlaw to Spearfishing or Beekeeping.
By the way, when comparing bees, dogs, or domestic animal fatalities vs sharks, one has also to consider the normal amount of interaction/time that naturally occurs with those. The point is that with many other animals compared to shark, the amount spent with those animals and the nature of the interaction is ignored.

e.g: consider some1 who has a pitbull: whats the risk of being mauled/killed in a 2days period with normal interaction with the animal? I think it should be very low.

Now consider some1 floating around with GWS and bullsharks around him for the same amount of time, now what's his chance of being attacked or killed? I guess it's very high.

Did you guys hear of the couple "Tom and Eileen Lonergan"? They were stranded in open water in shark infested water... I guess we will never know how long did it take the sharks to attack them... but one thing for sure is that it didnt take too long till they became preys....

Im not trying to convey the image of sharks as "vicious and merciless" killers, but when we are in their realm, then respect, and the unexpected can be expected :)

safe dives everyone !
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Yes you are absolutely right, domestic dogs are very dangerous, almost as dangerous as bees.

But combine the two and you have a weapon more sinister than you can possibly imagine... the beedog!

.:: beedogs ::.

Bee on guard.....
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